Disclaimer: I don't own bleach. I just own a laptop, word, and my imagination. The song is owned by Within Temptation not me

Summary: Based off of the song Memories. Ichigo has died but Renji realizes he is still there, in his memories.

Author's note: Ichigo is 20 when he dies, the winter war is over and he never lost his powers during it.

In this world you tried / Not leaving me alone behind / There's no other way / I'll pray to the gods: let him stay

It was supposed to be a simple mission.

Some strange hollows had showed up in karakura.

A team had been assembled to eliminate them.

The team consisted of Renji , Rukia, Matsumoto, and Ichigo.

The hollows had been stronger than they had expected.

The hollows had been able to mask their true power.

Renji saw his lover fall to his knees after killing the last of the hollows.

Ichigo coughed up blood as Renji ran over to him.

He had a gaping hole in his stomach and was bleeding out.

"Don't you dare die on me strawberry", Renji screamed as he embraced Ichigo.

"Sorry…Pine..apple", Ichigo said weakly.

He was dying and he knew it, Renji knew it.

Renji burst into tears before Ichigo reached up and weakly removed the tears.

"Don't… cry", Ichigo said before looking at Rukia and Matsumoto who were kneeling next to them.

Both had tears streaming down their cheeks.

Renji kissed Ichigo's blood stained lips, knowing it would probably be the last kiss they shared.

"I..love…you", Ichigo managed to get out as his vision began to fade.

"I love too Ichigo", Renji whispered as some of his tears fell onto Ichigo's cheek.

Ichigo smiled before his heart stopped.

Renji let out an anguished cry before he closed Ichigo's eyes.

He rocked Ichigo's body as he cried.

All of my memories / Keep you near / In silent moments / Imagine you'd be here

All of my memories / Keep you near /The silent whispers, silent tears

Six months later

Renji stood on the rooftop of the school Ichigo and himself used to go to.

He looked at the corner of the roof and smiled.

He still remembered the day he and Ichigo had gotten together five and a half years ago

Renji was sitting next to Ichigo on the school roof top.

Ichigo hadn't realized what everyone else had.

Renji had fallen in love with the scowling orange haired boy.

Ichigo had feelings for Renji but was too afraid to say it was outloud.

Rukia was sitting near them and was trying not to laugh.

They were both looking at each other with goo-goo eyes.

Renji looked at his favorite strawberry.

Dammit he was going to wait any longer.

He leaned over and pressed his lips against a very surprised berry's.

Ichigo's face was a bright red as Renji pulled away.

"Y-you you kissed me" Ichigo stammered.

"Yes I did", Renji said with a grin.

Ichigo's reaction had been so cute.

"W-why?", Ichigo said.

Dammit he was acting like a lovesick school girl.

"Why else, I like you", Renji said with a goofy grin on his face. "So do you say wanna be my strawberry?"

"S-sure ",Ichigo said before realizing what Renji had called him. "I'M NOT A STRAWBERRY YA DAMN PINEAPPLE"

Renji shunpoed over to Ichigo's home. He had promised to meet with his family every time he visited the real world.

He opened the door.

"OH MY SECOND BEAUTIFUL SON HAS RETURNED", Isshin yelled as he tried to tackle Renji.

Renji stepped away at the last moment, Isshin landed face first.

"Good dodge", Isshin mumbled as he picked himself up.

Renji shook his head with a smile as he walked into the house.

"Hi", Karin mumbled with a scowl on her face.

He swore Karin became more like her brother every day.

She had already come into her shinigami powers.

She was dating Toshiro and had become a substitute soul reaper like her brother had been.

"Hello, will you stay for dinner", Yuzu asked with a smile.

She now had the ability to see spirits.

Renji caught Isshin's leg as it came toward his face.

He kicked Isshin's other leg out from under him and let the man crash to the floor.

"Goat face behave", Karin said before kicking him in the head as he tried to get up.

Renji laughed before sitting down at the table.

He then remember one Isshin more embarrassing antics.

Renji had been teasing a naked Ichigo for the last few moments.

Ichigo was panting and his skin had an adorable flush to it.

Renji still had his jeans on and it was driving Ichigo crazy.

All thoughts of removing Renji's pants left Ichigo's mind as renji engulfed his member with his mouth.

"Renji mmm", Ichigo moaned.

Suddenly the door flew open, Renji sat up immediately.

Ichigo grabbed a blanket to hide his erect member.

"GOAT FACE WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING", Ichigo yelled horror on his face.


Ichigo looked like he wanted to crawl under a rock; his face was as red as a tomato.

Renji got and slammed the door in Isshin's face before locking it.

After dinner he went back to Soul Society.

He was on vacation; Yamamoto hadn't given him a choice.

He had poured himself into his work after Ichigo died.

He walked into Byakuya's garden and sat near the Koi pond.

"Quit callin me a strawberry", Ichigo said annoyed.

"It's what your name means", Renji said innocently.

They were standing next to the koi pond and teasing Ichigo was probably wasn't Renji's greatest idea.

"My name means protector ", Ichigo said as he glared at Renji.

"Whatever you say berry", Renji said with a grin.

Ichigo growled and tackled Renji, they both fell in to the pond.

They both glared at each other before they burst out laughing.

Renji smiled as he looked at the pond. It seemed that Ichigo was everywhere, even it was just in his memories.

"What are you doing?" Byakaya asked softly as he walked out into the garden.

Byakuya and Renji had gotten closer over the last six months.

Both men knew what it felt like to lose the loves of their lives.

"Remembering", Renji said with a smile.

"Memories can be our most treasured possessions", Byakuya said softly.

Together in all these memories / I see your smile / All the memories I hold dear

Darling you know I love you till the end of time