Naruto Hayabusa Namikaze

Hey guys here's another fic based off of Challenger's 4th Naruto Ninja Gaiden Challenge. In this one Kyuubi becomes the New Juubi and she along with Naruto are sent to the Ninja Gaiden world where he will start a new life.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the Jutsu, OC Characters, Bloodlines, and Weapons I created.

Chapter 1: Dragon Goddess and a New Life

October 10th, the fifth anniversary of the Kyuubi attack where Minato Namikaze, the Kiiroi Senkou defeated the Kyuubi no Kitsune at the cost of his life. But this is not a happy day for a certain five-year-old blonde who walked down the street unaware that he was about to suffer greatly. His name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. He turned a corner and was met with a mob armed to the teeth with any item or weapon possible.

When they saw the blonde hatred and rage filled their faced faces. Before the blonde could do anything a sword struck him in the chest and the pain was so great since Naruto never felt a thing as he collapsed. The mob cheered and began to stab, slash, and beat the blonde while ranting 'kill the demon' and 'avenge the Yondaime while they continued their onslaught. A few minutes later, Naruto laid motionless in a puddle of his own blood while the villagers cheered in killing the 'demon'.

Inside of his mindscape, Kyuubi was growing frantic as the warm light of her host's life startes to fade fast. "Those fools! They do not realize what they've done! I can't allow myself and the boy to die like this! I refuse to die like this!" She cried out while her eyes glowed red and she started to use every single ounce of her yokai to help the boy. But then her body froze and a memory long forgotten came back to her. One where she was a true monster who was hell bent on causing utter destruction and never ending chaos.

That was when her soul and chakra ripped from her body and in last ditch effort preserving herself, she implanted a unique gift into the largest fragment of her power. The villagers continued to cheer until they heard something and so did many others all across the Element nations.

The sound was similar to the roar of thunder but the roar was so loud and powerful it reached the ears of everyone in the nations and they all wondered what could emit a roar that could shake the entire elemental nations.

Just as the roar ended, and select group of people called Jinchuriki screamed. They screamed in sheer agony as something inside them tore through the containment seal placed upon their bodies and all fell one by one as the Biju that was sealed with in them erupted from their bodies in great pillars of different colored lights.

Those who saw the lights were awestruck, as they did not know what was contained in them as they streaked across the sky towards one location… Konoha. The mob grew fearful as the powerful roar echoed throughout the skies and eight pillars of lights struck the boy they had attempted to kill.

The light was now silver white and it shot up into the sky. The mob and Konoha watched as the light formed over the boy's fallen started to form and when it was don, they all had terrified looks on their faces as a large shadow hovered over them and growled dangerously. This creature had silver colored scales the glistened in the moonlight all over its body had black scales that started from the bottom of its lower jaw and ended near the ends of its ten tails.

It stared downs at the frozen and frightened villagers with its silver yellow colored slitted eyes and when it snarled, it revealed a pair of razor sharp ivory colored teeth that were the size of a full grown human. It had a crown of horns that were curved backwards and two large ones. In the middle of its head was a blue gem. A series of spines started from the back of its neck to the ends of its tails.

It had two pair of powerful front and rear legs and it had four obsidian curved claws on them. Behind it were ten scaly tails that had arrow head like tips on the end and they slowly swished and slithered around the village. The creature was a dragon and it wasn't happy. "Wh-what is that?" A villager asks as he trembled under the gaze of the beast. "I-it's a D-dragon." Another one answered.

The dragon slowly opened its mouth and smoke escaped from it. Pure white flames with gold outlines danced around its mouth and it reared its head back. Before the mob could react the dragon unleashed flames that were even more powerful than the flames of Amaterasu's but instead of the flames reducing them to ashes, it set them ablaze and they all cried out and withered in pain while the flames slowly burned their flesh.

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha arrived and approached the dragon with a look of awe on his face as it watched its victims suffer until it turned to look at him. It then looked down and he saw the villagers writhing in pain on the ground.

"Your law was ineffective human." The dragon said as its glared at the old man increased. "And because of your law, my host has nearly lost his life and I too would've if I hadn't become whole again." It said as one of its tails slowly wrapped around the unconscious blonde and the silver white energy surrounded his body and started to heal him.

