The latest episode of "Transformers:Prime", "Con Job", involved Optimus Prime going out for a drive whilst the Autobots threw a welcome party for (the fake) Wheeljack. This short piece is what I imagine Optimus may have been pondering on his lonely evening drive.

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The Drive

Lunar light bathed the red and blue eighteen-wheeler truck as it sped along the quiet Nevada desert roads. Its headlights pierced the darkness like swords of light cutting through shadows, illuminating the path ahead of it.

All was still and silent, save for the sound of his own running engines. Optimus Prime was alone with the night.

He had left base in search of solitude, leaving his Autobots and their young human friends to enjoy the welcoming party they were throwing for the newcomer, 'Wheeljack', an old friend of Bulkhead's. Optimus had little doubt they would quickly make him feel at home. It was good for his soldiers to have some fun. Relaxation was rare these days whilst they were constantly on the alert for Decepticons. But Optimus was not one for parties, and he had not wished to spoil the mood of merriment amongst his Autobots and human friends, so he had departed for a night-time drive on his own.

Now as he drove deeper into the darkness, Optimus Prime's thoughts also travelled to darker places, to darker moments in his memories.

The voice of one he once called 'brother' resonated through his mind.

"Ah, misdirection, Optimus! You would've made a fine Decepticon!"

Megatron's last words to him before he fell with the explosion of the Space Bridge.

"I chose my side!"

His own last words to Megatron before leaving him to his fate.

"Optimus, why so glum? This planet, all planets, are finally free from Megatron's tyranny."

Ratchet's words to him after the loss of Megatron.

"I do not disagree, Ratchet. It's just...a small part of me hoped to change Megatron's mind, not extinguish his spark."

Optimus felt the same pang of remorse and regret in his spark again.

He had long ago made the war-bringing choice to stand against his one-time brother, and their rivalry and war had spanned millennia, plunging their home-world of Cybertron into ruin and scattering their race to the stars. Yet despite the countless stellar cycles of fierce battle and spilt energon, Optimus Prime had never completely abandoned hope of changing his once brother's darkened spark.

But now that Megatron was...gone, dead... , his hope of reaching through to his former brother had perished along with him. Optimus Prime felt...unhappy with this. Still he mourned the loss of his one-time brother, however misguided he had been in life.

Optimus had driven off the main roads now onto steep, rocky terrain. He slowed down as he reached a cliff overlooking the moonlit Nevada desert plains. Coming to a halt, he transformed from his vehicle mode and rose to stand tall in robot mode. Approaching the edge of the cliff, he gazed out over the peaceful Nevada desert landscape. It glowed silver under the gentle lunar light, a calming sight for the Autobot leader.

Looking skyward to the pale white face of the full moon and the twinkling stars, where Megatron had met his end amongst the stars in Space, Optimus said a silent prayer for his lost brother. He hoped that he had found some measure of peace in becoming one with the Allspark.

There was little comfort from the bright silver glare of the moon for the sombre Prime though. Her gaze upon him was cold. And the blinking stars were her unsympathetic accomplices.

The night air stirred. A chilling wind blew over Optimus Prime's regal metallic body. But he was unable to shiver. He could only stand frozen under the icy silver light of the moon, casting a long, dark shadow behind him.