Naruto Hayabusa Namikaze

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Chapter 5: Empires and Hunters pt. 2

The bodies of SAT Commandos that were cut down lay across a trail of carnage. A blood curdling scream came from one of the Commandos that had a blade protruding out of his chest before being removed and thrown into a wall by the Blonde Hayabusa. Naruto flicks the blood off his weapon and proceeds into the Twin Serpent's Plaza and in the middle of it was a statue of an oddly shaped serpent.

Naruto inspected it and could tell that there was more to this statue than meets the eye due to the fact that from the age of the stone structure it appeared to be around during the ancient times. After words, he made his way towards a gate construct only to see three commandos aiming USP .45 automatic pistols at him.

As they started to fire on him Naruto used his pure speed and reflexes to easily evade the bullets or block them with a Kunai before sprinting across the wall and then delivers a flying swallow but used his forearm to knock the first one off his feet and onto the ground. He catches the other two off guard and then roundhouse kicks the other into a wall.

The other one starts to back away as he saw the blonde's piercing and murderous gaze aimed at him. He attempts to runaway but is decapitated by a Fuma Shuriken and his headless body hits the ground. After that, Naruto crosses over the gate and finds himself in front of the military gate where he notices the bodies of a few dead black spider ninja as well as several flammable barrels. He narrowed his eyes as he saw a larger gate and on each side was two gun turrets but they weren't being manned at the moment.

As he walked around the area, the gates locked automatically and several Commandos and Grenadiers came leaping over the closed gates. "Looks like the welcome committee decided to drop in." Naruto said to himself as four of the commandos came rushing at him with their plasma blades drawn. He then flung his arms forward, throwing several kunai at them before they instantly multiplied into several more. A couple bypasses them but the rest hit their targets and killed them.

His instincts kicked in and he somersaults over a grenade that lands on the ground and explodes on impact. He then vanished, much to the grenadier's shock before pain erupts from under his chin as he is sent flying into the air. Naruto appears behind him and puts in an arm lock as they durned downward and Izuna Drops him into the concrete, killing him instantly.

He then performs a series of hand seals before turning his attention towards the remaining soldiers. "Fūton: Kazekiri no Jutsu (Wind Release: Wind Cutter Technique)." Blood gushed around the soldiers who were cut down by invisible blades of wind and the gates unlocked. Naruto passed over one that had an orange orb around it and moved through the twists and turns of the city, taking down any soldiers he crossed paths with before coming into a bigger part of Tairon where he notice a gate in the front and one across from a market and decided to investigate the market.


The bell dinged as the door opened and Naruto entered the shop, noticing some weapons from either feudal or medieval times. Behind the counter was a wizened old man who had his back turned, mumbling to himself as he set up the shop. Naruto narrowed his eyes as he knew who this man was. It was Muramasa, a smith who was an old acquaintance of the dragon ninja clan and was very knowledgeable in the history of the clan and fiends as well as a blacksmith who forged some of the most well-crafted and good qualified weapons.

Muramasa turned around and his eyes widened briefly as he saw Naruto and smiled. "Greetings Naruto, it's been a while. Last I saw you, you were still a ninja trainee." The old man greeted.

"Greetings Muramasa-san, it's nice to see you again." Naruto said as he bowed to the man and then pulled his mask down. "I never got to thank you properly for the chokuto you gave me on my 13th birthday." Muramasa chuckles and simply waves it off.

"Oh your quite welcome young man." He said before getting serious. "I heard about the incident at the village involving the Matou Kokuryuumaru (Dark Dragon Blade) and how it is now in the hands of the fiends. There is little I can do to help you out except to give you any items you would need in your journey like maps, spare weapons, and scrolls but I must warn you to be on your guard. The Vigoor Empire is a nesting ground for fiends and otherworldly creatures."

Naruto nodded with a serious expression on his face. Afterwards, he offered naruto a few maps of the city which Naruto paid for as well as restocked on some healing elixers just in case he encountered any fiends who had the ability to nullify his healing factor since he did run into a few during his training and travels.

