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Chapter 12 ~ Never Let Go

It was April again. By Zexion's calculation, it had been a year since that warm, sunny day when he'd first noticed Demyx on the drive home from work. He didn't know the exact day, because he hadn't started really paying attention until a week or two later, but he knew it had been April. Only one short year ago – a chance encounter, a crush on a stranger, a lapse in better judgment…and now everything was different. Zexion had a lover, a caring family, a home of his own…and happiness beyond anything he had ever known.

Today wasn't sunny and warm. It was chilly, and had been drizzling steadily all day. Not what most people liked to see on a Saturday in April, and nearly everyone was bitching about the weather.

Everyone except Demyx. Demyx was as cheerful as ever, and as long as he was smiling, so was Zexion. They were in the car, braving the rain to go spend the weekend at Mom's. Demyx was driving, the music was playing – softly this time, out of consideration for Zexion's eardrums – and the windshield wipers were squeaking away in an effort to keep the road visible.

"Moon river, wider than a mile, I'm crossing you in style someday. Oh, dream maker, you heartbreaker, wherever you're going, I'm going your way. Two drifters, off to see the world…"

Zexion sighed quietly, listening to Demyx sing. His lover's voice was the most beautiful sound in the world to him. One day, everyone would hear Demyx's music. He would be famous – he was too wonderful and too passionate about music to fail. But for now, Zexion still had him all to himself, and he couldn't help enjoying every moment together.

As the song ended, Zexion smiled. He'd been thinking of confessing something to Demyx for a while, but he hadn't been able to find a good moment. Now…might be the time. He'd been so worried in the beginning – so afraid of what Demyx would think. Not anymore. He knew Demyx better now.

"You know…this past year has been the best year of my life. Thanks to you."

A smiling glance away from the road, only for a moment. "A year, huh? As far as I know, it hasn't been that long for us yet…but then, I think you've said things like that before. So what's up? I know you can count just fine, so that can't be it…" Demyx winked.

"Yeah, about that…" Zexion took a deep breath, blushing a bit. "I had actually…seen you around for a while before I met you in Starbucks. I've been meaning to tell you, but the truth just sounds a little…creepy. I wasn't sure how you'd react."

"The truth got me you though, right?" Demyx reached over and took Zexion's hand with a cheerful smile. "You can tell me, Lover. I don't scare easy."

Taking a deep breath, Zexion gathered his courage, squeezed his boyfriend's hand, and ventured, "Okay."

He started at the beginning. April. So that Demyx would know the reason behind the occasional comments Zexion made when he forgot that he'd been loving Demyx before Demyx even knew who he was. He told about the traffic, and the music, and Demyx's bumper stickers. He told about the day he realized that he wanted – no, needed – to meet Demyx. To find out who he was, or…something. He hadn't even really planned anything else at first, he just – needed more than "Cutie in the Bizarre Car."

Glancing over at Demyx's expression constantly, he told about following him back to Starbucks. This was the part he started to get nervous about, after all – though what came next was definitely worse. Demyx didn't seem bothered in the slightest, however, and smiled and nodded as Zexion related their first face-to-face meeting. That gave him enough courage to finally admit, "After doing that for a while…well, you know how awkward I was, and I just didn't know what else to do, how to talk to you…so I…I followed you home one night."

That, at least, got a raised-eyebrow glance in Zexion's direction. It didn't kill Demyx's ever-present smile, however, and the surprise in Demyx's voice didn't sound negative. "Oh really? That was pretty brave of you." Demyx grinned wickedly. "Didn't break in and watch me sleeping or anything like that, did you?"

Violently shaking his head, Zexion stammered, "No, n-no, I never did anything like that. And-and I didn't stick around or spy on you or anything either. I just…just got your address…and then, a little later, when, um, I had that flat tire? Right out front…"

A broad grin spread over Demyx's face. "Ahhh, I see. I always thought that was a bit of a coincidence. I just thought maybe I was fabulously lucky."

Zexion flushed a bit. "Well…I still think there was a considerable amount of luck involved. At least, I feel very lucky…" He squeezed Demyx's hand again, softly. His boyfriend responded by lifting their hands and kissing the backs of Zexion's fingers.

"Ditto, love." Another quick glance away from the road, and a smile before Demyx's tone become light again. "So then what? That was it? That I don't already know about, I mean?"

"I think so. You gave me your schedule and I came to your shows, and…got to know you. That was all I'd ever wanted, really."

"I know about the shows and all. I was there for that," Demyx winked. "Just making sure there weren't any secret midnight visits I failed to notice at the time."

Zexion had to laugh a little at that. "No, I never stuck around after dark…at least, not until you kept me with you…after we started…um…s-sleeping together…"

"Another thing I was there for," Demyx grinned wickedly.

