NB: I do not own this story or Ponyo, but enjoy reading this story!

This is the story 15 years after when the movie ended.

Now, Ponyo was 20 yrs old, she lived just beside the beach and also lived with Sosuke. Ponyo was now a kindergarten teacher and Sosuke followed his dreams to be fisherman. Ponyo opposed the idea of Sosuke being a fisherman, since he will get her old friends for food. But Sosuke said it was his dream to do fishing since Koichi did it, so she let him be a fisherman after all.

Today was the day that Sosuke have to go out to the sea. Ponyo farewelled him in the early morning.

"Goodbye Sosuke, take care. Today's lunch is sandwich with ham, tomato and lettuce! Enjoy" said Ponyo

"Bye, Ponyo. I will be back home by tomorrow night!" Then Sosuke left and closed the door.

Ponyo got dressed and got ready to go to the kindergarten she ate ham bread at breakfast and watched TV. The weather was on and the weathergirl currently was Kumiko. She warned that the storm will be coming on day after tomorrow but will be fine till then. Ponyo got worried but since he will be coming back by tomorrow night, she knew he will be fine. He was an experienced and young fisherman.

After that she went to her work. She took care of 22kids in her class. Two of them were Kumiko's twins, Hana and Rie. They weren't identical twins, so it was lucky that Ponyo could notice them.

"Today, children, we will be make a origami and a card for our grandparents for Grandparent's Day!" She instructed the children to make a simple origami of goldfish and how to make a card.

The kids were very happy and they did well. When it was time for kid's to go home, Ponyo met Kimiko when she was picking up her twins.

"So, how is Sosuke?" she asked

"He's good, he went to fishing today and will be back by tomorrow night" Ponyo replied.

Kumiko frowned.

"Ponyo, you must direct him to go home as soon as possible, as the storm that should be coming day after tomorrow will fasten and might get worse. The storm might come just after 5pm"

"Oh, thank you Kumiko, I will tell him as soon as I can. Now goodbye, Rie and Hana"

"Goodbye, teacher" they said and they disappeared from her sight.

Ponyo thought of calling Sosuke, but her stomach started to rumble so she put that later and went shopping at the nearby supermarket.

The things she bought was:

Ham, tomato, noodles, eggs, lettuce, bread, milk, rice, cabbage, orange, apples, carrot, ice cream and yoghurt.

When she was putting them into her car, the sudden chilly strong wind went past her. Her red hair messed up and she looked at the sky. There was no sign of blue sky. She then remembered about Sosuke and went back home.