Once he got restocked, Naruto made his way into a different plaza of the city where he manage to find the lever on a rooftop to the gate that lead to Han's Bar. After pulling the lever, he unlocks the geat and enters the next plaza, facing a few black spider ninja that got on his way and ending their existence on the mortal plane in a quick fashion.

Han's Bar

Naruto stood several feet in front of the bar, looking up at the large glowing sign. He proceeded to walk towards the building, but a flash of light blinded him slightly, forcing him to bring his arm up over his head. The sound of an engine roaring to life was heard and as the light dims, he sees an MSAT Commando on a motorcycle. "Do you have a ticket for the party?" The soldier asked in a mocking tone before igniting the engine to his bike, taking off toward Naruto with the intent to run him over.

The Hayabusa heir suddenly vanishes as the rider drove past his after image and lands a few feet away from the rider, drawing several shuriken until an automatic went off and grazed his masked cheek. He spins around to see another ride pop a wheelie and rush at him while still firing his automatic. Naruto responds by leaping sideways and running across the side of the wall before throwing the projectiles at the Commando but the man manages to stop and swerve his bike around instantly and drive south avoiding the weapons.

Naruto lands back on the ground while the other Soldier makes another run at him. Naruto turns his piercing gaze at the bike rider before performing a tiger seal. That was when the guy's bike started to swerve due to the ground under the wheels softening. Naruto leaps towards the guy and spin kicks him off the bike, across the head and he crashes to the ground. The motorbike does the same but when it stops, it explodes afterwards. The other Commando's eyes widened in shock and Naruto took this opportunity and shoots a fire ball from his mouth, engulfing the man and vehicle, resulting in an explosion to occur.

The other Commando was clutching his now broken right leg in agony as he attempted to get up and try to escape. Naruto wasn't gonna let that happen so he drew a shuriken and flings at the man. He jerks forward as the throwing star gets imbedded into the back of his skull and falls to the ground motionless. Naruto approaches the dead Commando and notices a key in his pouch. He kneels down and picks it up, inspecting the item and noticing the keychain on the end had a lily pad design on it.

"This lily pad looks similar to the image on one of the gates I passed earlier." He theorized before pocketing the item and head to the bar. The door is thrown open and a few civilians run out, screaming in horror as they tried to get out of the bar. Naruto pushes past the terrified people, entering the bar. Once he was in, he spots a large red devilish bipedal dinosaur like creature, with claw arms, 2 horns, muscled chests, dinosaur like jaws and a reptilian tail. In his maw was the bloody and lifeless body of a citizen of Tairon. Standing before the creature was a woman who was 5'6 with blonde hair tied into a high ponytail. She had pale skin, platinum blonde hair, and icy blue eyes. She was dressed in a black leather outfit that consisted of a leather jacket and leather pants with knee high boots. She also wore a tank top that showed off her midriff as well as the cleavage from her d cupped breasts and had a massive war hammer strapped to her back.

The beast snarls at the female blonde before tossing its 'meal' to the side and sets its sight on a new form of prey. The woman stares back at the beast in a calm manner and slowly brings her arm around back and wraps her hand around the hilt of her weapon. It then leaps forward with its maw opened wide and its claws ready to tear the female apart. Without warning, the blonde female pulled her war hammer off her back, and swung it instantly. The creature lets out a shriek due to the fact that the sharp edge of the war hammer severed its upper jaws from its body and was sent flying backwards into a pool table. Red and green blood oozed from its severed head and twitched violently.

She swipes the blood off her weapon and holsters it, staring at the now dead fiend she had slayed before walking away. As she did she noticed a masked blonde who seemed to be garbed in a ninja outfit and the two had a stare off. Things were silent for a while before Naruto spoke up. "Impressive." He commented.

Now the two were standing outside the rooftop of the bar with Rachel leaning against the wall. "I'm Rachel." She introduced.

"Naruto Hayabusa." He replied back. "Are you a resident of Tairon?"

Rachel shook her head in a negative fashion. "No I'm a hunter and slayer of fiends." She answered to her fellow blonde.

"So that was a fiend? I never would've imagined that they would be crawling around a place as populated as Tairon." Naruto wondered.