"What?" the shocked Hokage asks. "Who are you and why do you call Naruto your host?"

"It's true that I have changed old man." said the dragon sounding both amused and disgusted at the same time. "Your villagers have called my host a monster and done things like this to him since the day he could walk but they are the true monsters. She said glaring at the villagers who flinched and trembled under its gaze. "Now I shall take him away from this world beyond the reach of those who wish to harm him and you should know that the nine Biju are no more and I am the new Jubi, the Jubi no Shinryu. " The dragon said.

Hiruzen was awed and frightened by the great dragon's presence and what it had said. It was now the new Jubi and the villagers would suffer greatly for what they have done and he wondered what this powerful creature meant by leaving this world with Naruto.

As if reading his mind she answered. "Naruto will no longer be happy in this world as long as parasites such as your advisers and the man called Danzo exist along with these bigoted humans in Konoha, and so you know those afflicted by the flames shall not die but they shall receive the pain Naruto has taken until they've redeemed themselves and yes there are other worlds out there and Naruto will be beyond the reach of anyone from this world. He'll be better off away from here and despite your attempts to help him old man you have failed and so have those who were suppose to look after him especially his so called 'Godparents'. I'm sorry Hokage but this is the best choice for him." She finished.

Hiruzen couldn't help but admit that she was right. He failed to uphold his duty as Hokage and so did the boy's foster parents. Sarutobi nodded as the village massed around the dragons all armed ready to fight if it attacked until Hiruzen spoke. "STAND DOWN YOU FOOLS! DO YOU HONESTLY THINK YOU CAN DEFEAT THIS FORCE OF NATURE? SHE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN THE KYUUBI AND YOU WISH TO WIPE THIS VILLAGE FROM EXISTENCE WITH YOU BIGOTRY? STAND DOWN NOW OR I'LL EXECUTE YOU MYSELF!" Hiruzen roared because he had enough of how these people acted thinking that they could take on a creature that is on par with a god.

They all stood down not wanting to face the dragon's wrath and she smirked. "Apparently your fire hasn't dimmed at all." The dragon says and Hiruzen nods.

"I apologize for their foolishness Ryu-sama and I ask for you to spar this village. And if you think taking Naruto to a different world will help him… then he should go and no longer have to suffer. Making him stay here will only cause him more pain in the future. Also his name full name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and everything his parents left him is in a scroll that is sealed in his right arm by his father." He finished getting shocked looks from everyone.

"Thank you Hiruzen Sarutobi and make sure to deal with those fools and show them why you are the Hokage." She says and suddenly spreads her large black wings. "I will and when Naruto awakens tell him that I'm sorry and I wish him luck in his new life." He says getting a nod from her. Her entire body glows and brightens to the point where he and everyone had to cover their eyes.

In a flash of light, Jubi no Shinryu, and Naruto were gone from Konohagakure and the elemental nations forever.

Hayabusa Ninja Village


In the forest was a female wearing a white Kimono with red flower patterns. She had a tan complexion, waist length dark brown hair, and ocean blue eyes. Her name is Shizure Hayabusa, wife of the current Hayabusa Clan Head and Master Ninja Joe Hayabusa and right now she was picking herbs in the moonlit forest. Watching her from the Shadows was a man who appeared to be 6'2, with a darker tan complexion, muscled form that was built for speed and strength, had forest green eyes, and had black hair tied in a high ponytail. He also wore a white ninja gi with a katana strapped to his back. He was Joe Hayabusa, the current Hayabusa Clan Head and Ninja Master of the village.

While the couple had a marriage full of love and happiness, they both desired the one thing all married couples desired and that was a child but sadly Shizure couldn't have children due to a chemical that the sorcerers of Black Spider Clan unleashed during the last ninja war. The council suggested that he remarried but Joe refused to do that to the woman he loved since they grew up together.

While they pondered on how they were gonna have a child, a large flash of light got their attention. Joe leapt out and in front of his wife with one hand on the hilt of the blade he had strapped to his back and when the light faded their eyes widen in amazement because standing a few feet away from them was a giant ten tailed dragon.

"Wh-what in heaven's name…" Joe said to himself. The Jubi no Shinryu looked down and notice the two humans looking at her in awe and she lowered her head until it met their gaze.

