Disclaimer: ... *bursts out laughing* AHAHA YOU THINK I OWN FMA? I WISH! LOL DUDE.

Another poem with an OC describing Envy, similar to Green Eyes. I like this one more though. All the time while I was writing this I had "Torch" by Alanis Morissette stuck in my head, so that was where my inspiration came from. So it's more like a song than a poem, try listening to that song while you're reading this and it's very beautiful. Hope you enjoy! Also, if you look and count closely, every stanza/whatchamacalit has EXACTLY 9 lines. It started out accidental, but then I realized it and then began doing it consciously, checking how many lines I had. But the first 3 stanzas having 9 lines each was completely accidental. XD Well, I hope you like it!

Do you remember

How you held me close?

When I complained I was cold

You wrapped your arms around me

And your scent swallowed me up

I was happy just to have you

But now I'm not happy

I mean, you're not here anymore

So what reason do I have to smile?

Do you remember

How you'd laugh at me?

I told the stupidest jokes

But you laughed anyway

Like it was the funniest thing

I loved to make you laugh

But now I can't decide

Were you laughing at the jokes...

Or just because I was pathetic?

Do you remember

The letters we would write?

When you were so far away

And I couldn't see you

You told me to send my feelings

Don't know how you got them

But you did and always wrote back

Now I'm questioning... questioning...

If all you said was true

And do you remember

The long, tear-filled nights?

When I would cry

And you would ask me why

It didn't matter what the reason was

You chose to share my pain

We said that if it was divided

We'd never hurt again

That's what you promised me

So do you remember

All of the time we spent together?

The beautiful things

That you'd say to me

When we were all alone

And nobody else would hear

The fire dying to embers

And you said to me

"I'll never let you go..."

All of these things

Are things that I miss

But do you have any clue

What it is I miss the most?

I long simply for the rush

Of when our skin would touch

And your body against mine

With nothing to regret

I remember

Having no guide for this

Losing myself in your eyes

And I wanted to stay lost

I dove in, headfirst and naïve

Did I really, truly believe

You'd give me all you had?

Well, you must not have had much

'Cause I'm left with nothing now

I remember

A falling star late that night

All our dreams rested on a wish

All our sanity clinging to a kiss

And once I loved you

I could never turn back

So when you leaned down

And whispered, "Do you love me?"

I was fool enough to answer yes

Do you remember

The way that we were?

Holding to each other's hand

"Chin up," we said, "we'll soldier on."

So if you didn't lie to me

If every word and touch was true

If I all I knew was this

I remember...

Do you?