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The news spread all around Gotham like a wildfire.

The Joker as once again free from Arkham Asylum, sprung out by his own doctor and former hostage, Dr. Harleen Quinzel.

The city had gone into a sort of panic, locking doors early and avoiding the streets. Even though the GCDP was already on the move, they failed to find where the clown and his new accomplice had fled to. Searches took place all around the city, yet there was never a trace to be seen of them. Harley had managed to escape with the Joker at just the right moment.

That night, the moon seemed to glow a little more eerie than usual and the Gothamites were glued to their television screens, waiting for results…for relief.


In the cold breeze, the Batman hid in the shadows of a vacant alleyway, staring silently into the night.

Part of him cursed himself for being so blind, for not noticing how affectionately Quinzel had gazed at the clown during that confrontation at the park. He had failed to save Harleen, failed the same way he had failed to save Harvey and Rachel.

Harleen Quinzel had gone completely and utterly insane, wounding several Arkham guards during her escapade and she had taken the Joker from the asylum out of sheer adoring love for him. It was shocking—unfathomable. How could she love someone so deviously twisted and murderous? What had he done to her during the two weeks of her captivity?

The Batman didn't know where to turn. He was genuinely, sincerely stumped. He knew that he had not seen the last of the Joker and Quinzel. They would turn up again soon. It would be even harder to bring Joker to justice if Quinzel turned out to be really dangerous. But it would take time to see.

Gotham, he thought to himself bitterly. How many more lives will you change for the worse? How many more good people are you going to drive mad?

Only the wind answered.


Dr. Jeremiah Arkham sat in his office, staring blankly out into space. The police had come and gone and there were some that were still lingering around, itching for answers. But he had no answers for them. His heart was a stone in his chest.


He buried his face in his hands.


Harleen Quinzel, or Harley Quinn as she came to be known by, had taken the battered-up Joker back to the warehouse-haven, fleeing with the henchmen from there shortly after in order to evade the GCPD.

Her Mr. J was still very weak from his injuries and was nourishing a broken arm and a broken leg. But she'd fix him right up once they found a new safe haven to hide in. They would never be torn apart again. She'd make all of Gotham pay for making her Puddin' suffer so badly. She'd show them. Her chains were finally broken and she was free at last.

Free at last!

She stood in the vacant lot, letting her red coat blow wildly in the breeze as she stared up at the silver moon. Her blonde hair hung in her face and she grinned wickedly under the streetlight. She would never forget this night.

In the car, Mr. J groaned in pain, having his head propped up by Poke as he and the cousins sat with him in the backseat. Cutter was sitting in the front and was staring up at the black night sky, letting the smoke from his cigarette drift away into the wind.

Striding over towards Mr. J, she nuzzled him, her eyes moist with tears of joy at the knowledge that they were finally together.

"We'll find a new place soon, Puddin'. I won't let you down."

"My pet," Mr. J crooned, coughing and closing his eyes once again. "My little harlequin…"

She leaned over and kissed his scars, running a hand tenderly through his hair.

No, their story wasn't over. Not by a long shot. There were still places to go, things to see, laughs to be had.

Their mad love had only just begun.


So we're bound to linger on, we drink the fatal drop

Then love until we bleed, then fall apart in parts

-Lyrics by Kleerup

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