"Hello ningen do you mind telling me where I am currently at?" She asked the two stumped Hayabusa members who finally snapped out of their stupor.

"You're in a forest near the Hayabusa Shinobi Village in a country known as Japan. If I may ask what is your name great dragon?" Joe asked, choosing his words carefully. Even though this dragon wasn't a fiend, her power was on par if not stronger than the Fiend Deities and he did not want to infuriate her.

"I am the Jubi no Shinryu but you may call me Hakumei. The reason I ask is because I am not from this world or this dimension but from what I can tell you look like a ninja and this world seems to be more advanced technologically than the world I came from." She stated. "Anyways I would like to ask a favor from you two."

"And what would that favor be Hakumei-sama?" Shizure asked. Hakumei brought one of her tails close to them and it slowly uncoiled revealing the sleeping form of a blonde five year old with three large scrolls near him. Shizure gasps when she sees him especially when he's wearing nothing but rags and Joe's eyes widened in surprise.

"In the world he lived in that boy along with 9 others were treated as if they were creatures that never should've been born. Instead of explaining the whole thing I'll give you a glimpse of what this boy and a few others had to experience." Hakumei says and her eyes glow white which made Joe's and Shizure's eyes turn the same color.

20 minutes later, the couple was experiencing several emotions. Amazement that the world the boy came from had shinobi which was started by a man known as the Rikudo Sennin who saved the world from the old Jubi and split its power into 9 creatures known as the Biju and about the ninja who had the abilities to manipulate the elements and possessed abilities known as bloodlines but after ward they were disgusted and enraged at how the people in the villages acted towards jinchuriki and treated them as weapons or monsters who shouldn't even exist.

Shizure had tears falling from her eyes and afterwards she walked over to the unconscious boy, picked him up and held him in her arms. "You poor, poor boy." She said quietly. Joe on the other hand wanted to tear those fools apart for treating an innocent boy like he was a monster. Hakumei saw how they reacted towards the things they saw and was smiling inwardly and knew these two would make great parents for Naruto.

"His parents Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki gave up their lives and their son's future to save a village of ungrateful fools and I couldn't allow him to stay in a world like that so I used every ounce of my power to rejoin the nine bijuu once again and was reborn as the being who stands before you." She explained while the two couple looked at Naruto. "Now as for the favor I was gonna ask you earlier is that I want you to take the boy in and train him in your ninja arts." The two couple's eyes widened when she requested that. "Unlike most humans I can tell that you two would treat the boy as if he was your own and when I looked into your thoughts I found out the you couldn't bear any children Shizure-san and that you Joe-san wanted an heir otherwise the dragon bloodline would die with you. Since Naruto is my vessel he will possess my version of the dragon bloodline which will make your clan stronger than it was a long time ago." She stated while they took the info in.

After thinking about it Shizure and Joe looked at each other and smiled and looked back at Hakumei. "Hakumei-sama we would love to adopt Naruto-chan into our family." She said while Joe nods in agreement.

"Yes and he will grow up to become a great person and ninja under our care Hakumei-sama." He replied.

"I know he will and I will also be training him in the ninja arts from his world as well as his family's techniques." She looks at Naruto's sleeping form and a small smile formed on her mouth. "This boy is destined for greatness just like his father was and I'll make sure that his legacy lives on even if it's not from his world." She said and then vanishes in a flash of light.

(9 Years Later)

Shizure was sitting on a porch and watching her husband and 14 year old son were engaging in a duel using bokkens (wooden swords) and watching them as well was Hakumei (fem. Jubi). She had waist length silver hair with two bangs that had black highlights on them. She had fair skin and an hour glass figure, silver yellow eyes with slit pupils and fangs jutting from her upper lip. She wore a midnight blue battle kimono with silver shoulder guards and white flames licking the edges of the long skirt and keeping her outfit together was a black Obi sash.

Despite the fact that Naruto wasn't the biological son of Shizure and Joe, the council members of the Hayabusa Clan accepted Naruto into the clan and to be the next clan heir especially when Joe explained to them about his life from his former home and that he possessed a dragon based bloodline that was given to him by the new Juubi. For the past 9 years Joe started to train Naruto in the Hayabusa Ninja arts and to his amazement the boy was a genius in the arts showing skill and intellect no other child his age has shown for the past decade.

