Hello everybody and welcome to the first chapter of Amber Eyes, I wrote it over a year ago so don't be too harsh. I will update every Wednesday and my other stories are updated weekly as well. I hope you enjoy.

Maron was sleeping, I didn't blame her. She had had a bad day, I blamed myself , if I had resisted the brain washing better Maron wouldn't have had to go thru half of the trouble she did, and she still says she loves me. Oh Maron, I love you too, you're like a sister to me.

I flew out the window, desperately needing air. Out in the night winds, this is what God had made, what I loved. It felt great to no longer be a worker of the underworld, even better than the winds. I was so glad to no longer be someone else, being me was better.

I went over to Access and Chiaki's house and knocked on the window. Access saw me and had the blue haired boy open the window and let me in. They looked surprised, well that was my fault and both of the boys had a large amount of worry in their eyes.

"What's wrong?" the taller boy asked "Is Maron hurt?"

"No she's sleeping, I felt like going for a fly." I shrugged, hiding my guilt and sadness, or at least I tried. Access saw that I was hiding something at once.

"What's wrong Finn?" He asked while flying over.

"I just feel bad about being taken over, I mean I'm an angel, Darkness should have no hold over me." I murmured hopelessly. Access was a good friend, my best, but I didn't think he could help with this. I hid my face with my green hair, I didn't want to look into his amber eyes and see the realization and love. I loved him too, with all of my heart, but I didn't deserve him. He was pure and untarnished and I had been taken over by the forces of evil.

I glanced up, his purple hair shadowed his eyes but I could still see their glint. My emerald eyes took in all of the details, his dark wings fluttering so their purple gems sparkled in the moonlight. At four inches tall he was a full centimeter taller than me, the purple and black robes barley moving in the still indoor air, he lifted his head and the gem on his forehead caught the light.

"Finn Fish," he addressed me "a lot, ok not a lot, but some full angels are pulled in by the devil, he's strong, he fight's God to a draw! Finn I know you feel bad, but I should have been able to save you. I remember when you were being pulled into that black portal and you cried out for me to help you, and I couldn't get there fast enough."

"Oh Access, you couldn't have got there any faster, it was against the devil's will, you almost saved me as it is." I rested my hand on his shoulder hoping he would find comfort in it, my wing brushed his as he placed his white gloved hand on the gem in the middle of my forehead. I gasped and almost stopped flying, and hugged him, each of us gathering comfort from the others warmth.

I broke the embrace, tapped his gem and flew out the window, Maron would be up soon and I wanted to be there when she woke.