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River swayed her head swimming with so many thoughts thoughts of how the possibilities of this happening, the negatives overpowered the positives. The Doctor after a long hour carried Amy towards their bedroom and lay her down under the covers, he sighed in sadness, silently stroking her hair 'How could this be happening' he reluctantly left her there warm and safe in their bed. He knew the Tardis would look out for and protect her but he couldn't help the worry and anxiety creep up on him.

After a few minutes of thinking to himself the Doctor looked up to realise that he was back in the console, then it occurred to him he never asked River what was actually wrong with Amy.

"River what happened what's wrong with her?" River's head snapped up to meet the Doctor's gaze it wasn't like his usual, his barriers were down he looked soo vulnerable she forgot she hadn't replied to the Doctors question and whispered in a hushed voice
"Time Lady"
All the Doctor could hear was soft whispers but it wasn't enough to make out what she fully said
"River can you repeat that, I never got that?" his eyes looking expectantly at her, this time she repeated it more loudly and clearly so he could finally understand.

"Time lady, she's turning into a time lady"
This broke the doctor his head couldn't take it, now his brain is pretty large so usually he could process a lot of stuff at one time but this, this was all too much. His Amy was turning into what he was… she was going to be like him for a very long time!

"B..b..but that cant be?" he stuttered, his breathing becoming more uncontrolled by the minute

"I'm afraid it is Doctor… we have to face it Amy's changing into a time lady and when she wakes up she's going to need somebody to help her through and who better than someone she knows and trusts and someone her own species"

The Doctor could hear the meaning behind the her words.
Just then the Tardis began to shake violently throwing both River and the Doctor to the floor.

After a few minutes of shaking violently both River and the Doctor stood up groaning, then it hit the Doctor like a Solar tsunami, it was a new memory.

~New memory~

Amy blinked she was in a white room… she'd never seen this room before she tried to get up but her whole body was tied down buckles kept her wrists and feet attached to what seemed a table leads and syringes were all attached to her body she looked down and realised she was in a hospital gown, she groaned and turned her head to the left, she could see the heart monitor and it's beeping noise. Only a few minutes after Amy woke up did she hear bolts unlocking like a door opening, she turned her head to the right and saw Armed guards and a woman coming in through them. She was beautiful this woman, Tall almost the same height as Amy, she had flawless white pale skin and her lips were ruby red. He long black hair cascaded down her back. Her eyes soo piercing the black pupils nearly overpowered her crystal green irises.

"Ahh at last your awake how do you feel?" the woman asked. Not even a hint of sympathy in her voice
"Ughhh What have you done to me you evil cow!" Amy screamed
"Now Now now don't fret dear Amelia, we have simply changed your biological make up, we removed all your DNA cells and replaced those ones with new cells. And once these new cells are fully developed in a few months time we will use you as our weapon." she simply stated
"who's cells? what am I? tell me who the hell you are? And how the hell you know my name?"
You're a companion of the Doctors, soo its only obvious we know your name it will only be a matter of time before he comes looking for you and hopefully by then we shall have our weapon primmed and ready. As for who's cells well dear their Time Lord cells. We are going to kill the Doctor once and for all!" she cackled.

Amy was stunned at this, they were using her as their weapon soo they could get close to the Doctor and kill him, but not only was she the bait she also was the weapon that was going to bring him to his knees. She was like him, she was almost a Time Lady. If they could escape they could be together forever. All these thoughts flew in and out of Amy's mind there was soo many to process but surprisingly to Amy she could manage to control them with soo much ease it was like her mind had expanded and she could keep track of it all. And then it clicked with her, she never got the woman's name.
"Oi" she shouted at the retreating woman's back

The woman turned expectantly to Amy she raised her eyebrows at her and mumbled "yess?"
"you never told me your name and who you are? And as you already know my name and species I think its only fair I get to ask yours, Don't you?"
Confidence was coursing through Amy's veins.
"My name is Edrea and I am a Lyran from the Tauras constellation about 130 light years from your home planet" she hissed
"he's going to find me and he's going to bring you down, your going to regret the day you ever came across his path" she mumbled but the woman caught every word of it and laughed
"Not unless we bring him to our knees first" with that she stalked out of the room.

