Prove Me Wrong

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Chapter 18 I do Not's

As the days went on, it seemed like her planned had backfired rather than helped. Malfoy was going through girls more than ever. February wasn't making things anything better either. Hermione was happy now with Quidditch and her life but the month of "love" was crushing her mood. It wasn't till everyone had someone that she realized how alone she felt. There were plenty of offers still but still no one was quite enough. Hermione sat on her bed moodily eating some chocolates from admirers on Valentine Day flipping through her Potions book. Ginny walked in huge smile plastered on her face in a red dress.

"Still up at four Hermione?" Ginny asked.

Hermione glanced at the clock. "Yeah, I guess I must have lost track of time." She said pushing away the chocolates.

"What's going on?" Ginny said concerned sitting on the edge of Hermione's bed.

"Nothing," Hermione lied, "just tired. I am going to bed. Don't mind me," she said turning off the light and pulling the curtains.

Jeremy Gray ran through the crowded halls after Hermione who was off to Charms. "Hermione, Hermione Granger!" he called after her, shoving some poor first year to the side so he could walk next to her. He was a transfer student, new to Ravenclaw, rated second hottest available guy after Draco Malfoy.

Hermione glanced over, "oh hi Jeremy," she acknowledged.

"Did you get my flowers yesterday?" he asked breathlessly.

"Yes thanks," she responded politely and moved forward.

"Did you like them?" he asked catching up to her again.

"They were lovely," she responded simply and carried on.

"Would you like to get dinner sometime?" he asked finally stalling her in her tracks. She turned around to face him. His brown hair fell perfectly into his crystal blue eyes lit up hopefully. She could tell why girls liked him but there was just something off. She pursed her lips.

"Thank you, but no thanks," she replied and turned on her heel.

"He was too persistent, too cocky." She thought to herself, "That's why I turned him down."

Ginny accosted her after her class of the day, "Jeremy Gray, you turned down Jeremy Gray?"

"I did," Hermione replied simply walking through the hallways towards the library.

"What? Why? He's only like the hottest guy after Harry of course," Ginny exclaimed, "and well maybe Malfoy, but that's beside the point," she added as an afterthought.

"So?" Hermione shrugged.

"So?" Ginny replied incredulously, "you turned one of the hottest guys in school down and all you can say is so?"

They rounded the corner to find Malfoy snogging another girl in the otherwise abandoned hallway.
"Ew that's disgusting," Hermione muttered doubling back to take the longer route instead.

"Don't change the subject on me missy!" Ginny said chasing after her.

Hermione sighed.

"Wait, don't tell me you turned Jeremy Gray down because you're in love with Malfoy!" Ginny said.

That got Hermione's attention. She twirled around to face Ginny. "Excuse me?" she spluttered incredulously, "where would you get a preposterous idea like that from?"

"Your face when you saw Malfoy kissing Daphne," Ginny said, "you're jealous."

"I am not!" Hermione retorted, "I would rather be alone for the rest of my life than kiss that-that ferret!"

Ginny shook her head, "that statement just confirmed it. You're officially in love with Malfoy. Merlin, why didn't I see this before?"

"Because there's nothing going on and I am not in love with Malfoy!" Hermione insisted passionately.

"You keep saying that like you actually believe it," Ginny said incredulously.

"Because I DO!" Hermione said frantically.

"Merlin," Ginny said and walked off.

"Ginny!" Hermione called after her, "GINNY!"

Ginny just kept on walking. Hermione gave up and sighed, Ginny and her stupid ludicrous never-true theories! Hermione vowed she'd never spend another minute considering if they were actually true. Without further ado she continued on towards the library.

The problem was, she couldn't. She couldn't stop thinking about what Ginny had said. Why on earth would she like Malfoy? I mean what was there to like about him? He was arrogant and stupid and cocky and spoiled and childlike and temper-tantrum-prone and witty and unattractive and actually somewhat good looking and intelligent and misunderstood and good at Quidditch and has a heart on occasion and… arrogant, stupid, and cocky—all perfectly good reasons to dislike him.

Why would Ginny think she was jealous of Daphne being with Malfoy? Daphne would be crying her heart out in less than twenty-four hours because Malfoy got bored with her. Then she would have to watch someone else take her place. Why would she be jealous of that? Why would she be jealous of having that ferret's lips tear off her face? She certainly wouldn't want those disease infected, soft, warm, inviting, terrible, pureblood lips touch hers! Hermione slammed her history book shut earning a glare from Madam Prince and causing alarm to fellow classmates. Hermione Granger had just mishandled a book! What was the world coming to?

Unable to concentrate she stuffed the History of Magic book back in her book bag and headed off to dinner. Hermione walked through the abandoned hallways toward the Great Hall. She was about to round a corner when she heard voices arguing in the next corridor.

"I do NOT!" the first voice protested.

"Yes you do Draco, just admit it," the second voice insisted.

"You're being ridiculous Blaise! Where on earth did you get such a preposterous notion?" Draco snapped.

"You're trying too hard. Something's up, this isn't you. You're messing around with every girl in Hogwarts because someone actually got to you, and you just don't want to admit it. So I got to thinking and the only person actually capable of driving a man that crazy is Hermione Granger." Blaise explained.

That froze Hermione in her tracks.

"Oh believe me Blaise, Hermione Granger drives me crazy, just not that way," Draco snarled.

"Come on Draco, if had been any other girl you would've asked her out by now. She's the only one who actually comes close to being on your level. She funny and smart and witty and you even told me yourself she's pretty and that she always has been even before she 'proved you wrong." Blaise continued.

"So?" Draco growled.

"And there's another thing…since when do you go out of your way to do something nice for someone else you've made clear you hated for years now?" Blaise prompted.

"Here's a ten letter word for you: redemption. I did something nice to show I am different and make up for being so mean to her all those years because she isn't so bad. Happy?" Draco snapped.

"See you said it yourself she's not so bad, in fact she's actually great. So what's so wrong with admitting you have feelings for her?" Blaise asked.

"Because I don't, it's as simple as that Blaise. Now will you stop wasting all your time on stupid theories and put it towards beating the Gryffindorks next week? Granger is our opponent and that is all she is. Are we clear?" Draco insisted.

"I thought you were past all that," Blaise said quietly.

"I meant as in Quidditch," Draco snapped.

"Oh, right," Blaise replied softly.

"Good, remember that. Now if you'll excuse me,I am going to eat dinner," Draco said.

Hermione panicked as Draco's footsteps echoed through the hall. He was headed in her direction. She ducked inside an alcove and pressed herself up against the wall. Thankfully he was too busy mumbling "I don't have feelings for Granger" to notice her. Unfortunately, that's when she noticed it bothered her. She made her way towards her room, dinner forgotten.
Why would that bother her? Why would she want Draco Malfoy of all people to have feelings for her? And that's when she realized Ginny was right. How could she have fallen for Malfoy, the Draco Malfoy? How could she have been so stupid? Of course he would never like her back and only think of her as the opponent! She sank on her bed, a single tear slid silently down her cheek. That was all he should be to her too—an opponent. She pushed the tear aside and grabbed her broom. Enough dwelling on her stupid newfound feelings for a stupid ferret, there was a Quidditch math to be won!