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An hour later Demona landed heavily on her balcony, she sighed heavily as she let Aintzane down onto her feet.

"You know you're pretty lucky you didn't get him angry." Demona scoffed as she opened one of her glass doors then walked in. Aintzane have not talked since Demona came for her. She had this unknown smile on her face, her hands constantly rubbing over eachother in nervous motions. Demona looked behind her and smiled warmly, "don't worry, whats mine is yours, Aintzane."

The pale blue gargoyle looked to Demona then slowly walked inside, Demona smiled as she kept the door open for the small and frail female. As soon as Aintzane walked in she smiled, "you have a beautiful home."

Demona looked behind her back as she locked to glass doors and smirked, "thanks. Bet goliath is still in that Stone Age look, eh?"

Aintzane giggled quietly as she looked around, Demona's home was much warmer and more welcoming the goliath's. She remembered when she and Zaza joined their clan; it took her three months to finally get used to her new home. But here, here she already felt like she was home, if only Zaza found Demona first instead of that human Elisa.

"Hello? Anyone in there?" Demona's hand slowly waved in front of Aintzane.

"H-huh?" the petite female blinked quickly, she then notices Demona staring at her, "I'm sorry, I was just thinking about something…" she trailed off as she played with a strand of her hair.

Demona made an "understandable" look as she walked to the kitchen, "how long were you out there?"

Aintzane quickly followed the red-haired female like a puppy would its mother, "I don't remember, I think two days."

Demona nodded, "then you must be starving, am I right?"

Aintzane blushed as she looked away, she really didn't want anyone's pity.

"I take that as a 'yes' then." Demona laughed as she got some pasta out to prepare.

(An hour later)

Aintzane looked at the many books Demona had in her living room, Demona was currently in the shower cooling off, the heat made her extremely hot, and that cause some unwanted odors. Aintzane dragged her talon over the rough spines of the books, curious of what content they held. Then one finally caught her eye, a small, dilapidated, old book with a greenish-blue color to it. She gently grasped it into her hand and pulled it out of its resting place. This book clearly needed to be dusted off for this old book was covered in dust. She gently brushed the dust off the cover where the name of the book shown.

" 'Von Galician's late dairy'? Odd I've never heard that one before…" Aintzane whispered to herself.

She walked over by the lamp and sit on the floor instead of using the loveseat beside the lamp; she opened the first page where it was handwritten.

" 'If anyone is reading this, I have died a long time ago, my name was Hesper Von Galician, believe me or not I have seen the unknown powers of mystery. There are entities hiding among us, cloaking themselves in our form, speaking our tongue, breeding into our civilization. The reason I know this is because I have loved one of them, allow me to explain; I-.'"

"I see you like to read, huh?" Demona asked as she came in while drying her hair.

Aintzane quickly closed the book and jumped up to her feet, "I-I'm sorry, Demona."

"Ah don't be. Which one were you reading?" Demona looked behind Aintzane's back and plucked the book from the coffee table, "ah 'Von Galician's late dairy'. One of my old favorites…" she patted to book's hide and sighed in content.

"Who was that woman?" Aintzane looked to Demona.

Demona gave the book to Aintzane, "I didn't know her, I found this while in Germany."

"Germany? I always wanted to go to Germany…" Aintzane smiled.

Aintzane then noticed Demona wasn't wearing anything; she blushed heavily as she couldn't take her eyes off the female's body. Firm arms, toned stomach, water droplets trailed over perked breast then down to the core of her being. Not doubt; Demona was a very attractive female.

Demona finally noticed when she finished drying her hair, "anything wrong here?"

Aintzane blinked then quickly looked up at Demona's eyes.

"N-nothing I can think of…I-I mean your beautiful…and there's nothing wrong as far as I can see…" she stuttered as she looked away.

Demona smiled, "we're all females here, there's nothing to worry about. If you wish me to change then alright." She walked out of the room.

Aintzane slowly licked her lips as she saw Demona walk away. Nice and firm was all Aintzane thought about.