"Aintzane!" a voice yells to the female. The light blue skinned gargoyle reached out to the owner…her mate…she's falling to the ground below. Tears blur Aintzane's vision as her talons are trying their best to grasp at her mate's in terror. A force stops Aintzane from going any further to her; the brown skinned gargoyle stares horrified at the black haired female as she screams her name.


"Zaza!" Aintzane weeps as she hears a body smacking onto the pavement below as several screams were heard

A roar wakes me up from I stone sleep as I snarl, I look to her in worry, and it was only a dream since she comes toward me.

My mate's gray skin sheds to brown as her red mane flows lightly to her shoulders and back, she's alive…but I am still scared.

"Are you okay love?" she looks concerned as she gently caresses my black hair from my view.

I look to her with tearful eyes as I throw myself into her arms. Brooklyn and Angela looks to us in shock as Zaza slowly shrugs her shoulders to them as she hugs me protectingly.

"Is everything okay, lass?" Hudson pats my shoulder gently as I weep into my mate's bosom.

"She must've had another nightmare." Zaza speaks for me. I'm worried if these dreams are going to come true.

"What nightmares?" goliath walks up to me then looks to Zaza, he knows I'm in no mood to speak.

Zaza calmly makes gentle sounds to ease me from crying, she then leads us inside as goliath follows; everyone else had went to do their things.

She slowly sits down since I'm still crying into her shoulder and kisses my hair gently.

"She says that they are dreams of me falling to my death." She tells the male as I weep louder; just hearing this makes me cry.

"How? There is no way you can fall from here, the stone is thick and has been for years." He asks in worry.

"I know, but she still thinks I'm going to die…" she silently makes hush sounds to calm me down once more, "I told her it was only dreams but she says they feel so real."

"How long has she been having these dreams?"

"Ever since we join your clan." Zaza replies as I wrap my arms around her neck.

Sniffles come from me as I lay my head on her shoulder where it had become wet with tears, "I don't know why I am having these dreams…but I'm frightened." Zaza wraps her strong arms around me gently as she kisses my eyeridge in a loving way. I lean up to her kiss as I sigh sadly.

"Do you two need a moment to talk?" goliath asks; he looks uncomfortable as he looks to us. Zaza looks up to him and nods, "Yes please, I need to talk to her alone."

He nods as he walks away from us, whenever we show eachother affection he seems to want to get away from us.

"Aintzane…" my mate says to me, I visibly flinch as I look up to her, "what is this about?" she continues her question.

I look away in sorrow, I don't know why she doesn't believe me, "its about nothing, my love. I am only worried for your life."

She gently grabs the bottom of my chin then slowly makes me look into her bright yellow eyes, "nothing is going to happen to me, like Goliath said; the stone is thick and has been for years."

"But I…" she smiles warmly at me, which caused me to stop talking.

"Aintzane, we are safe here. I know you worried for us in the past because we had no safe place to rest, but here we have a clan, we have a home to protect us. We need to let go of our past fears…" she kisses me lovingly on the lips then looks to me again, " can you do this for me?" she asks.

I slowly nod my head in agreement, she was right; I needed to let go of my fears. She grins at me as she played with my hair, " There's the female I know and love." I blush lightly as I squirm in her warm arms. She finally releases me for I could stand, "I love you." I tell her as she gets on her feet.

"I love you more." She smirks playfully as she walks away to join Hudson for a glide around the busy city. I smile warmly to her as she jumped off the castle to follow the old gargoyle.

"Oi you old coot!" Zaza playfully yells in front of her, Hudson looks to her with a smile, "aye?"

"How 'bout a race? Whoever wins gets to pick the movie tonight!" she suggested, she hasn't really race anyone in a while and was dying to fly fast.

" Your on!" he laughs as he dived toward the city, Zaza whooped as she dive-bombed into the city herself.

The pair was already head to head, the castle was the finish line, Zaza then smirked as she sharply turned into a narrow alleyway, she then gasped as she saw clothes line in her way, she dodge pretty much all of them except one that hit her right foot, almost cutting off the talon that was there. She yowled in pain as she pushed herself to her limits to getting home; she wasn't about to lose to an old gargoyle like Hudson just because she got hurt. She finally found Hudson behind her, with a shocked expression on his face.

