Thoughts of a Seashell – Orihime's POV

He is the ocean.

He rushes the shore, slamming against it.

He slides over the shore, healing all of the dimples and bruises.

She is the shore; the barrier that prevents the waves from engulfing the land.

She is strong and unwavering. She will never buckle under his power.

She is the sleek sand that embraces and calms the restless waves.

I am a shell, caught in his tide.

I tumble around in his current, not sure of my direction, only able to trust in a force that is infinitely greater than I.

I love him. He gives me a home.

But he will never love me. I am just a shell.

A shell cannot hold back the sea.

A shell cannot quell his fears or soothe the worry he holds in his heart.

Only the shore can withstand the waves that pound relentlessly against her in the darkest of hours.

Only she can be strong enough for him.

Ocean = Ichigo

Shore = Rukia

Seashell = Orihime