These are just songfics that popped into my head, most will short.

There will be songfics about an individual character and pairings

If you have a song that you would like to request send me the title and I will tell you if I can make a fic about.

There will be yaoi and possibly some yuri and het.

I will say if the songfic is yaoi, yuri, or het in the table of contents.

There will ixed ratings.

Table of contents

Behind green eyes {Rated T} Ulquiorra

Summary: Short song fic that reveals the real Ulquiorra.

Already over {Rated M} Ulquiorra x Grimmjow

Summary: Based off of the song Already Over by Red. Grimmjow reflects on his relationship with Ulquiorra.

Memories {Rated M} Renji x Ichigo

Summary: Based off of the song Memories. Ichigo has died but Renji realizes he is still there, in his memories.