Rachel turned her gaze to the lit up city before explaining. "Naturally in a place like this, fiends are hard to come by nowadays and it hard to believe that they were once human." Her comment caused Naruto's brows to furrow in confusion.

"What?" Was all he asked before she turned looks back at him.

"Anyone with susceptibility to the curse, whether they are a saint or a sinner, are bound to become a fiend." She explained to the blonde ninja.

"Is that so? Well what does that make you?" He questioned. Rachel smirks and folds her arms over her impressive bosom.

"Complex, and you?" She wanted to know.

"I'm here to searching for a Greater Fiend named Doku," He noticed her eyes flashed in surprise and some form of negative emotion emit from them. "Do you by any chance know him?"

Rachel ignored the question and looked away. "Why are you looking for him anyway?" She asked.

"I'm going to kill him." He answered in a cold tone and got a scoff from Rachel.

"Kill him? Do you have any idea just who you're up against?" She questioned. "If it were possible to kill him I would've done it a long time ago." A scowl formed on her face and she glared at the ground. "That bastard took my sister away from me…" Her fist shook in anger when the image of that monster appeared in her mind and swore to find a way to kill him no matter what. Her form paused for a seconds and she slowly turned around, staring at the pith black sky. "It's gonna be a busy night." She mumbled before hopping off the edge of the roof. As she descended, Rachel aims her right arm and fires a grapple cable at a column and swings off onto it in the lit city.

Naruto watched as she disappeared from view and sighs to himself. "You seem to have quite a way with ladies my friend." A voice spoke. Naruto slowly turned his head to see a bespectacled, green fedora hat and coat wearing man leaning against a statue before pushing off of it with a sly smile on his face, slowly walking away. "Don't mind me I'm just passing by and also good luck facing that Doku guy, you're gonna need it." He said to Naruto whose eyes narrowed in suspicion, drawing a kunai from his sleeve, behind his hand. "Oh and regarding Rachel I know her quite well and I've seen her work."

Naruto watches the man walk towards the edge of the roof and hops on the end of it. The man grins as he leans towards the edge and falls off. Naruto rushes to the edge and looks down only to see a platform underneath him. "The way that man moved was similar to a ninja's…" As he pondered on this, Ayane's signature kunai landed on one of the statues and with two scrolls attached to them. He grabs the first one and opens it up.

If you wish to follow Doku, first investigate the Monastery. It is located in the Dworku district across the drawbridge.

He ignites the letter and then grabs the other scroll which was revealed to be a map of Tairon. "According to this map, the Dworku District is right past Moat Road so I'll have to go through the gates around Pleasure Street." Naruto muttered as he inspected the directions. He rolls up the map and spots another one by the edge of the roof where the mysterious Fedora/shades wearing man fell from. He carefully approaches the map, not knowing if it was booby trapped and taps it with the tip of his kunai but nothing happens so he picks it up and opens it, revealing the Dworku District area. 'This will work." With that Naruto dashes towards the roofs edges and swan dives towards Pleasure Street. He lands in front of the entrance of Han's Bar with a crouch and then the sound of a motorbike racing towards him enters his ears and he flips over a SAT Commando on a bike bypasses him and races across road as does a second one. They both do a sharp U-turn and race back towards the blonde ninja.

"I don't have time for this." A reddish aura outlines his body and gets into his clan's fighting stance. "Hayabusa-Ninpou: Bakuenjin (Hayabusa Ninja Art: Bursting Flame Formation)." He raises his right fist into the air and as the riders got closer, he punches the ground, causing the area around him to erupt in a ring of fire and the force emitting from the attack causes the two soldiers and their vehicles go flying backwards and crashing through the windows of a building before exploding. The flames recede and dissipate around Naruto and he continues towards his destination.

Clock Tower Plaza

Naruto passes through the other two gate and is now in the center of the Plaza. As he enters the area, he pauses and notices the area littered with the bodies of Commandos and Riot Guards with blood coating the ground and walls as well as scorch marks that have been caused by either grenades or incendiary shuriken. He narrowed his eyes at the horrific scene and kept his senses sharp and on full alert, drawing a kunai from his sleeves and into his hands.

