Chapter 2First Escape Attempt

" This is so tiring!" wailed Takuya. They had just left the suburbs of Tokyo, and they had been walking for half a day. " I can't believe we have to walk to Kyoto, and all because of something I did in the ninth grade!"

" Quit complaining," snapped Koji.

" You're the prisoner!" he exclaimed. " I'm supposed to tell you to what to do!"

" Exactly Takuya, so like Koji said, stop complaining," added Zoe.

" Oh don't you start as well," muttered Takuya.

" Stop arguing!" yelled Koji.

" Wait, Takuya's sort of right, you're the prisoner," gasped Zoe. " You are a guilty man, so you have to obey our commands!"

" Wow Zoe, you sure now how to get guys falling at your feet," smirked Takuya.

" What did you just say?" asked Zoe indignantly.

" Well, you have now managed to insult Koji, J.P., and me," replied Takuya. " It's called sarcasm, Zoe."

" I know what sarcasm is! And when have I ever insulted you?" she added.

" First day of kindergarten," smiled Takuya.

" What? How can you even remember that far back?" cried Zoe, before beginning to go off on a long speech about how she was sure that she didn't insult Takuya on the first day of kindergarten.

" Zoe… Zoe…" Takuya kept saying. She broke off from her epic tale.

" What?" she snapped.

" Koji's gone."

" Seriously?" Zoe looked all around. There was really no sign of Koji. " Oh great! We've let him escape! And on the first day too! We're rubbish at this… which way do you think he went?"

" Well, he didn't go back the way we came, because of the guards," said Takuya slowly.

" Well that narrows it down," said Zoe sarcastically.

" Hey, it's not our fault! If you want to blame someone, blame J.P. for sending two ordinary people to do a policeman's job!" cried Takuya.

" Calm down Takuya," said Zoe. " We just need to find him. And we can't tell the police escort. They may murder us with those guns they have…"

Koji, meanwhile, was running off as fast as he could in the direction of a big clump of trees. He would hide in there for the night, and then he would go back towards Tokyo. He paused, and sighed. Really, escaping was the last thing he should be doing. It did make him look extremely guilty… never mind. He had to find Koichi, and then they could try and find a way of clearing his name. He took another step forward, and something under his foot cracked. He looked down, and saw that he had stepped on a toy castle. But what child would be playing in the middle of a field right outside Tokyo?

" Freeze, intruder," came a small, high voice.

" Who's there?" asked Koji.

After much arguing, Takuya and Zoe decided to go search for Koji in the nearest town. They found a small town a little way outside of Tokyo, and decided to try there. Of course, they tried different approaches. Zoe went around asking if anyone had seen Koji, while Takuya ran around shouting " Koji! Koji! KOJI!"

" Takuya, will you stop running around like a kid and help me?" snapped Zoe eventually. " If you shout his name, he'll know we're here and he'll run off again!"

" Sorry Zoe," he muttered. Night was falling, and he was too tired and hungry to argue. " Do we have any food?"

" You and Koji finished it off at lunch," sighed Zoe. " It was supposed to last us three days. But, we have lots of money, so we can buy something."

" Cool, that restaurant looks nice, let's go in there!" exclaimed Takuya, and within seconds he had rushed through the door.

The restaurant seemed posh, very well decorated, and Takuya and Zoe immediately felt out of place. A waitress walked over to them.

" Hello and welcome to the Irins Restaurant," she said kindly. " Have you booked a table?"

" No, sorry," replied Takuya.

" That's alright, we have a table for two spare," she smiled. " Please, take a seat, and I will take your orders in a minute."

Takuya and Zoe awkwardly sat down at either end of the table.

" Oh God, I get the feeling she thinks we're a couple," muttered Zoe. Sure enough, moments later the waitress returned, and placed a candle at the centre of the table.

" There you go," she said. " I thought it would be more romantic like this."

" Um… thanks," said Takuya uncertainly. " But we're - "

" Would you like me to put a screen up or something? To give you two more privacy?" she added sweetly.

" Ew, no," replied Zoe. " That's very… thoughtful of you, but really, we - "

" I said would you like me to put up a screen, to give you two more privacy?" snapped the waitress.

" Um, yes please," squeaked Zoe nervously.

" Very good," the waitress smiled again. " I'll come back to take your orders."

" Takuya, let's get out of here, we need to find Koji," whispered Zoe. " We can buy some sandwiches from a shop, please, this please is creepy."

" Yeah, you're right," nodded Takuya. " Let's get out of here, before that creepy waitress comes back."

Quietly, they snuck out of the restaurant.

" Where are you two going?"

They froze in the doorway. It was the waitress.

" We realised we weren't hungry, sorry," grinned Takuya, but the waitress tugged at his sleeve.

" No!" she cried. " Please! You must stay! There are never any young couples in here! I'm desperate for something exciting to happen!"

" Okay, you're crazy," said Takuya.

" I hate to break it to you, but Takuya and I aren't dating," added Zoe. " We're just… work colleagues."

The waitress changed out once.

" Oh okay. You're free to go."

" Wow that waitress was freaky," said Takuya while he hate an egg and ham sandwich.

" Seriously, how can you eat that?" muttered Zoe. " Anyway, we need to find Koji."

Meanwhile, Koji was having problems of his own…