"Yes. Well." Zexion swallowed, hoping he wasn't blushing too badly. "Yes. Um…that's all, I think. I know it wasn't right to follow you or…or manipulate things like that…"

"Shush, love," Demyx cut in gently. "If it was anyone else, yeah, sure. I'd probably be a little put off. But other people…I dunno. If it was some dude who was being a pest at work, flirting and being pushy, no. I wouldn't be okay with a guy like that following me around. But you're…you." He rubbed a thumb over the back of Zexion's hand. "I know how tough it was for you. So…it's okay."

Blinking a moment, Zexion tried to grasp that. "Really? You don't mind…at all? You don't think I'm a creepy stalker or…I don't know…annoyingly pathetic?" He hadn't truly thought Demyx would react that badly, but he hadn't dared to hope that it would be quite this easy.

"Nope," the blond answered lightly. "You're the same guy I woke up next to this morning. You're my boyfriend, and I love you, Zexion. I don't really care if you had to be a little unconventional to get things started with us. You didn't invade my privacy or force anything on me, right?"

"Yes…I mean no. I mean, um, right."

"Right." Demyx smiled. "And you were just trying to get to know me. So hey – what would you have done, once we started talking, if I hadn't brought up dating?"

"Well…" Zexion thought back over the past year. "I was trying to work up the courage to ask you to dinner…I might have been able to, eventually."

A chuckle made Zexion look over at his boyfriend again. "In other words, no raping in a back alley."

Zexion didn't even have an answer for that. His jaw hung open in shock at the very suggestion. It took a minute of gaping before he could sputter, "No! N-Never! I…never!"

"Thought so," Demyx chuckled. "My point is, you respected me. A real stalker only cares about themselves, what they want. That's why they're dangerous, but you were never like that. It's different."

Oh. I…see. Just like that, the lingering sense of guilt and worry that had been hovering over Zexion since he first followed Demyx to Starbucks…disappeared. He had never looked at his own actions in that light. "I didn't see much difference at the time," Zexion admitted quietly, head bowed.

"Well, you're too hard on yourself, Zexion. You've always been your own worst critic." Another gentle squeeze before Demyx took his hand back – he really needed both for driving in the rain. "But then, I don't mind." Zexion glanced up to see his boyfriend smiling out at the wet road. "Just gives me more opportunities to tell you how wonderful you are."

You're the wonderful one. It seemed like Zexion thought that at least once a day. How did I ever get so lucky…?

"Besides," Demyx cheerfully concluded, "you're not the only one in love, Zexion." Releasing the steering wheel just once more, Demyx reached over to gently brush Zexion's bangs aside. "This past year has been the happiest of my life, too. Well…this past – is it ten months since I met you? I think that's about right. Anyway – I've never been this happy either, love. I can't possibly regret having you in my life. Honestly," Zexion blinked as his cheek was lightly pinched before Demyx's hand withdrew, "I think it's kind of cute how you tracked me down."

Not having anything to say to that, Zexion cleared his throat and gazed out the window, trying to cool his blush and settle the butterflies in his stomach. Beside him, Demyx giggled. "You're adorable when you're shy."

Zexion didn't have any good responses to that, either. Not immediately, at least. After a few minutes of calm silence, he whispered simply, "I love you."

Demyx just smiled. "Mmm-hmmm."

When they pulled into the driveway of Mom's house, the rain was still coming down steadily. Zexion suggested leaving the bags to bring in later, when the rain had let up a bit, and opened his door preparing to make a dash for the front porch and shelter. He didn't get far, however. Demyx grabbed him when he rounded the front of the car, and before Zexion could even gasp, he was in his boyfriend's arms, being kissed.

The rain disappeared, the chill evaporated into warmth, and Zexion sighed, yielding to the embrace and kissing back. If he'd been thinking – which he wasn't – he'd have thought that it was funny, really. A year ago, the idea of standing in the freezing Spring rain getting soaked just to kiss someone – he'd have called it stupidity. And if anyone had told him that would be him, and that someone would be his lover – a young man who made coffee and played guitar for a living – Zexion would have simply ignored such an idea as purely impossible.

So it was funny, and strange, and very, very wonderful that here he was with Demyx – rain running down their faces, flattening their hair, and drenching their clothes while their lips pressed together and their tongues teased at each other, simply…because. And in a few minutes when they went inside, Mom would no doubt fuss over them until they were both in fresh, dry clothes, sitting by the fire, mugs of hot chocolate in their hands…but for now, Zexion only cared about now, and Demyx, because that was all he needed. And he would never, never let Demyx go.


This is the end,

Beautiful Friend,

This is the end,

My only friend, the end.


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