It still stung to walk every so often, but the pain was gradually fading as he knew it would. Soon the wound would be healed and there would be no trace, as all is wont to do in the face of time. Still, it was not the physical wound that truly stings, but in fact the psychological ones, no matter how minor. It takes far more than some soap and water to clean out emotions associated with such. They must be dealt with however, or like any other wound they can fester and rot, bringing nothing but pain and unintended consequences…

Paulo awoke with a start and he immediately put a hand to his throbbing head. Right, he had fallen asleep in class again, the lecture being so boring as to divert his attention to the realm of dreams instead. It was an odd dream, really not much a dream at all, but… oh now he had forgotten it. Oh well, he knew that he didn't really understand it anyway nor did he really care to know what it was about. What he did want to know however, was why his head hurt so much though. It was as if something was poking him with a dull stick over and over without the slightest regard to his wellbeing.

"Hey! Cool, you're awake!" Said an obnoxious voice next to Paulo, which was of course David, it just has to be said how obnoxious his voice can be. Of course, his voice is of little consequence to his actions, as of which are even more obnoxious. At the current moment he was busy poking Paulo in the head, which would account for the unending sensation in Paulo's cranium despite the fact that Paulo was already awake.

With a sigh, Paulo grabbed David's hand and the throbbing immediately went away. He lowered his friend's appendage and turned to the dog, a dull look of aggravation in his eyes. "Really David? Did you have to poke so hard? Actually no, I know the answer to that. Anyway, what do you want?"

David raised his other hand and took a deep breath as if to say something very important but then froze and instead retreated his hand to his chin, looking pensive. "That is a good question, I think I wanted something important but for the life of me I don't remember what it is… hmmmmmmmm."

Paulo would have sighed in shame but he was pretty well inured to the Labrador's antics. "That's fantastic, but next time can you write down what you want to say before waking me up?"

David looked a little hurt as he shrunk back into his desk. "Sorry, it was important, but I forgot."

Paulo just shook his head and looked back at his notes. There was about a paragraph of actual notes which seemed to show that at one point he was paying attention but soon the letters seemed to drift off into some doodles which seemed to be some kids riding a giant dragon made of some kind of metal… tungsten? No, but it was probably something close to that. There were a few doodles of Paulo reigning champion over the world, a frowny face and a few other things. He had no recollection of drawing any of them, but he must have been really bored to draw some of these. As he continued to blatantly disregard the teacher his eyes fell upon one sketch of a cat with a dark coloration on his face and he felt a flash of emotion.

He hadn't put any effort in searching for the freshman who did kicked him, and he really didn't want to take much stock in it, however it just wasn't him to let something go. It had been three days since then and every so often when he looked at his arm or leg he'd feel the same flash of anger and then stuff it down. It wasn't healthy and he knew it, but he didn't know what to do other than try and let time heal the wound. Somehow he knew it wouldn't be that simple though.

He twirled his pencil around before scratching out the face, leaving it a ruined mass of lead. He felt some satisfaction in the act even if it was empty. He began to doodle some more, but his artistic genius was cut short by the bell which signified the dismissal of this class. He slammed shut the notebook and stood to go when David grabbed his arm.

"David, you really need to stop doing that you know."

David looked at Paulo with one of the most serious faces he'd ever seen on the Retriever. "I just remembered what I wanted to ask and it's the most serious thing I think I've ever had to say."

Paulo twitched his eyebrow, he knew nothing good ever came when David suddenly gets, 'serious.' "What… what is it?"

David took a deep breath before beginning. "I heard about your fight with Final Fantasy Cat. I must know what happened. The fate of Midgar may depend on it."

Paulo blinked, blindsided again by David's incredible ability to be unexpected. "You… I don't understand what…" As he blubbered something occurred to him. "Hey wait, how did you know about that?"

David rolled his eyes. "You think I wouldn't know about battles of epic proportions that could rock the very foundations of this world?"

"Uhm. Yes?"

David shook his head. "Well you'd be right, I just heard that you had a showdown with him from a source that may or may not get monetary compensation for providing expert reports on FF's whereabouts at all times. I mean I guess he lapsed a little and didn't see what happened between you two, but he's pretty good otherwise!"

Paulo scratched the back of his head, "Yeah well as much as I didn't want to know that you pay a guy to stalk Augustus, it really wasn't that big a…"

David cut him off. "If you'll tell me afterschool I'll buy dinner for you."

Paulo was about to say no, that's stupid but then reconsidered. Free food was always good food, especially when David was footing the bill. With a quick thought he puffed up his chest and looked David in the eye. "Well then, if you put it that way I suppose I could tell you. But be forewarned, this tale is not for the faint of heart, you'll have to hold onto your food later because your stomach may not be able to take the facts of what occurred."

David's eyes were as large as saucers as his mouth hung open in awe. "So… cool…"

Paulo rubbed his nose. Yeah, he was pretty cool huh? Still, they had wasted a lot of time and they needed to move to their other class, especially since the teacher was starting to look at them funny. Paulo grabbed the star-struck dog and dragged him out of the classroom into the flood of students. Perhaps this little altercation would lead to something good after all?