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Yawning to himself, Severus Snape climbed into bed after a long day. God, It had been a long day.

Severus hated laying awake at night…it made him of everything that was being thrust at him all at once. The Dark Lord was asking too much of him, as was Dumbledore. He felt angry; angry that Dumbledore had chosen him for this assignment…it just had to be him, Severus Snape.

When he finally fell asleep, he had a dream. He hadn't had this kind of dream for a very long time, not since he was at least thirteen.

He dreamed of a girl.

She was wearing a white dress, walking through a crowd of people. It seemed like he was at some ball, for it was very dark in the room with some Muggle song on. "There's a Starman waiting in the sky…" it went. Severus was trying to catch up with the girl, but couldn't. He knew this girl, he really did… But he couldn't be sure. She kept disappearing. The girl was about his age in this dream, with long copper-colored hair and bright green eyes. He could hear her giggle through the crowd. Suddenly, the crowd parted to reveal her and James Potter, dancing to the music. He stopped and stared. She looked over at him, her eyes turning a bright red, her teeth growing pointed, and she yelled one word in a snake-like voice: Leave.

Severus bolted upright, gasping for breath. That girl was so familiar. It took him a moment to process his thoughts. It was driving him insane. He knew that girl, she was so, so familiar. If only he had seen her face more clearly.

It was for this reason that Severus hated dreams.

Cursing to himself, he gritted his teeth and tried to fall back asleep. He couldn't.

The next week, 3:00 a.m.

He honestly had no idea what he was doing. He hadn't visited the Mirror of Erised in a long time. Wait…no, he never had.

The Mirror of Erised was a powerful invention of Dumbledore's that shows you "the deepest and most desperate desires of one's heart".

I'm going to wake up tomorrow feeling like an idiot. Tomorrow was tomorrow. He had to see what he wanted most in life. You already know. You want to get this mission for Dumbledore done and over with. Still, he trudged along the empty corridor.

He entered the empty classroom, where the mirror stood. It was large, covered in dust with some form of writing on the top that Severus could not identify. Standing in front of the mirror, he looked into it.

At first, he only saw his reflection, ugly and desperate. He clenched his fists at his sides. Suddenly, something, or someone, began to appear in front of him. It was a woman…with a very familiar face. Severus gasped in shock.

It was Lilly Evans, just like in his dream.

She stood beside his reflection and smiled, taking his hand. Except, Severus, in his reflection, was handsome, with medium-length black hair and blue eyes. The real Severus gritted his teeth.

He wasn't expecting this.

This isn't what you want! You haven't thought about her in years!

Sinking involuntarily to his knees, he let out an angry sob, his fists clenched, suddenly regretting everything he had ever said to Lilly when he was younger.

He hated Lord Voldemort with a passion, hated him so much that it was only the castle walls that kept him from storming out into the night taking on the Dark Lord himself