He spins to the left and flings one into the shadows northeast from a wall. This resulted in three figures leaping out and descending to the ground, surrounding Naruto, revealing themselves to be Spider Ninja, with their Katanas drawn. Naruto analyzed them as they circled him, waiting for one of them to make the first move until the one in the middle rushed at him and thrusts his blade at his target's skull.

Naruto sidesteps the attack and kicks him in the back before deflecting an incendiary kunai with his kunai, causing it to explode in midair. He pulls a smoke bomb out of his pouch and throws it to the ground, creating a smokescreen around the area. The three ninja cough in the smoke filled area, shielding their eyes, trying to search for their quarry but one of them cried out in pain due to being embedded by a volley of shuriken and falling to the ground.

The remaining two leapt out of the smokescreen and deflected the next volley of throwing weapons with their blades before throwing several incendiary grenades into the smokescreen. A fiery explosion occurred, clearing out the smoke but Naruto was nowhere to be seen around the scorched area.

"Where is he?" Spider Ninja 1 wondered as they searched around for the blonde dragon ninja. Suddenly the ground erupted underneath them, surprising the two ninja. The first one was sent flying via an uppercut punch to the jaw into the air. The second spider ninja didn't get a chance to react and Naruto took this chance and delivers a vicious spin kick to the man's torso, breaking at least several ribs and sent him flying into the wall of building forming an imprint from the strength behind Naruto's kick.

Said blonde suddenly vanished and appeared behind the still air born spider ninja whose eyes widen as Naruto interlocked his arms around him. He shifted their form in midair to where they would descend head first towards the concrete ground. Naruto spun around with his opponent, performing the Izuna drop, resulting in his enemy crashing headfirst into the ground, causing it to crack while Naruto flipped off him before impact.

Knowing that his foe was dead from the technique, he turned his gaze on the one who slid out of the imprint on the wall, leaving a blood stain and staggered back up on his feet. Naruto did a few hand signs and unleashes a fireball at the man who was then engulfed in the flames, screaming in agony before there was silence and all was left was a little ash.

After the fight Naruto found the lever that would lower the drawbridge beneath the plaza and pushes it down, resulting in the bridge connecting to the next area that would take him to his next destination. When he crossed the bridge, he used the secondary lever to raise the bridge back up to prevent anyone else from crossing and heads to the Monastery Plaza.

Monestary Inner Clearing

He makes it past the Monastery Plaza, facing a few SAT Commandos and Riot Guards as well as more Black Spider Ninja as he searched for a route into the gate arund the monastery since the front gate was locked. Once he made it to the clearing, Six SAT Commandos who were riding in three motor vehicles with side cabs attached to them and gun mounts entered the area and the gates closed up. Naruto flips to the side as one of the riders sped past him and the other fired on him. He drew the Dragon Sword and deflected the bullets and threw several shuriken at them but the riders took off in different directions. Naruto took this time to tap the seals under his gauntlets and summons a modern black compound bow along with a quiver full of arrows varying in different types. He quickly straps the quiver to his back and holds the compound bow in his left hand. One of the riders circles around and zips towards Naruto who pulls out an arrow with a round bulb-like tip on the end of it. He pulls the string back and takes aim at the motorcycle but shifts his aim at the side car and fires. The arrow explodes upon impact, separating the side car from the motor cycle.

The motorcyclist drives out of control and goes skidding across the concrete and crashes into to the wall white the soldier in the cart ends up flipping out of it and tumbles across the area. The second rider and his partner rode around, firing at Naruto with the mounted machine gun but were unable to hit the blonde due to him zipping left and right, leaving afterimages.

After evading the fifth round of machine gun fire, Naruto side flips into the air, pulling out two regular arrows and pulls them both back, taking aim at the two Commandos. He releases the two and they whistle through the air towards the targets and the soldiers are hid right in between the eyes with the arrows going in and out through their skulls. Their bodies jerk back and fall out of the bike and side car while the vehicle crashed into the gate and explodes.

He places the bow on his back and draws Ryuken (Dragon Sword) as the other two Commandos approach him with their plasma blades drawn and in their fighting stances getting ready to battle the intruder.