Amy desperately tried to get out of the restraints but no matter how hard she tried they never budged, months had past and Amy's hopes of the Doctor finding her became less and less. Then she hit rock bottom she had completely lost all hope and sobbed that is until she felt a slight stabbing hitting at her barrier in the far corner of her brain, no matter how much she left it alone it got stronger like it was trying to burst through but Amy was holding it up firmly. Then it diminished, like it had given up and Amy relaxed.

The Doctor felt a connection peaking in his mind but he couldn't access it there was a bloody strong barrier keeping him out, it was repealing every force he shot at it, it was like it got stronger every time he did soo instead he stopped and looked around the edges of the barrier trying to find a weak spot and he did so he targeted it and Boom he was in.
Amy thought it has stopped but before she could realise what it was doing it was in… they were in her mind they could do what they please and she could force them out because she didn't have the energy she used it all on trying to keep them out. Then it was like a blessing she heard it, his voice, like an angels voice from heaven "Amelia is that you?"
"D..D..Doctor?" she stumbled
"ohh Amelia I thought I'd lost you forever" she could hear the pain, the happiness the sadness in his voice
"I was giving up on you coming to find me" she spoke the truth and she felt the Doctor mentally wince at this
" I know im sorry im not a very good person am I?, Amelia can you tell me anything about where you are?"

"Nooo im in a white room im buckled down to an examing table"
"HAVE THEY HURT YOU" he roared through the connection, Amy winced at the pitch of his voice,
"Doctor please not soo loud, Not as far as I know but I know the woman's name"
"A woman? Go on…"
"her names Edrea a Lyran I believe she said, from the Tau…" but Amy never got to finish her sentence as the Doctor cut in on her.

"Taura constellation 130 light years away from your home… Ohh Amy im soo sorry I know who she is, she's out against me, she's out to get revenge she's only using you to get to me, ohh Amelia im soo sorry but I believe I know where you might be, stay strong Amy and I'll try keep in contact" with that he broke the connection.
"What, what do you mean try keep in contact, hello Doctor you there?" but she was met with silence then she screamed.

The guards came running into her room guns at the ready aiming at the invisible intruder, when they realised no one was here they huffed and moved out till the corridor again, sealing the bolts across the door.
Another hour had gone by since Amy's encounter with the Doctor via telepathy when Edrea came crashing into her room
She roughly grabbed Amy by the throat shouting curses at her.
"did you speak with him?" fear coming across in her words
Amy gasped for air between gasps she mumbled "Nooo" with that the woman let her go
"Liar" raising her hand and smacked it across Amy's cheek, Amy felt the impact from the slap, her cheek now turning into a crimson red sting. But before the woman slapped Amy nobody seemed to notice the non existent air floating about, although Amy noticed it she tried not to let it show.
"Get away from Fiancée" boomed the Doctor, Edrea's head snapped towards the far corner of where the Doctor stepped out if the invisible air.
She smirked and turned fully towards the Doctor "well well well doctor fancy meeting you here"
"I wish I could say the same but I believe you have something of mine" snarled the Doctor, Amy had seen the Doctor angry but this was a whole new level of angry. Her eyes filled with tears she didn't like seeing him angry, the doctor noticed the tears forming in her eyes and smiled a soft glowing smile towards her signalling ' this is only for show I would never really hurt you'.

"what have you done to her?" he bellowed
"we have changed her!" she cackled
"changed her into what?" when he revieved no answer he yelled again
"tell me what have you changed her into?"
"A time lady, she is a Time Lady" the doctor stumbled backwards a bit but regained himself before anyone saw unfortunately Amy saw and the tears slowly trickled down her cheeks
"why? You've have ruined her… look at her she was a human being a living breathing human being and you changed her into what..me! Why would you do that" he spat the last words out with such venom
"So we can use her as a weapon" She laughed
the doctors eyes nearly buldged out of his head, at the though of Amy as some weapon
"SHE IS NOT A WEAPON" he bellowed
"she will be, so we can bring you down once and for all" that last bit hit him hard they were using her so the could bring him down he peaked a glance at him and he saw only the little girl he met all those years ago if only he hadn't of crashed in her back yard then she would be alright she wouldn't be in the situation.

