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One Day You'll Know

By Mootalicious

Chapter 1

The credits began rolling on the screen, making Winifred Jensen heave a soft sigh of relief. She didn't know how many times she had been forced to sit through the Little Mermaid now for her three-year-old daughter, Emeline. The movie had been put on a little late that night, so it was already past the young girl's bedtime, which would make it all the more of a hassle trying to get her in bed.

"Emeline, time for bed," Winnie said, getting off the couch. She went to scoop the child off the floor but the girl evade her. Winnie frowned. "Emeline…"

"Daddy's not here," Emeline replied defiantly. Winnie groaned and sat down on the floor to look in her daughter's eyes.

"Daddy's busy," she stated. "He's probably not coming." The little girl frowned, clutching her teddy bear to herself. Winnie looked at the thing. That damn teddy bear with its stupid SoA jacket on it.

At that moment, a motorcycle came tearing down the street, the noise dying as it reached their house. Emeline went running for door, causing Winnie to groan again. She was hoping he wouldn't show up that night.

The door swung open and there was a loud eruption of "Daddy! Daddy!" followed by a male's laughter. Winnie didn't move as she heard the male tell their daughter to not be so loud because she might wake the neighbours, though it was too early for any of their neighbours to be in bed.

They came into the living room then, Emeline happily snuggling against her father in his arms. He looked down at the woman sitting on the floor.

"Hey, Winnie," he greeted. It was obvious he was trying to be polite and civil.

"Kozik," Winnie replied, not nearly as polite. Kozik placed Emeline on the floor and patted her head.

"Go upstairs," he instructed. She nodded and bounded off obediently.

"Why can't she listen to me like that?" Winnie muttered. She started to get ot her feet. Kozik held out his hand to help her up but she ignored him.

"You still hate me?" Kozik asked. He seemed bothered by the statement. Winnie shrugged as she went into the kitchen. To her annoyance, Kozik followed her. She didn't understand why he just couldn't let it go.

In an attempt to ignore him, she went to the fridge but Kozik pushed it close. She glared up at him.

"I would like some milk," she stated, crossing her arms. Kozik gave her the same contrary expression.

"And I would like you to talk to me," he retorted, leaning against the fridge.

"There's nothing to talk about," Winnie mumbled, turning away just in time to see the hurt expression cause his face. "We tried, we failed. Now, go upstairs. Emeline's waiting for you."

Kozik sighed but he left to go put their daughter to bed. Once she was able to hear their voices upstairs, Winnie got herself a glass of milk and sat at the kitchen table, drinking slowly. She really wished he would just leave her alone. The past was done and over with, and she didn't really want a rerun. Their only connection now was their daughter and Winnie liked to think Kozik was lucky she wasn't some bitch who didn't let him see Emeline.

The talking upstairs died down and Winnie came to the conclusion that Kozik had successfully put Emeline to bed. She was washing her empty glass in the sink when she heard him come downstairs and back into the kitchen.

"I'm headin' out to Cali tomorrow," he said, leaning against the door frame. He didn't wait for her to answer as he continued. "I won't be around for a while."

"That's nice," Winnie answered absently, putting her glass away. She heard him muttered something incoherent. She couldn't help but twitch her mouth upwards.

"Will you two be alright with me away?" he continued.

"We always do just fine without you," she answered again. There was a moment of pause and she thought she was going to be relieved of his presence. Unfortunately, she thought wrong.

"Really, Winnie? Do you have to act like such a bitch every time I'm around? That's not the way you were before."

Winnie flinched. She didn't think he knew she was acting that way to him on purpose. She forget he was smarter than that. She shook her head trying to clear her thoughts.

"I don't hate you, Koz," she murmured, turning to face him. He looked confused at this statement, seeing as it contradicted everything that occurred between them in the last three years or more. She shrugged, not knowing how to assure him it was true. "I just…can't be around you."

Kozik took a moment to digest what she had just told him before letting out a string of curse words. "Fuck, Winnie." He muttered some more to himself before heading out of the kitchen. "I'll see you when I get back." Winnie stood rooted to the spot until she heard the door slam and his motorcycle take off down the street.

With a sigh, Winnie flicked off the kitchen light and headed upstairs for bed early.

The next night found Winnie working late at the restaurant. It closed at eleven but she and one lone waiter finished clean up alone. It was nearly midnight when they finally closed up. Telling the waiter she would see him tomorrow, she got into her car and pulled out of the parking lot. She decided she would call her mom and tell her she'd pick up Emeline the following morning. Getting her at this time of night would only wake her up and she would cause a fuss.

Winnie was stopped at a red light, dialing her mother's number when an impact behind her car caused her to jerk forward, dropping her cell. She cursed under her breath at the careless driver behind her.

'Stupid ass, probably drunk,' she thought, reaching blindly to grab her cell off the floor of her car. It was then that she noticed in her rear view mirror that the driver of the other car was getting out, as well as their passenger. Instinctively, she locked the doors of her car. They were coming up on either side of her car and she was just able to make out the outline of a gun in one of their hands.

Without even thinking, she slammed her foot on the gas, feeling lucky there was no one else on the road. There was a shout and then gunfire though Winnie didn't bother looking back to check. She could hear their car take off after her but she was sure that she was far enough ahead of them that they wouldn't be able to catch up.

She began speeding through the back streets of Tacoma, hoping there would be no one around to notice she was going too fast. After twenty minutes, she was sure there was no one following her anymore. By instinct, she made her way to the Sons' clubhouse.