Naruto was incredibly skilled in using all forms of projectile weapons like shuriken, kunai, windmill shuriken, Incendiary Kunai, Grenade Kunai, Flash Kunai as well as fire arms, and was highly proficient in using four of the Ninpo Arts. They were the Ninpo: Kaen Ryu (Ninja Art: Dragon Flame), Ninpo:Hama Reppujin (Ninja Art: Art of the Wind Blades), Ninpo: Hyaku Rai Tsui (Ninja Art: Art of the Inuzuma), and Ninpo: Koori no Arashi (Ninja Art: Art of the Ice Storm).

He was also highly skilled in using different weapons styles and the weapons and possessed an amazing photographic memory and analytical skills which allowed him to think up several options if he were to get into a difficult situation. Thanks to his dragon bloodline that Hakumei created fusing her chakra, DNA, and power into him, his 5 main senses, as well as his speed, strength, stamina, and reflexes were increased to superhuman levels and also gained several other abilities with his new bloodline.

Hakumei introduced herself to Naruto after the boy met Joe and Shizure and while he was sad that he'd never get to see the man he thought of as a grandfather, he was also happy that he got to find out about who his real parents were and that he was gonna have a new family. During those years, she taught Naruto the elemental nation's version of the ninja arts such as Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuinjutsu, etc. and how to use jutsu and chakra properly by training him in the basics before having him do anything too difficult since she possessed knowledge in every jutsu created and thanks to her, he had an affinity for all the main elements and sub elements.

During his new life with his parents, he met some of the people of the village as well as the neighboring villages like the Mugen Tenshin Clan and Shadow Clan Village. In the Mugen Tenshin Clan he met the clan leader Shiden and his wife Ayame and also met Hayate, his little sister Kasumi, and Ayane who was known as the poisoned child by the villagers due to the fact that Raidou, Shiden's younger brother raped Ayame while he was away which resulted in Ayane being born as an outcast by the clan but had the support of Shiden, Ayame, Kasumi, and Hayate.

At first Ayane was shy and distant around Naruto as well as confused wondering why he, a clan heir would hang around a tainted child like her but that train of thought died after Naruto explained what his life was like before he was adopted by Joe and Shizure and from that point they became best friends and Naruto became very protective of her especially when some of the villager tried to cause harm to her and afterwards needed to get serious medical attention due to the fact that Naruto gave them a beating that would make Tsunade proud.

Kasumi also became friends with Naruto due to the fact that he called her by her name and didn't just see her as the princess of the Tenshin Clan but as an actual person and Naruto thought of Hayate as an older brother figure. Occasionally he would go visit them from time to time and either hang out or spar with them.

He also met Momiji and Kureha who were twins. Kureha was training to become a Shrine Maiden as was Momiji but she was also learning the shinobi arts. During his training Joe explained to Naruto the true hardships of becoming a shinobi and stated that there would be times when he'd have to kill in order to protect his village and the people he cared about and had taken Naruto out on small missions where he'd kill bandits, pirates, and gang members.

Naruto was currently wearing a traditional black ninja gi minus the mask and head gear most wear with a pair of Ninja Tabi boots, and wore silver armguards with black fingerless gloves. His blonde hair was spiky and stopped to his shoulders with jaw length bangs on the sides of his head and had cerulean blue eyes with slit pupils. Having undergone an evidently vigorous and intensive training regimen under Joe and Hakumei, Naruto has exercised his physical form to perfection for someone of his age and training, going so far as to be on par with even the finest of athletes and martial artists.

The blonde teen evades a triple slash combo and then blocks an overhead strike that was aimed for his head and then leaps backward. He then leaps back, blurs out of existence and appears behind Joe, performing a side swipe at his neck though said leader of the Hayabusa Clan was able to block the attack and attempts to hit Naruto with a roundhouse kick but the blonde manages to duck and spin his body around and swings his wooden sword at the man's torso.

