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Battle of the Hearts!

Chapter 1

The Doctor slammed the door shut, Amy jumped at the Doctor's anger but she wasn't going to let him win this ohh no, no, no. The Doctor stomped his way up the stairs to his beloved console, trying his foremost to keep his distance from his fiery red headed companion, he began tinkering away under the console at wires he knew didn't need tinkering at, but Amy didn't need to know that. Amy on the other hand was having none of it, she could go through silence most of the time but being a feisty woman she is she didn't have the patience to wait for the Doctor to finish tinkering at his beloved Tardis.

"Typical bloke straight back to fixing his motor" she huffed under her breath

"Ohh, I'm sorry but did you say something Amelia?" he asked sharply from under the console, anger hinted in his voice.

"You only call me Amelia if your worried about me?" she questioned, ignoring the Doctor's last comment.

"I'm always worried about you" he muttered under his breath

"What was that Doctor?", he crawled out from under the console,

"Nothing ok, nothing! Amy please just go to your room we can talk later"

"NO!" she said sternly,

"Amy please do you want me to forcefully move you myself?"

"Like to see you try" she was testing him, but she was caught off guard when he proceeded forward towards her.

"Alright then" he dashed forward and seized her by the waist and hosted her over his shoulder in a fireman's lift.

He reached her room with a little help from his Tardis, he flung open her door and placed her down on the bed, and turned to stride out of the room but was caught of his guard when Amy forcefully pinned him against the door, she spun him round to face and tried to crash her lips on his, he ducked below her and moved into the centre of the bedroom,

"No, No, No.. why can't you see that you cant do that! You have got to stop doing that!" he yelled hoping she would back off but it only made her saunter seductively towards him.

"You know you want this Doctor why cant you see that it is what I want too?"

"Because your getting married in the Morning" he said emphasising the word Morning.

"In all honesty Doctor I don't love Rory the way I should, I mean yea I love him but only as a brother, a brother I never had… and I know he will understand in time but I cant pretend to be the girl of his dreams, when he can go out there and really find the girl of his dreams" she was nearly in tears at her confession.

The Doctor could only stare at her wide eyed, the Doctor took two steps towards her and cupped her cheek gently, running his thumb along her cheekbone, Amy closed her eyes and leaned into his touch. The Doctor stared at her lips, 'ohh those pink, pouted lips oh how I ... Like to… kiss… NO! stop this' the Doctor slapped his forehead with his other hand.

Amy opened her eyes in time to see him slap his forehead in anger. He withdrew his hand and walked out past her, grabbing the door and slamming it shut, Amy stood there dazed 'What just happened? Did that actually happen?' she wondered. Little did she know the Doctor had his forehead leaning on the door 'What have I got myself into?' he pushed himself away from her room and followed the Tardis' many corridors until he reached the end of a dark hallway, where a dark blue door appeared. Pausing slightly he pushed open the door and entered it; he hadn't been in his room for quite some time now… he never saw if the Tardis remodelled it after the regeneration. He admired the Tardis for keeping it safe for him he had a lot of treasured memories tucked away in here. He stood opposite his desk when he felt a slight buzz in his head,

"So Doctor what have you been getting up to lately?" Asked the Tardis with a hint of sarcasm hidden in her voice.

" Me, its not me you should be talking to"

"well who else am I going to talk to ehh?"

"Ohh shut up"

"What's wrong, my Doctor?"

"Nothing absolutely nothing, I'm fine, fit as a fiddle"

"Your lying to me, Has this got anything to do with a feisty, Scottish, redhead who's now on board?"

"No!" he said almost too quickly

"Liar, it is, Oh My God you've fallen for little Amelia Pond haven't you?"

"She's hardly little anymore, with long gorgeous cracking legs" the Doctor slapped a hand over his mouth, but it was to late the Tardis had heard it.

"I knew it, ha you can't keep anything from me Doctor, Soo what are you going to do about it then?"

"ohh sweet Jupiter, 907 years and I always fall for the humans, what ye mean 'what am I gunna do about?' I tell you what nothing, nope no way I'm not going to get attached to somebody who's going to leave me sometime soon down the line"

"Ohh don't you dare bring that up, why are you denying yourself an opportunity to love somebody who may very well love you back?"

" Because if I do and she decides she wants to leave my hearts they're gunna feel like they are being ripped out of my chest and torn in front of me, and my stomach will weigh a ton. I cant handle losing anyone else."

'Knock, knock ,knock'

Before the Tardis could even reply there was a soft knock at the Doctors door this made him spin on his heel and stare blankly at the door.

"Doctor, I…I..I just came to say that I'm sorry for what I did before, it wasn't very nice of me and I will understand if you wish to drop me off in Leadworth" fear and hurt edged in her voice, it almost sounded as though she had been crying.

The Doctor was speechless for once he didn't know what to do, he could only stare blankly towards the door.

"Doctor, are you in there?" her voice shaky as she awaited her reply


But all Amy was met with was silence soo she decided to leave at that and head towards the Library her favourite place in the world, hoping she could get one last Goodbye to the place before she left.

