And so it came to pass that the ring was not in fact given to a wounded and slightly insane hobbit to be taken on a suicide mission to the most dangerous place in Middle Earth on foot, and was in fact given to Tom Bombadil at least for the time being, as the councils of the wise had come up with a unique method of preventing him from forgetting that he was holding the key to Middle earth's destruction.

Tom was not quite sure what had just happened. He had been wandering through the woods singing, as was his wont, and he had been accosted by a group of elves, Istari, men and hobbits, the hobbits sent to look cute and imploring no doubt. They had given him that shiny thing that the slightly spaced out hobbit had been carrying with him, gibbering that if evil ever regained, everything good would be destroyed, so if he could see his way to looking after it that would be very helpful. This he didn't object to so much. What he objected to was the fact that the Istar had pointed his staff in a most rude manner and muttered a lot while Tom had been distracted by the ickle hobbits, causing Tom's hat to bend so it hung in front of his face and a 'post-it note', or at least that was what he thought they called it, and added ones to his hands as well, and when he had arrived home, Goldberry had had one attached to her forehead and other places where dirty minded persons thought Tom's gaze would be drawn to. Each note said: Warning! You are carrying an object that could cause the world to be covered in shadow. Handle with care!

He sighed. At least they didn't impede his singing.