"GRAAAARRRR!" The three stop in their tracks as a bestial roar echoed around the area, startling them. "GRAAARRRR!" They each look around for the source of the roar with their weapons ready to fight whatever was hiding amongst them.

Suddenly a red blur leapt upon one of the SAT Commandos and pinned him down. The blur was a Galla, a large red devilish bipedal dinosaur like creature, with claw arms, 2 horns, muscled chests, dinosaur like jaws and a reptilian tail. The man lets out a bloodcurdling scream as the beast snatched him up in its jaws and shook him around violently, leaving Naruto and the other Commando to watch in horror. A pool of blood formed on the ground above the screaming commando as he was ripped apart by the dinosaur like being who then flings him away. The ripped up corpse rolled around the ground and came to a stop, reveling the wide dead eyes through the broken mask.

Naruto stood on guard while the Galla turns its gaze at the last soldier. The Commando staggers backwards and turns around to run but stumbles on his feet, giving the beast the opportunity to leap upon him and proceeds to savagely rip him apart as well. The beast then sets its sights on Naruto with blood, gore, and saliva dripping from its maw and lets out a growl, revealing its set of large ivory teeth.

Three more of the beasts land in the area and stalk towards their new prey, growling hungrily at the blonde ninja. Naruto gets into his fighting stance, preparing himself to fight these beasts. "Judging from their appearance, they seem to possess a great amount of strength and some speed and seem to favor close combat since their claws and teeth are their main weapons."

"GRAAAHHH!" One of the Galla charge at Naruto with its head lowered, aiming to gore the blonde with its horns only for Naruto vanish in a burst of speed and appear in the air over the creature with his blade raised over his head and descends towards the beast.

"Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu: Ryutsuisen (Flying Heaven Honorable Sword Style: Dragon Hammer Flash)!" He delivers a two handed downward sword slash upon the Gallas skull, resulting in the creature hitting the concrete ground with enough force to imbed its head into the ground. The second Galla looms over him with its maw opened wide and brings its head down in order to rip Naruto's head off but said blonde duck under the creature's attack and delivers an elbow uppercut to its jaw and it staggered back a little from the force of the attack. His senses went of full alert but he cries out in surprise, as he was slashed across the back by another Galla and was sent flying by the fourth one via its tail and crashed into a wall.

He gets back onto his feet and shakes off the pain while his healing factor closes up the slash marks going across his back. The Galla from earlier stand back up and snarls at him with one of its horns cut off from his last attack. "They're pretty durable in taking a huge amount of physical damage." He glanced at Ryuken and back at the gathering predators. "Light weapons do no good against their bulk so my only option is a more heavier weapon but I didn't bring any so my only option is to increase the cutting power of my blade."

Naruto channels Lightning Chakra through the blade of Ryuken and dashes at the fiends. The first Galla attempts a charging head butt again only for Naruto to swing in an arc cutting the beast's head off. The headless body falls to the ground like a rock, with blood pooling out of the stump. "Graaaargh!" The second one swipes at Naruto's head but misses as its prey swings his blade upward, severing the beasts right arm, making it roar in agony as blood sprayed from the stump and then slashes it across the belly.

Blood and entrails spilled from its torso and the beast howled out loud before collapsing on its side. The third one unleashed a fire blast from its maw but Naruto slides under the blast and cuts the beast's legs from under it, making it fall on its side snarling in shock before being silenced as Naruto stabbed it through the skull. The last Galla leapt into the air and descends towards Naruto who hops back as the creature lands in his previous spot and rushes at the dragon ninja with its maw open. It snaps at his side and misses and tries again only for Naruto to hop over it and bounce off its head, making it stagger.

The Galla turns around and tries to attack again but…


"AAAARAAAAGGHHH!" It rear its head back and releases a high pitched roar into the air due to Naruto running his sword through the chest area where its heart was while Lightning Chakra channeled through the blade. The Galla's body twitched for a few seconds before Naruto pulled his blade out and let the bipedal fiend collapse onto its side.