" Doctor, I've something for you"

"ohh a present?"

"No advice" The Doctor began to sulk

"you won't know what will happen if you don't try, I mean you tell other people did a wise man not once say 'it is better to have a loved and lost than to never have loved at all' but yet you don't pay any attention to your own advice, Love is such a beautiful and strong emotion and it takes two people to make it flourish, I know you don't really pay attention to what I tell you, but I only ask of you this… tell her how you feel, in time you will be thankful that you took the opportunity to do something instead of sitting back and not doing anything, and you can live for the happy memories"

" I do listen to you, I just sometimes choose to rearrange your advice."

"Doctor please!"

"When did you get all sympathetic?"


"Alright, Alright I'm in love with Amelia Pond, there happy I said it I'm in love with the magnificent and fiery Amelia Jessica Pond!"

"Yes very happy indeed, now go tell her that!"

The Doctor raced towards the door and flung it open in an instant, he practically ran to her room hoping he would catch her before she left, when he got to her door and peered inside he found it empty, he however seen a suitcase lying empty on her bed ready to be packed, he shot out of her room as the Tardis displayed arrows in the direction of where Amy was, this hadn't gone unnoticed by the Doctor and he silently thank her inside his head!

" thanks dear."

The arrows lead the Doctor to the library-swimming pool,
'Amy's favourite place thought the Doctor'

"Amy, Amy" he called "where is that child anytime I go looking for her she goes wondering off"

when he couldn't find her he reverted to calling her Amelia, this cause a smirk to rise on the Doctor's lips, knew he she wouldn't like getting called by her Actual name.

"Amelia where are you?"

At once Amy jumped out of the armchair near the old stone fireplace at the back of the room and began shouting at the Doctor. Even though she was sorry earlier, she thought he had no right to use her proper name.

"DO NOT call me Amelia" she said in a very stern voice, the Doctor noticed this and made himself a mental note: 'Don't pick the stubborn ones, I always seem to pick those who are feisty and too darn stubborn!'

"Ahh right yes Amy after a lot of thought and a hard mental kick from yours truly the Tardis I have something I wish to say to you and it doesn't come easy mind you" he started rambling he often did this when he was nervous, he ran a hand through his hair, this went unnoticed by Amy ' he only ever runs a hand through his hair if he's nervous' she thought.


He looked at her

"Shut up, and quite rambling and tell me what it is your gunna tell me because I have some packing that I need to do" she avoided meeting his eyes,

"Who says your going anywhere Pond?"

The doctor took two big strides he put his hand under her chin and brought her eyes up to meet his, tears were glistening in them, he took his thumb and brushed them gently away, he couldn't help but stare into those beautiful eyes, he could get lost in those eyes they told a story of meaning and hope, he just hoped she wouldn't reject him!

He moved his face inches towards hers, her eyes widened when she felt his hot breath on her cheek as he began to whisper in her ear but she couldn't concentrate she was too focused on his toned abs as he brushed up against her, the Doctor knew Amy wasn't listening so he smiled knowing that what ever he said didn't matter to her she was too busy eyeing him up so when he moved away from her ear and started leaning back he found her lips smacked on his in a split second, the Doctor replied into the kiss, he gently tugged on her lower lip begging for entrance, mind you she gladly accepted, both of them exploring each others mouths the kiss could have lasted forever if it hadn't been for them both needing oxygen… both panting desperately, staring into one another's eyes gazing way beyond the stars, the Doctor broke the silence, one word that's all he said just one word.


Amy felt no need to correct the Doctor this time round because after what she just experienced it didn't matter to her what he called her.

"Amy, I'm going to be honest in what I say… the very moment you first kissed me I felt like I was on fire like Christmas had come early and for the split second I wanted so badly to kiss you back but when you told me you were getting married, it hurt Amelia, it really did like somebody took a knife to me and stabbed me twenty times over, I'm not going to lie here I have fallen for you, and I have fallen hard. I'm in love with you Amelia Jessica Pond" as he said those three little words that chould quite possibly change everything between them, he stared into her beautiful hazel eyes and he saw her story of love and compassion.

"Ohh my Doctor, do you really mean it?" tears were slowly filling up in Amy's eyes tears of joy as she secretly hoped that one day the Doctor might feel the same as she did for him. Now he does

"Course I do ,I know that I was an idiotic prick before and I said I ddn….t" he was cut off by Amy's lips on his, one hand playfully tugging and his brown floppy hair the other pressed tightly against his well toned chest, the Doctor on the other hand had his hand on Amy's waist the other was in her long ginger locks ( ohh how he was jealous of her hair!) the Doctor broke away from the kiss,

"So Miss Pond do you still want to go back to Leadworth?" he smiled when he felt Amy's lips on his again, he got his answer that's for sure!

Amy broke away from the kiss " I love you too, even if you have to wear that ridiculous bowtie!" winking at him playfully.

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