She laughed in triumph as she flew closer to the castle. A gunshot was heard before they even made it a mile away from the clans' den. They stopped dead in their tracks and looked at eachother.

"What in the world was that?" Zaza looked to Hudson who panted.

"I don't know, lass." He responded as they both looked down.

Zaza then growled in a curious way as she dived in to the closest building to where the gunshot was heard last.

"Zaza! Your going to get yourself killed!" Hudson hissed as he followed the hotheaded female.

The female knelt down on her knee spurs and crawled to the edge of the building. Her beads tied to her left horn made a rattling noise silently as she looked down to see a gang and a few cops shooting at eachother. One was the well-known Elisa Maza, their human friend.

"It's Elisa!" Zaza whispered to her friend who looked at the sight as well.

"Aye…and it looks like it's a 'shootout'…Hudson replied.

"Do you think we should help? I mean what if Elisa gets hurt or killed?" she looked worried for the human female.

"Do not underestimate Elisa, lass. She survived a lot." Hudson eased the young female.

"But what if today is not her lucky day?" Zaza asked. Hudson froze, he never thought of that.

"We'll see what we can do-…Zaza!" he snarled as he saw the redhead dive silently behind a dumpster where the gang was shooting at.

She already regretted her actions, as it seemed that these men had huge guns, there were only six of them, what are the odds that they could hurt a gargoyle?

She then ran out with her wings tightly wrapped around her body as she yowled, it caught the men off-guard as if seemed that they stopped shooting.

"Oh shit!" said one man as he aimed his gun at the gargoyle, but before he even pulled the trigger Zaza thrown him across the road then headed for the other five. Hudson quickly jumped off the building to get to the female before she got shot, "hang on, Zaza! I'm coming!"

She hissed in pain as one man actually swung his gun toward her face, using it as a blunt weapon. Her eyes then glowed white as she grabbed the man by the arm and slammed him down into the floor, the cops continued to shoot at the gang and the gargoyle, all expect for Elisa who watched in horror.

"Zaza! Get out of there!" Hudson yelled as he knocked out a man who was aiming his gun toward the female.

Zaza yowled as she tackled a small man who was trying to get away; then a yelp of pain was heard. Hudson quickly looked to Zaza's direction and saw the female on the ground, holding her right thigh as it bled.

"Hold on! I'm coming!" he quickly ran to the wounded female, picked her up in the bridal position, and flew to the air.

"Help!" Hudson yelled as he landed roughly to the ground, Goliath looked to him then ran to his side.

"What happened?" he demanded to know, Zaza whimpered loudly as she held onto her wound.

"There was a shootout involving Elisa." Hudson said as he quickly laid her down on the couch and ran to get something to pressure the wound.

"And you let her get involved?" he spoke as he got a clothe and wiped the sweat that formed over Zaza's eyeridge.

"Father? Is everything okay?" Angela asked as she walked in with Brooklyn and Lex.

"Brooklyn keep Aintzane away from here." The male nodded as he looked for Aintzane.

"Father why…" she trailed off when she saw Zaza moan lightly as she looked terrified around the room, she was in shock apparently.

Goliath looked to Zaza then tried to comfort the female as he wiped the blood away from her thigh.

Angela slowly walked to see the brown gargoyle and knelt down.

"A-Aintzane?" she panted out as she looked to Angela, she calmed down just a bit by looking at Angela; who she thought was her mate.

Goliath nodded as Hudson finally came back, Angela then smiled slowly as she moved Zaza's red hair out of her face, Zaza whimpered into the touch, "I-I'm so s-sorry…" she whispered.

"It looks like she got shot in the left wing." Goliath muttered to Hudson as he studied her wounds carefully, the female wouldn't be able to fly often now.

"Aye… she must've not known either." Hudson replied.

Angela made a soothing noise as Zaza calmed down to shaking violently due to the shock and pain as Goliath dug the bullet out of her thigh. Hudson tightly tied the bandages on her thigh and her foot, with a yelp Zaza tried to kick the old male away as she became frighten once again.

"Shhh, its okay sister, shhh…" Angela rubbed Zaza's red mane as she held her hand tightly while Goliath held down the kicking leg in case she kicked himself or Hudson.

Zaza then roughly fell onto the couch; her breathing was ragged as she slowly blinked to Angela.