Joe back flips and lands back on his feet while Naruto sprints towards him and they once again engage in another kendo battle. "Incredible. To think his form and attacks have improved this much. You truly are talented Naruto." Joe thought as Naruto's attacks became more faster and ferocious until their weapons lock and they engage in a battle of strength. They break the deadlock and leap backwards with Naruto ready to attack again.

"Stop!" Joe commanded and Naruto paused instantly while his foster father stood straight and placed his blade into the reversed position while a small smile formed on his face. Naruto did the same and the two bowed as a sign of respect. "Excellent job son. You form and response to my offensive and defensive moves have improved greatly."

"Thank you tou-san. It was yours and Hakumei's training that helped me get to this level." Naruto stated. Joe walked over to Naruto and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"That may be son but you always took the time to work out your flaws on your own and going beyond your limits. Give or take in a few years you'll more than likely surpass me." He said with a smile on his face. "Now for the rest of the day you can relax." He said. Naruto bowed and left the training area and headed back into the compound to get washed up and change into some decent clothes.

Hakumei watched Naruto's retreating form and couldn't help but smile. "I guess my assumption was right when I said he was destined for greatness 9 years ago." She stated and Joe nodded in agreement.

"Indeed you were Hakumei-san. Naruto has grown a lot since the day you brought him to us and despite his tragic past he continues to move forward due to the new life he was able to start thanks to you." Joe replied. A sad smile formed on her face and looked the other way.

"He deserved the chance to start over. No one should have to go through what he did. I swore to myself after I became whole again to make it up for taking away his chance to grow up with his parents." She said solemnly.

"You know he doesn't blame your for what happened Hakumei-san. You were forced to attack Konoha that day." Shizure said while the ten tailed female dragon sighed sadly.

"I know. I just can't seem to get over my forced actions that day. I should've tried harder to break free from his influence. That damn Madara and his accursed eyes. I hope he suffers for what he had done." Hakumei snarled out wishing she had first hunted down that man and tore him apart.

"Even the mightiest of beings can fall prey to the simplest things Hakumei-san." Shizure replied and got a nod from her.

Afterwards, Joe left to deal with some clan business while Hakumei chatted with Shizure. Naruto exited out of the compound with a new wardrobe. He was wearing wore a dark blue long sleeved short shirt kimono that had white flames on the edges of his shirt and end of the sleeves with the picture of a coiling white dragon on the back with matching pants which were tucked in Ninja Tabi boots. Under it he wore a mesh short sleeved shirt and he wore black gauntlets with fingerless gloves. He had a white sash wrapped around the shirt with black flames on it and strapped behind him was a chokuto (similar to the one Sasuke uses in Naruto Shippuuden).

"Kaa-san." Naruto called out. Shizure and Hakumei turned their heads to see Naruto approach them and smiled. "We're still going to the Mugen Tenshin village right?" Naruto asked his mother who blinked for a few seconds but then smiled sheepishly.

"Oh goodness I completely forgot that Ayame-chan invited me over to their compound for tea and shopping in the market district. Thanks for reminding me sochi." She said thankfully while Naruto eye smiled.

"No problem." He answered back while Hakumei snorted.

"You just want to go along in order to see your 'tenshis' Naruto-kun." Naruto's eyes widened at that and a blush crept up on his face.

"So I want to see Ayane-chan and Kasumi-chan? Why are you jealous Hakumei-chan?" He asked smirking at the sputtering dragon who scoffed.

"You wish." She muttered and she morphed into her smaller dragon form but with one tail. She leapt on Naruto's shoulder and wraps herself around his neck lightly with her wings tucked in. Naruto strokes the side of her neck, making her purr in content and nuzzle his neck. Afterwards, Naruto and Shizure left the compound and the village and took the road that lead to the Mugen Tenshin village.

Mugen Tenshin Village

Naruto, Hakumei, and Shizure passed the bridge that leads to the village. As they entered the village they were greeted by some of the ninja and civilians that lived in the village. With Naruto most of the civilian females and kunoichi that were around his age, or a feww years older giggled, waved, called out his name, blushed, and winked at the blonde heir of the Hayabusa Clan and he'd respond by waving and eye smiling but on the inside, he was inwardly groaning.

This happened every time he came to the village. The only females that didn't act like that were Ayane, Kasumi, Momiji, and Kureha and was thanking kami for that. Shizure and Hakumei were giggling at the annoyed look on his face. "Every time. Just like in the Hayabusa Village. I can never get a break." He muttered.

