A/N: So, I have been waiting for that Sara and Neal scene last night since the beginning of the second half of the season. No lie. If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't read this. SPOILERS! I'd seen the clip that everyone else had, with Mozzie walking in on them and the embarassment, but then, earlier yesterday, I had come across the clip from the beginning of the episode. My immidate reaction was 'Woh. Sara's smitten with Neal.' Now, I'd been hoping for this, mind you, but you know how those sorts of things go. I never really liked Kate and while I love Alex as a character, I'm not fond of she and Neal as an item. I can't place why, I'm just not. Then Sara came along, with her red hair (seriously, is every pretty girl a brunette on this show?) and her spunky attitude (not to mention her lovely ensamble of D&G clothing) and I adored her. To prepare for the show coming on for the second half of the season, I rewatched the first half and started seeing the potential for sparks, especially after Burke's Seven. All this to say I love this paring and have been wanting to write a snippet for a while. So here it is. Enjoy.

Only Once

Takada Saiko

Mozzie had once said that a conman only had his heart broken once. Neal Caffrey was inclined to agree.

Especially after Kate.

In the immediate time that followed the explosion, Neal was too busy keeping his outward control to worry about women. He'd just lost the woman he'd been prepared to marry and the pretty smiles that they flashed his dirrection stirred nothing. Some were cute, there was no question there, but his mind and his heart still belonged to a woman no longer walking the earth.

He'd heard Peter explain away his actions before when it came to Kate. While he never sat down and had a heart-to-heart with the FBI agent on the matter, he'd venture to say that the elder man at least wanted to understand, even if he couldn't quite grasp what he was going through. How could he? Elizabeth came home every night. They had a nice house and a dog, a loving marriage that only grew stronger as time passed. There was no question of trust between them and no worry over a broken heart.

They had each other, and that was more than Neal could say about he and Kate.

It was that realization that struck him as the lights flickered off in the archives and Sara's mouth hovered close to his own, their breaths mixing together. Kate was gone and he could never get her back. He'd taken one step to giving her up a few weeks prior during Peter's abduction, and this was just the next step. A step that could lead him down a very, very dangerous path with a woman that had testified against him at his trial. A woman that, upon meeting him a second time, had been interested in recording everything that he said as to recover her stolen painting and help to hurry him back to prison.

A woman that was here now, helping him look for Adler, so that he could find closure with Kate's death.

A conman only gets his heart broken once, Mozzie's words rang in his mind as Sara moved in for the kiss. It was okay, he decided as they melted together, both moving frantically in the dark. It was okay because Mozzie had been talking about the average conman.

And Neal was anything but your average conman.

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