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The following Wednesday the three friends met yet again in The Rowan Tree.

This week they were far more animated, radiant even, than the previous. Their faces glowed; their magic positively palpitated on the air around them.

"Well, this is a damn sight better than last bloody week, I'll say!" exulted Pansy.

Ginny smirked. Hermione simply ate her food.

"So, girls ... following on from our discussion last time, how did we all fair? Did we manage to find someone to fulfil the criteria?"

"Might have done," grinned Ginny.

"Really!" exclaimed Pansy. "Well, you're not the only one, Gin. How 'bout you, Mione? Manage a shag at last?"

Hermione shot her friend a withering look but gave no response.

"Oh well! Time to reveal all, girls. Me first."

Ginny girded herself. She knew full well what Pansy had been aiming at when she had left her last week, and if Lucius' seduction of her was anything to go by, she doubted he would have bothered resisting her friend. For a reason due only to the deep friendship between them all, she wasn't particularly jealous.

Pansy took in a deep breath. "Well, do you recall who we bumped into last week in here?"

The others crossed their arms, waiting for her to continue. They could hardly forget.

"Let's just say ... Lucius Malfoy lived up to our demanding expectations very well indeed." She grinned at them, but her smile faded abruptly when she did not get the resounding squeals of amazement she was expecting.

"Well! I shagged him. Malfoy. Honest. Don't you believe me?"

"We might do," sighed Ginny. "Can you prove it?"

"Well, as a matter of fact ... But, it's a bit, private, and ... used ..." She grimaced a little, but proceeded to withdraw something from her bag. It was a handkerchief, clearly stained, despite her half-hearted efforts to hide it. In the corner was monogrammed an M around which was encircled a serpent.

"There we go. Told you I could. And boy was it worth it. Bloody hell, that man. Still, not going to repeat it. Don't think I could walk if I had him again."

"I agree."

Pansy looked at Ginny quizzically.

"Agree with what?"

"He was worth it."

Pansy's mouth dropped open. "You didn't!"

"I did."



"Ginny! You duplicitous cow!"

"Hang on! I didn't know you'd had him first. Anyway, I thought we'd established he was fair game!"

"Well, you wanted me to prove it – you do the same!"

Pansy sat back, her arms folded.

Ginny at first did not humour her, then reaching into her own bag, she too withdrew a stained handkerchief, this one also monogrammed with an M entwined with a serpent.

"That bastard!"

Ginny smiled. "Oh, come on, Pansy. We know what he's like. I could tell he was eyeing us all up. He was like a kid in a candy store. And luckily for him, he could take as much as he wanted. Still ... lucky for us too ... best sex I've ever had. Won't be seeing him again though."

Pansy at last relaxed and grinned at her friend. "Bloody hell! Still ... we are friends after all, and friends do ..."

"Share," Ginny filled in the word for her. They burst out giggling.

"Oy, Gin, come on. Mione must be feeling left out. Sorry, Mione. Did you get out this week? Meet anyone?"


They leaned into her. "Who?"

For a while Hermione simply didn't speak, instead reaching over for a long drink of water.

"Hermione! Go on!"

She wiped the corners of her mouth carefully and at last looked up at them.

"Well, like you said, Lucius Malfoy was eyeing us all up."

For a time her friends could make no sound. Eventually, their incredulity was spluttered out.

"But ..."

"Not you as well?"

"Don't be so surprised."

"But you hate him."

"I'm allowed to change my mind."


"And what?"

"What did you think?"

Hermione grinned. "Outstanding."

The three of them looked at each other before laughter erupted from them all.

"I have to say, girls ... kudos to us ... I mean ... Lucius Malfoy ..."

"Hermione ... come on though ... you have to prove it like we did. Did you get a handkerchief too?"

"Not quite. I got ... this."

Hermione reached into her bag and took something out, placing it on the table before them. The M with the serpent wrapped around was clear on it. But Ginny and Pansy merely stared, their mouths hanging open futilely, their normally sharp tongues silenced as they gawped at the object.

It was the key to Malfoy Manor.

Brava, Hermione!

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