Prove Me Wrong

A/N: To an past readers of mine, sorry it's been quite awhile since I wrote or posted anything on here. Senior year, college stuff, etc. has kept me quite busy. This chapter is really short, next will be longer, promise.

Chapter one: Prove Me Wrong

It was early October, just a few weeks into the final year at Hogwarts that it happened. After the war, the ministry was restructured and Hogwarts was restored to its former glory. Among the first of the ministry's many new mandates was one requiring everyone had to redo their year. Hermione, Harry, and Ron were among those who returned for their "eighth" year. For the first month, everything went as smoothly as it possibly could, although nothing could quite erase the memories of the many losses that they'd suffered here within these very castle walls. It was the end of the first week in October that everything changed.

It started out just like any other Friday of the term. Hermione was just heading down to breakfast, skimming through her potions essay checking it over a final time. Satisfied, she paused to stuff it inside her purple beaded bag and then rounded the corner. She stopped so short she almost fell over. She gaped at the sight before her and wondered if she was hallucinating from lack of sleep. There stood her boyfriend, Ronald Weasley, passionately snogging one Lavender Brown. Her eye sight seemed to be fine, so she figured it had to be some mistake. She stood there waiting for him to shove Lavender off, and give her a hard time for jumping him but a minute passed, and then another and nothing happened. She couldn't believe this was happening, but there he stood still snogging Lavender. She couldn't watch it another minute. She emerged from the corner and walked right past them purposely bumping into his shoulder and continuing on without bothering to listen to his excuses.

He followed her into the Great Hall still declaring Lavender had jumped him, it had only lasted a minute, I was just about to shove her off, I love you, please don't, it's not what you think. He'd gotten quite an audience from all his declarations all watching nosily. Lavender chased after Ron and upon hearing what he said burst out into tears and ran off. Hermione ignored him completely as she made her way to the Gryffindor table to eat breakfast.

"Please, Mione, it's not what you think," he insisted another time.

That was it, she whirled around to face him, rising an eyebrow in the process, "oh really? Then what is it?"

Ron stuttered and stumbled over stupid excuses for a minute.

"Thought so," she said archly without even really listening to his excuses, "we're over." She said closing the conversation, turning her back to him and taking her usual spot at the Gryffindor table.

"Hi Harry, Ginny," she greeted with fake cheeriness.

Without really waiting for their confused "good morning's" she opened her thick leather planner and proceeded to jot down things as she ate, completely ignoring Ron who was still mumbling excuses and begging her to take him back. As soon as she was finished, she shoved it back into her bag and left. Ronald followed her grabbing her arm as she tried to leave. She turned to him, glaring fiercely.

"Get your hands off of me," she whispered furiously.

If looks could kill, he would have been dead. Instead it was just enough to make him let go and stop bothering her. She didn't spare him a glance but instead walked out of the Great Hall and towards the dungeons for Potions. Of course today was her lucky day, and she was not able to get to potions without first being accosted by no other than the Prince of Slytherin himself.

"Well, well, well, isn't it Granger," he smirked pushing off the wall where he'd been leaning conversing with Blaise Zabini.

Hermione ignored him and continued to walk past them.

"Why the long face? Was it that surprising Weasel was cheating on you? If anything I am surprised he didn't cheat on you earlier," he taunted.

Malfoy had been kept out of Askaban like his mother, because Narcissa had saved Harry. Lucius had been sentenced to Askaban for a year and then house arrest for the next four. Hermione figured he'd bribed the jury. Narcissa's conversion seemed to be sincere. She had played quite an active part in helping restore the ministry and Hogwarts and St. Mungos. She donated large sums of money from the Malfoy vaults for the restoration and personally oversaw how the money was spent. Draco, on the other hand, outwardly seemed to be the same spoiled rich boy they'd always known. Behind his nonchalant face and cold eyes there was something different about him. The war had changed him, regardless of whether or not he showed it.

"Shove off Malfoy," Hermione muttered.

"I mean what is there for him to tempt him to stay with you anyway? You're a nerd, bookworm, afraid to fly, ugly, lacking any fashion sense, unsocial, and fat. I wouldn't date you in a million years." He continued taking her comment as encouragement.

That was it. She whirled around to face him. She'd lost all her patience dealing with Ron earlier. "I am not," she replied defensively.

He sauntered forward until he was a foot away, and arched his eyebrow, "Oh really?"

"Really," Hermione retorted firmly.

He leaned forward and whispered, "Okay prove it, prove me wrong."

"Oh believe me, Malfoy," she whispered furiously, "I will," and marched past him into Potions as Slughorn appeared at the door.