In the second that the doctor looked away from Edrea, she made a bee line straight for the door and ran for her life, she feared it soo much she was only trying to continue what her ancestors had done trying to kill the oncoming storm that owned the blue box.

The doctor contemplated on going after Edrea or getting Amy out of there and went straight for Amy loosening her buckles once her got the last buckle around her stomach off her was battled into a bone crushing hug from Amy
she whispered in his ear " I thought you'd never come" he laughed and hugged her back whispering " I'll always come for you Amy"
Amy smiled weakily and with that she fainted. The Doctor caught her before she hit the floor and scooped her up In his arms and stepped into the thin air, well the Tardis actually and lead Amy straight till the medic bay laying her on the examing bed and hooked her up to the machines, he ran a full body scan, while this was taking place he moved towards the console so he could get them away from that disgusting place an set the coordinates for deep space… the Tardis feeling the Doctors fear and anxiety told him to relax and go check on her, with that he left and went to the medic bay when he arrived he found Amy sitting up staring blankly at the screen it was in Gallifreyan but it seemed she had no trouble reading it as it did confirm she was indeed a Time Lady.

~Memory Ended ~

The Doctor jostled forward and only for river catching him he would have hit his head and be knocked out on conscious.
"Doctor?" she asked wearily

"Someone has rewritten time" he mumbled staring at the floor but River never quiet caught the whole lot of it
"Sorry doctor I couldn't make you out" this time the doctor looked at her and repeated "Someone has rewritten time I have a new memory, one I never had before and it explains the whole reason why Amy's a time lady"

The doctor spent an hour telling River the whole memory in full detail and only then did it all seem to make sense to River.
"Soo whats going to happen now?" she questioned

"I'll tell you whats going to happen now…" boomed a voice from behind them they both turned on the spot to see Amy standing at the top of the stairs dressed in new clothes, hands on her hips and ready for action, she continued her statement "we are going to get married" taking her steps slowly down towards the Doctor.

"B..B..But" the Doctor never got to finish his sentence because Amy has pressed her finger to his lips shushing him.
"No buts mister, I am now a time lady I believe, because we both just got the same memory a new one in fact and im considering that someone has rewritten time soo despite all this yada nonsense I have a wedding dress and a fiancée but no husband I would quite like to have him if that's alright" she smiled sweetly at him
"But aren't you tired or hurt?" the doctor looked concerned
"Nope perfectly fine thank you and dear sir you have got to stop thinking of me like that" she laughed winking at him before bouncing off towards the centre. The Doctor blushed at being caught thinking graphical pictures of his wife to be. But the he realised how could she have seen those he had his mental barrier up
"Heyy how did you see that? My barriers up.." looking quite confused as he bounded over to her and River,
"Well honey your barrier's not as good as you think cause seriously sweetie it was like childs play getting through that, either you have a weak barrier or…" River finished off Amy's sentence
"you're an awfully powerful Time Lady" she laughed

"Doctor I do believe you have one powerful feisty Time Lady" laughed Jack from the corner of the room. Everyone seemed to have forgotten Jack.
Amy turned on the spot and wrapped her arms around the Doctor's neck
"that I am but I'm his feisty Time Lady" smirking and leant towards the doctor
the Doctor cocked his eyebrows and smirked before leaning towards her, pressing his mouth to hers, feeling her mouth working in sync with his made the doctor feel soo happy and he felt like nothing could tear down the world, he was captivated by the sensation of his mouth moving together with hers. They broke apart slowly peaking through their eyes only then did their eyes meet; his greeny hazel and her chocolate brown ones swirling and floating together like in a dance moving together in rhythm, in sync. That's them the Doctor and Amelia together, One species now, moving together in sync, moving onwards forever.

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