"Don't feel bad sochi. Your father went through the same thing when we were dating back then but it wasn't as bad as this." Shizure stated.

"Great. Well then I guess I have no choice." He said which confused his adopted mother until she eeks in surprise due to the fact that Naruto scooped her up in his arms.

"Naruto what are you?" She tried to ask while he did a few seals.

"Brace yourself." He said and that was when he shunshined out of the village square.

Mugen Tenshin Clan Compound

Ayame Tenshin was sitting in the Zen Garden feeding some Koi Fish with bread crumbs. Ayame is a young, slim, pale-skinned woman, with a round face with soft features and large, round eyes, just like her daughters Kasumi and Ayame. Her eyes are dark brown, as is her hair, which is worn loose and long with a short front-fringe and her attire was a floral-patterned kimono.

As she continued to feed the fish, Naruto, Shizure, and Hakumei appeared in the garden which surprised her. Naruto put his mother back on her feet while she shook the lightheaded feeling she got from her head. "Sorry about that Kaa-san, I know how much you hate teleporting but it was either that or be chased around the village by those fan girls." He apologized and then saw Ayame looking at them. "Good afternoon Ayame-san. You're looking rather radiant today."

Ayame giggled at his politeness while Shizure smacked him upside the head. "Naruto what have I told you about flirting with my best friend?" She asked in a scolding manner while the blonde rubbed the back of his head in pain.

"I wasn't flirting Kaa-san I was complimenting her." He muttered. "And the last thing I need is for her husband, Hayate, Ayane-chan and Kasumi-chan hunting me down like a wild animal. Speaking of which, where are Hayate and the Tenshi duo at?"

"Hayate is currently on a mission with some of the higher ups Naruto-kun and last I heard Ayane-chan and Kasumi-chan were training near the waterfall." She answered.

"Oh I see. Thank you." He was about to head off to meet them until Shizure spoke up.

"Have fun Naruto-kun but not too much fun because I'm not ready to be a grandmother." She called out which made Naruto face fault while Hakumei hovered in the air snickering. The blonde got back up and glared at his adopted mother who was now giggling at her blushing son with Ayame joining in.

"Not funny Kaa-san. Not funny at all." He mumbled while hakumei landed on his shoulder and shunshin away while they laughed.

"Honestly Shizure you really need to give Naruto a break. You know how he is when it concerns those two and teasing him will only make it worse." Ayame chastised while Shizure shrugged.

"He'll get over it. He's really protective over them though especially Ayane-chan since they have a lot in common if you know what I mean." A frown formed on Ayame's face and nods.

"I know. Our relationship has improved a lot over the years but… She still feels out of place. I mean Shiden-kun see's her as his second daughter and Hayate and Kasumi love her like older siblings would it's some of the clan members I'm worried about. They were against the idea of having her in the clan due to her 'status' but Shiden-kun wouldn't hear it and stated that a child no matter how they're born shouldn't be blamed for the actions of a parent but those short minded traditionalists won't listen." She said as she clenches her fists on her dress.

"Figures but they won't try anything unless they want to face Shiden's wrath or deal with Naruto especially when he beat some of the elder's grandchildren near an inch of their life for picking on her nonstop." Ayame said smiling at the thought while Shizure giggled.

"Yeah. If there's one thing Naruto hates its biased people like them plus he swore to her that if he ever ran into Raidou he'd beat the man near an inch of his life and drag him back to the village chained up and with all four limbs broken and If I know my son he will keep that promise." Shizure said grinning while Ayame smiled.

"Oh no need to remind me of that. Hayate-kun was a prime example of Naruto's 'promises'." She quoted while her smile grew. "And is reason why the poor boy is afraid of tanuki's." That right caused the two of them to laugh since Naruto was known as the prank master from hell due to how 'incredible' his pranking skills were especially since he has never been caught performing them.

Mugen Training Grounds

Relaxing near the water fall were none other than Ayane Tenshin and her older Half sister/cousin Kasumi Tenshin. Ayane is 14 years old, 5'2 and a medium-height, athletic young teenager, who has short clear-violet hair which is cut to the nape of her neck and pink eyes. She wore a purple sleeveless ninja gi with a sleeveless mesh shirt underneath and the insignia of a pink butterfly on the left side of her chest area.