"Not bad." A feminine voice said behind him. Naruto turned around to see Rachel sitting cross legged on the edge of the gate leading into the Monastery. "So what exactly are you since you're a lot stronger than any normal human." She asked with interest. Naruto on the other hand dissipates the lightning chakra from his blade and sheathes it.

"My strength comes from training and not from some curse in my blood." He answered. Rachel on the other hand raised an eyebrow.

"Are you so sure of that? I was convinced that my blood was…" She paused for a minute as a frown formed on her face "but then I saw what my pure blood was capable of." Naruto notices her right hand was clenching on her War Hammer. "I watched as my sister was cursed and twisted into a Greater Fiend and I realize that the path I walk is narrow."

Saddness, anger and sorrow flowed through her eyes and while Naruto. "Let me guess? Doku was the one responsible?" Naruto asked the Fiend Hunter and got a nod from her.

"Yes, he led her down the path of evil and she succumbed." She stares up at the pale form of the full moon. "Fiends are pitiful beings, destined to live forever as slaves to the forces of evil and there is only one way to release them from their fate…"

Naruto narrowed his eyes as he understood what she meant. "…to kill them." He answered. Rachel nodded at his answer.

"That is the reason why I became a Hunter… to kill my sister… to kill Alma." There was a hint of sadness in her voice as well as expressed it in her eyes as she looked off in the distance.

"She must not want to resort killing her sibling even if it means setting her free from Doku's control." Naruto thought and vowed to make the Greater Fiend suffer for this and Rachel spoke up.

"Beneath this Monastery there is a-Ugh!" She was knocked off the gate by a large pinkish snake like appendage and hits the ground hard. Naruto's eyes widen as a large, grotesque fiend crashed through the wall. The creature was a giant tentacle monster with eyes throughout its body. It has two large main tentacles and a large mouth at the top of its body. The fiend was a Hydracubus. As it scuttled into the area, it wraps the tip of its tentacle around Rachel's neck and hoists her into the air. She struggles to get out of its grips but it was all for naught as it lowered her to its gaping maw.

"Rachel!" Naruto called out as she attempted to get free only for the Hydracubus to close its maw around her.

(Ninja Gaiden Sigma Soundtrack - God Bless U)

Naruto dashes at the creature and leaps into the air with his sword raised in order to cut its mouth off but gets swatted by the left tentacle. As he hits the ground he rolls backwards and hops right back on his feet, he reaches behind him and taps the sheath of Ryuken and is disappears but replacing it were Iwao Ryuu, Ba Ko (Dragon's Claw and Tiger's Fang), two katana with one having a black tassel and the other have a white one hanging from the end of the hilt in a ribbon like fashion, strapped to his back and right hip. He grabs both hilts and draws the blades, which shined in the moonlight. "I have to get her out of there before she dies of suffocation. My wind chakra should be more than enough to take this creature down." He thought as the blades were coated in wind chakra that appeared to be white and extended out out a little.

He then dashes towards the beast and reforms a Flying Swallow technique, causing green blood the spray out for a gash that went across the appendage. The Hydracubus lets out a hissing noise and flails its tentacles back and forth in a rapid fashion before stopping and performs a 180 sweep around it's space, making Naruto hop over the first attack and tuck and roll from the second and it retracts its appendages back. "Those eyes aren't for show; they basically give it 360 degrees worth of sight and also prevents me from attacking it from either the front, back, or sides." He leaps backwards into the air as a tentacle slams down in his previous spot and land on the other side and realizes something. "That's it! The creature may have an advantage in sight but it lacks the speed to catch me. I have to my speed to my advantage."

"Jinton: Shinsoku (Swift Release: Godlike Speed)." Naruto instantly vanishes in a burst of speed, leaving only a slight burst of dust at his previous spot. An unseen diagonal slash hacks off the right tentacle, causing the multi-limbed fiend to screech and green blood squirts out of the stump. The same occurred for the left one which falls to the ground as well and Naruto appears with his back turned to the creature, slightly crouched down with the left blade curled back in a stabbing position, while the right one extended outwards.