There was a party going on in the lot and the noise gave her a headache. As she got out of the car, one of the members noticed her and came over, asking what she was doing there.

"Kozik around?" she asked, rubbing her forehead. He looked at her strangely.

"No, he went to Charming," the man replied, taking a drink of his beer. Winnie groaned, staring at the ground.

"Right…" She couldn't believe that she had forgot that. She tried recalling him saying he was leaving the night before. All she could remember was them having a small argument because of it.

"You okay?"

Winnie jerked away from her train of thought as he spoke again. She nodded, though she didn't quite feel like she was okay. She just didn't feel like telling that to someone in the club.

"I'll go now," she muttered. He nodded, though the look on his face clearly said he didn't believe her. She said her goodbye before going back to her car. Remembering that she had just been rammed, she walked to the back, surveying the damage. She winced; it looked pretty bad.

"Shit, shit, shit…" She cursed under her breath, rubbing her forehead again. Her headache was getting worse. Deciding it would just be best if she went home, got some rest and figured everything out in the morning, she got back into her car.

Picking up her phone to call her mother, Winnie noticed she had one voice mail. She wasn't much in the mood for listening to it, but thought it wasn't good to put it off, she decided to listen. Unsurprisingly, it was from her mother.

"Winifred. Oh my god… I was putting Emeline to bed and…there was gunshots! Your father started shouting…got his rifle, the stupid ass…Someone fired at our front window. Emeline was crying. I didn't know what to do! We waited until the noise all died down and your father went outside to check. Someone left a message about the Sons. …Something about revenge…I don't know…Oh gosh…Does this have something to do with that Kozik…? Just…call when you can."

The message stopped as her mother hung up. In between much of the broken sentences, Winnie heard her mother sob. But once she heard that name, she froze.

"Stupid, fucking Kozik," she said out loud. In anger and frustration – her parents and daughter had just been put in a dangerous situation – Winnie threw her phone onto the floor and slammed her hands repeatedly on the steering wheel. She turned the key, sparking her car to life and left the parking lot.

Winnie drove to her parents' house. The damage was too overly bad, but the gunshot holes in the front window and door made her heart sink. There wasn't any one else around, but she could see people staring out their windows. Frantically, she banged onto the front door. There was yelling about if she was some hooligan that her father had a shotgun and was ready to shot.

"Dad, it's me," she called. She felt exposed onto on the front step and periodically looked over her shoulder to see if there was anyone else on the street. The sound of sirens were soon heard as her father opened the door.

"Damnit, Winnie," he grumbled as she threw her arms around him. She released him quickly and hurried inside.

Emeline sat on the couch, clutching her teddy bear and bawling. She looked up, scared, when she heard someone coming towards her but, upon seeing her mother, threw herself off the couch. She ran for Winnie, who scooped her up and hugged her tightly.

"Mommy, mommy, mommy," Emeline wailed wetly. Winnie stroked her hair, making soothing noises.

"It's okay, sweetie," she whispered.

Police had come, but Winnie didn't want to deal with them. At her mother's suggestion, Winnie took Emeline upstairs and after much coaxing got the three year old to sleep. Once the child was sound asleep, Winnie locked herself in the bathroom and pulled out her phone, dialing Kozik's number.

"Winnie?" His voice sounded tired, like he had just been woken up. "What the fuck are you doing, calling this late?" There was a pause as if realization had hit him. "Did something happen to Emeline? Is she all right?"

"No she's not all right, you ass," Winnie hissed into the phone. There was a stunned silence. "My parents' house just got shot up because you and your stupid biker friends pissed someone off."

"Wait, what?" His tone was different now. He sounded pissed. "Who the fuck? You get a good look at him? Are you hurt? Is she hurt?"

"I wasn't there, but she's fine," Winnie answered. She stared in the minute and decided against telling him about her incident at the red light. "What stupid shit did you pull now?"

"Nothing, I swear." There was yet another pause and the sound of clothes rustling told Winnie he was getting dressed quickly. "Stay there, I'll come get you."

"Don't bother. If some stupid club shit's gonna endanger my family, I'm not staying in Tacoma. My sister lives in Ohio. We'll go down there until things cool off."

"Fuck no!" The statement was definite and final, even a little mad. "You're not taking my daughter all the way to fuckin' Ohio!"

"Kozik, you don't get a say-"

"Fuck that. I do get a say. You didn't fuck yourself and get pregnant, did you? She's half mine. She'll be safe with me."

"Emeline's not going to fucking Charming," Winnie argued. She was getting annoyed; this conversation wasn't going the way she wanted it to. She sat down on the bathtub's edge, suddenly feeling tired. "I'm not separating from her."

"Who said you were separating? You're coming too."

"I'm not uprooting my life to live with you, Kozik," Winnie hissed. The was the last thing she wanted, though deep down she knew Emeline wouldn't be in danger there. Kozik would never let anything happen to the young girl.

"You're not," came the retort. "I'll be there in the morning. Go to bed."

The phone line went dead. Winnie stared at the phone, feeling somehow both outraged and happy. The latter made her mad at herself. She shouldn't be happy to be near Kozik. She shoved her phone back in her pocket, trying to come up with any plausible reasoning for feeling like that. Once she had managed to convince herself it was because she knew Emeline would be fine with Kozik, she left the bathroom. Deciding she rather avoid talking to the police, Winnie went into the room Emeline slept her.

The little girl was still sleeping soundly, clutching her SoA teddy bear. She nuzzled her tear stained face against it, causing Winnie to sigh and collapse into a nearby chair.