Kasumi was 15 years old, 5'2 and a physically fit teenager with a slender build. She had waist-length copper shade hair that was tied in a high ponytail and wore a ninja gi similar to the one Ayane wore but it was ocean blue. Right now Ayane was washing the dirtand grim off her face while Kasumi was drinking some water from a pouch and sitting on a boulder unaware that Naruto and and a clone of himself were silently creeping up on them.

Said blonde was grinning evilly as he slowly crept up on Ayane not making a sound while the shadow clone, who was walking on water crept up on Kasumi. When Naruto was close enoughm he saw his clone look back at him and gave him the signal. The blonde Namikaze moved his hand near her sides while his copy did the same and the real Naruto instantly grabbed Ayane's sides and the clone did the same to Kasumi. "Ayane/Kasumi!" They cried and got different reactions.

Ayane eeks and leapt into the air while Kasumi screams out in fright, dropping her water pouch, and falling into the river with a splash. Naruto held his arms out and caught a falling Ayane, who was clutching the area near her heart with a frantic look on her face. "Why so jumpy Ayane-chan?" Naruto asked in a teasing manner while the shadow clone helped a peeved Kasumi out of the river only to get knocked aside with a water pouch and dispel. Ayane glared at the real Naruto who set her down and stop a punch that was aimed for his face. "That wasn't funny." She said in an annoyed tone while pulling her hand away and huffed up.

"Thanks a lot Naruto-kun. Now I've got algae in my hair and my training outfit is soggy." Kasumi complained as she pulled a strand out of her hair while her outfit was soaked.

"Just use that fire technique I taught you and you'll be dry in no time." He suggested. So she clapped her hand together and inhaled some air while her skin tone turned light red and steam rose from her clothes until they were fully dry and exhaled and tried to remove the Algae that was stranded in her hair with Ayane helping her.

"So what are doing in the village Naruto-kun?" Ayane asked while getting the last bit of Algae out of Kasumi's hair.

"Oh well your Kaa-san invited mine over for tea and shopping so I figured I'd treat you two to shopping and anything else you wanted to do." He answered.

"Really? You're treating us?" Ayane asked incredulously.

"Yep but if you guys don't want to I completely understand. After all I'm pretty sure Kureha-chan and Momoji-chan would love to be spoiled silly like last time." He said and started to walk away until a purple and blue blur appeared in front of him.

"No! We want to be spoiled silly too Naruto-kun!" Ayane said as she clings onto his arm and Kasumi does the other one.

"Please Naruto-kun?" Kasumi said and they both did the puppy eyes justu. Naruto on the other hand was inwardly laughing hysterically at how they were acting.

"Alright alright I'll take you two out." He said eye smiling while they glomped him. Said blonde had to keep his blush down due to the fact that their 'assests were pressed against his arms. Hakumei on the other hand was snickering and sending images of Naruto, Ayane, and Kasumi in some 'odd' positions. "Hakumei I swear if you don't knock it off" He threatened telepathically while she giggled.

Naruto coughed to get their attention. "Um girls as much as I am enjoying this hug you two need to get back to the compound and change especially you Kaumi-chan because you smell like fish and seaweed." He committed which made them back up and blush until kasumi realized what he said and fumed.

"And whose fault is that? You scared me and Nee-chan." She replied.

"I wasn't scared. I was surprised." Ayane stated while Kasumi's brow twitched.

"Whatever you say little butterfly." Naruto remarked and then sidestepped when a red faced Ayane tried to punch him in the jaw and he took off.

"What have I told you about calling me that you jerk!" Ayane screamed and took off after the laughing blonde. Kasumi sweat dropped and sighs, shaking her head.

"I keep warning him about calling her that." She said to herself as she saw Ayane unleash a flurry of punches and kicks at Naruto who simply dodged them with a grin on his face and her sweat drop grew when he sidestepped her punch, crouched down, and pinched her rear with both of his index fingers and thumbs and made her jump and squeak out in surprise.

"HENTAI!" The violet haired girl cried out and was now out for Naruto's blood.

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