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I woke up and opened my eyes; the first thing they took in was Access' sleeping form, his hair splayed across his face. I guess I wasn't the only one who was tired. I stared at his angelic face, delicate nose, long eyelashes that were gently closed, mouth curved in a slight smile, with his purple gem shimmering in the early moonlight.

Early moonlight? Oh, no! Maron must be back and she saw Access and I together! What would I say? What if she had stopped and said something like 'how cute' or worst of all, what if she got in trouble while I slept! Thru my panic I felt eyes upon me, I turned and almost drowned in the bright, warm eyes behind me.

"Finn, what is it?" he asked. I took a deep breath and glanced at the clock

"It's 9:07" his amber eyes widened as he realized the problem.

"Right." We flew out the window to look for our charges, they were right next door. Maron was talking about the next meet and Chiaki was staring at her underwear that was showing. I went over and pulled down her skirt, Maron noticed and understood at once. She whacked Chiaki over the head, karma at work. She sent one last, angry look at the blue haired boy and stomped over to our place. I waved to Access and followed.

"You and Access looked cute together," she said, not really looking at me and I blushed beet red.

"Umm, yeah, we're good friends."

"That's not what I meant."

"Hmmm" I didn't like where this conversation was going.

"Well, what is Access to you Finn?" Sighing I decided that I would tell her the truth, it would be better than all of the lies I had been telling her.

"Access is my fiancé" I answered in a rush.

"Nani[1]?" she asked nearly falling over in surprise.

"Yes," I began with a sigh "We were going to be married a few days after I was assigned to you, but getting this assignment postponed it.

"Speaking of the case, are you going home now?" her voice cracked with the thought.

"No, Access will stay with Chiaki until he dies and I will stay with you." Secretly I hoped that Maron and Chiaki would end up together since that meant that Access and I could be together as well. That's the only way I'll be able to see him until we go back to heaven.

[1](Nani) the Japanese word for what

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