Naruto spun around and got ready to face the Hydracubus again while the creature's tentacles regenerated and fully formed. The creature opens its maw and spews out several globs that descend around the area. Naruto hops back as one splashes onto the ground but to his surprise, the ground sizzles and melts. "Acid!"

He cursed as some of it got onto his coat and started to eat it away, forcing Naruto to toss his coat off as the rest is eaten away. "I guess two attacks won't work on you so" He vanishes once again into thin air. Two slashes hit it across two of its eyes on the left. Four slash the eyes near its mouth and in the middle Six take out the remaining eyes and attack the body and finally a series of horizontal, diagonal, and vertical slashes hit every single part of the Hydracubus's body and once again, Naruto appears with his back turned with the Dragon's Claw extended outwards while Tiger's Fang in a reversed position. "Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryu: Ryū no Densetsu, Tora no Ikari (Flying Heaven Honorable Sword Style: Dragon's Fury, Tiger's Wrath." He sheathes the blades in a slow fashion before pausing and sheathing them with a click, resulting in a green blood erupting around every part of the beast who lets out an agonizing howl that echoes around the area.

(Song Ends)

The Hydracubus's mouth opens up and regurgitates an unconscious and slimy Rachel into the air and descends to the ground. Naruto takes off and hops into the air and catches her before landing on the ground in a crouching position while the fiend melting away into nothing.

Rachel groans as she gains consciousness to see Naruto holding her in his arm. "Are you alright?" He asked and she nodded.

"Yeah I'm fine." Naruto helps her down, allowing her to regain her bearings after what happened. "I've… never seen a fiend like as that one before… something strange is going on… how can so many show up in one place? I don't understand." She wondered.

Naruto glances down as he felt a lavender petal fall on his shoulder and then a couple more float around the area while Ayane's signature kunai landed by his feet. The lander haired Kunoichi lands in a crouch before Naruto and Rachel surprising the female Hunter. "Hello Ayane, has Murai sent you to inform me of the occurrence in Tairon?" She looks up at her fiancé/lover and nods before standing up.

"Yes, I'm here to inform you that the mass quantity of the fiends is the cause of the Dark Dragon Blade, the aura of malice, bloodlust and hatred the blade emits is attracting them to its prescence but where that location is I do not know as the amount varies in different areas of the city." She answered.

Naruto folded his arms and ponders on her explanation. "So in other words the blade is like a beacon, attracting the fiends to the center of the area it resides meaning that the larger the quantity and rank, the closer the blade will be." Ayane nodded at his answer and that was when Rachel spoke up.

"That would explain the stirring in my blood…" she muttered as Ayane glanced at her and back at Naruto.

"The blade will only continue to grow stronger and stronger as more fiends roam he city and continue to kill. You must find the blade soon Naruto-kun otherwise the blade will be so strong that whoever wields will become a Force of Nature." She warned before realizing something. "Your coat is gone."

"Yeah that thing from earlier was responsible." Naruto said before turning to the hole in the wall. "Ayane-chan, stay with Rachel until she regains her strength. She gave him an assure nod before Rachel spoke up.

"Naruto." He glances at her as she regained a little of her strength back. "There's a path under the Monastery that leads to the Emperor's Palace. Doku will also be there."

After she finished that sentence Naruto turned his gaze back at the Monastery and heads to his destination. Ayane watched his retreating form with a hint of concern and worry in her eyes which Rachel took notice of. "Ayane was it?" the kunoichi nodded at her name. "What is Naruto to you?"

"To me? He is my comrade, friend, and fiancé." She answered as her expression softened. Rachel's eyebrows rose up when Ayane said Fiance.

"You're both engaged?" Ayane nodded as her lips curved up a little into a smile.

"Yes along with a few others." She answered.

Rachel's eyes blinked rapidly at this. "Others? But isn't polygamy illegal?" she questioned and got a chuckle from her.

"Naturally yes but in our village it's more of a tradition since he's the last male of his clan, he must practice it for the future of his clan. I was at first skeptic but as I got to know Naruto-kun I've realized that he has a big heart and treats me along with his other future wives as equals and loves us despite our differences." Rachel looks at her and back at the area Naruto disappeared into.

"Just who are you Naruto Namikaze?"

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