"Is she okay?" Angela looked to Zaza and noticed that the female was getting tired.

"She'll be alright, give her a few hours to rest and she'll be able to walk." Hudson said calmly, they barely dodged a bullet back in the city.

"Where is she?" came Aintzane's yell as Brooklyn blocked her from seeing Zaza.

"Its okay Brooklyn, she's okay for now." Goliath said. Brooklyn was practically ran over by the female when she ran by, Lex and Broadway laughed at the scene.

"Zaza!" she yelled as she fell bluntly on her knees, bumping Angela out of the way.

Zaza moaned as she looked to Aintzane, she winced slightly as she tried to speak, "Angela?"

"Wha…? No…no it's me, Aintzane." She weakly smiled as she kissed her mate tenderly.

"Aintzane?" she asked as she looks tiredly toward her mate.

"Yes…Zaza what did you do to yourself?" Aintzane held back whimpers as she stroked her lover's horns.

"I…I was helping Elisa…"

"Lass, you shouldn't have barged in like that, you could have killed yourself." Hudson scorned the female.

She looked ashamed as she tried to get up, but her mate held her down on her back,

"No you're not going anywhere…you need to rest."

"I'm fine," she shoved herself to the sitting position then slowly got to her feet, "its almost sunrise anyway, this'll heal." She limped away from the crowd.

Goliath looked to Aintzane who was looking scared, "it'll be fine, she is only ashamed, let her get through this." He said as he patted her on the shoulder gently.

"I just hope she's right…" Aintzane muttered to herself as she followed the clan outside.

This pain…it's killing me…thank god I'm in my stone sleep otherwise I wouldn't be able to stand this long for twelve hours straight. I can hear my stone skin cracking as I gain mobility in my arms and legs. I roar in pain as I knelt down… I didn't realize that I was on a cliff; I feel my body getting light as the wind pushed air on me.

"Help!" I managed to yelp as the rest of my stone skin break away from my flesh.

Aintzane look to her mate's resting place and gasped, "Zaza!" she dived off the cliff as well as Lex and Broadway, trying to catch Zaza falling to her death.

"Spread your wings!" Lex yelled.

They see her trying but couldn't get to wind beneath her wings, "I can't!" she screams as her body violently moved in the wind. She continued to try but then yowls in pain, she looks to her left wing and sees that a bullet hole tore into a gash that couldn't allow her to fly. She still tried even thought it's useless, she didn't want to die like this.

"Zaza!" Aintzane yelled as she brought her wings closer to her body to fasten her fall, her arms stretched out in front of her.

"Aintzane!" she yells as she tried to spread her wings out to catch the air.

"She's getting to close to the ground! We have to hurry!" Broadway yelled to Lex and Aintzane to warn them.

The group heard whistling in their ears as they gotten closer and closer to the falling female.

"It's to dangerous! We have to stop!" Lex yelled, he just noticed how close they were getting to the ground, Broadway nodded.

"Aintzane!" Zaza screamed in horror as she saw the ground getting closer, she looked up to see her mate's talons trying their best to grasp her own. Aintzane's tears flew off her face as she gasped in sorrow. Lex flew close to Aintzane and gently grabbed her left arm while Broadway grabbed her right. Aintzane looked to them in horror then fought her best to get out of their grips; she quickly looked down to see Zaza falling farther away from her.

A yowl of terror came from Zaza as she reached her hand out as if still trying to grasp her mate's, her yellow eyes looked with a terrified expression to her mate; there was no hope.

"Zaza!" she screamed, "let go of m-!" she was cut off by the sound of screams and a body crashing into a taxi below, her eyes widen in sorrow as she yanked her arms away from the males.

"There is nothing we can do, Aintzane…" Broadway said as the now mate-less female who looked toward the ground in shock and sorrow.

She quickly threw herself into the gentle male's arms and screamed as loud as she could, Zaza had fallen to her death, just like in her nightmare.

Elisa had heard of this on the news since she was off for the day, she was terrified as she drove to the castle. She saw the statues of the clan since it was in the afternoon, she looked to Aintzane who didn't hold her threatening pose she usually did, instead she was curled up with her wings covering her body, as if protecting herself.

"I'm so sorry Aintzane…Zaza…" Elisa muttered to herself as she looked to the cloudless sky.

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