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Half awake, half alive

The moon, how strangely haunting her light was, it shone with all the grace of heaven yet glowed like the eyes of the devil. It was high in the sky and the hellsing origination stood in its shadow, the night had been the same as any other for a blondie haired draculina, seras Victoria had returned from a mission involving a small village infested with ghouls, she jumped out of the back of the van, her harkonnen held steady in her arms and her blue uniform stained with blood, she waved goodnight to her comrades and walked inside the building. She passed the armoury and placed her rather large gun into a room which was kept locked when not in use. She walked with her hands on her head and let her thoughts wander

"same thing as last week, you would think after the incognito thingy they would die out by now, oh well it's something to do I guess" The young vampire opened the door to her chamber and as she expected a pack of donor blood was waiting for her, she rolled her eyes but ripped of the tip and drank the chilled liquid. She felt her wounds heal and her blood lust kept at bay, she peeled her clothes of and stepped in to her shower as she flicked the handle all of her worries had come back to haunt her "humm I wonder if master knows, I mean he can read my mind although I have been trying really hard to keep him out, I hope he has not found out I want to tell him myself...when I get the courage to" Seras felt her heart ache at the thought of telling her master that she loved him, she washed her hair with a bottle of shampoo and flicked the handle again and she wrapped herself up in a fluffy blue towel. Seras pulled a red sweater over her head and did up the buttons on her black jeans.

"How the hell will I be able to tell him?" she asked herself helplessly, she clenched her fist

"I think I will go moon gazing for a while, that always helps me clear my head" She grabbed her shoes and yanked them on as she made her way to the roof.


The young draculina stepped out onto the roof, the moon reflected in her crimson eyes that gave away her vampirism, she had taken no more than a few steps when she saw a flash of red in the corner of her eye , she swallowed

"M...master!" she was correct the vampire king was sanding not too far from her , his wild black mane moved in the breeze , his hat covered his eyes , only his sadistic smile could be seen. Seras shuffled closer to his side

"G...good evening master" she spoke sheepishly, the ancient vampire tiled his head to face his loyal fledgling

"Good evening, police girl" seras gave a small smile before turning to the face the moon again, and she soon felt her cheeks burn

"Something bothering you?" her words made her jump

" master, I was just lost in thought" she lied , there was definitely something on her mind , and even Alucard struggled to work out what it was, he was impressed by how well she was keeping him out of her mind

"You are hiding something from me" seras felt her eyes widen "shit! Does he know?" She thought feeling her palms become sweaty

"Police girl, if you have something to tell me then just say it"


"You have never kept walls around your mind before, so what is wrong?" his voice had become a light growl making the young fledgling bite her lip

"Master they really is no..." Alucard grabbed her by the scuff of her neck causing her eyes to meet his,

"I gave you a chance to tell me what is wrong, so you have pushed me to force through your mind" seras winced

"Master please don't!" Alucard grinned at her, making her heart do cart wheels , she felt something push past the walls of her mind , she tried to bring them back up but it was too late, he had seen it, her feelings , her thoughts about him, he released his hold allowing her to fall to the ground in a heap. She was infuriated with him

"Master how dare you do that, you have no right to look through my mind like that!" she yelled with tears forming in her eyes

"Seras, I am sorry but I can never return the feelings you have for me" seras felt like he had shot her with his jackal, no words could describe how much it hurt, she sat lifeless and numb

"I am your master and you are my fledgling, I never intended it to go any further and I never will" he spoke his face covered by the shadow made by his bright red hat, seras was frozen unable to speak or move, she only stared at him completely motionless

"Police girl don't get distracted from what has happened here tonight , I don't want my master upset because you could not focus" that was it , seras snapped blood rushed to her face her sadness replaced with anger

"You basted! Have you no heart at all it would have been a little better if you could have at least let me down gently but oh no, that's not the style of the "great vampire Alucard", why do you always have to treat me like I am just a piece of dirt on your shoe!"

"Police girl, if you bare your fangs at your master again I will not be able to control my temper" seras felt like shooting him, but cleared her voice and tried to calm herself down

"Can you please tell me why?"

"Because, police girl why would I?" seras wanted to cry, just to cry until her eyes were gone, but her eyes became dark and her voice steady

"Is that all you have to say"

"Is there anything you want me to say?" seras looked at him her eyes clashing with his

"Master...I" she looked down at her feet, her mouth refused to move, her master came close and placed his hand on her head , ruffling her hair slightly

"Seras" he replied, he left his hand there for a few more moments, before he dissolved into the night. The vampire girl stood still, it was the few blissful moments before realty smothered her, and when it did she ran, she ran passed Walter, she ran past Integra's office and she sprinted past Alucard's room, she burst the door open to hers and slammed it shut, she lunged at her coffin bed and buried her head in her pillow her blood tears soaked the once white sheets which had now been stained red

"Too cruel...he was too cruel"

Omg poor seras! Alucard can be a right *&$# when he wants to I know I have not completed my other AxS story yet but the idea for this one popped into my head I am don't worry I can handle two at a time XD

HINT: what will happen now that seras's feelings are exposed, will she stay or will she go?

You have to keep reading to find out (evil grin) next chappie coming soon: D