Stephanie Carter was leaning against the hood of the car her and her sister, Kaci, had stolen. Stephanie was hidden under her black hood; her light blond hair wasn't hidden as much as it displayed itself down the front of her and slightly breezing in the wind. Her sister on the other hand had her vest hoodie on with it over her head, her dark short hair covered completely except for her bangs. She was trying to figure out why the car had just randomly stopped.

"Anything?" asked Stephanie as she crossed her arms and looked over at her sister. Her light hazel eyes met her sisters light brown ones as Kaci turned her head to look at her and grimaced sadly.

"No," said Kaci as she stood straight up, "Nothing. It just completely died."

Stephanie frowned, "Looks like we're walking then huh?"

"Looks like it but I really don't care," said Kaci going into the back of the car and grabbed their bags. She handed her sister hers, "As long as I'm far away from dad that's all that matters."

Stephanie nodded and Kaci gave her a smile, "It's alright little sis," she put her arm around her shoulder as they began to walk down the dark deserted road, "Everything is going to be ok. Me and you forever right Stephy."

"It's Stephanie," said Stephanie smiling at her older sister and leaned her head on her shoulder.

"I know I just love picking on you." She kissed her sisters cheek and they headed down that long dark road.

As they continued along the dark road they saw headlights coming from behind them. It was an old truck and it stopped right next to them. Kaci had her small pocket knife ready in her back pocket just in case this person tried to hurt them. When the inside light turned on they saw it was an elderly woman, maybe late 50's sitting in the driver's side.

"What in God's name are you two doing out walking the dark streets at eleven at night," said the woman.

"It's sort of a long story," said Kaci not wanting to get into details. She looked at her sister who was looking from the ground up at the lady holding the jacket close to her. Layers were her sister's security blanket. It was like her shield to everyone.

"Do you need a ride?" the elderly woman asked.

Kaci looked at her sister and she gave a slight nod. Kaci gave the woman a smile as she opened the door. Kaci slid in first then Stephanie.

"Name's Sarah," said the woman as she started the truck and pulled back onto the road.

"I'm Kaci," said Kaci, "and this is my little sister Stephanie."

"Where you girls headed?"

Kaci and Stephanie shared a look then looked back out the windshield, "Just the nearest motel please."

"Far from home?"

"Trying to be."

Sarah glanced at the two girls noticing the hoods over their heads and the look in their eyes. They were runners. They were running from something and she didn't want to pry.

"You do know it's dangerous out there especially for two young girls to be wandering around."

Kaci gave a small smile and pulled out her pocket knife, "That's why I have this. May be small but it can do some damage."

Sarah cracked a smile, "You remind me of someone, just can't put my finger on it."

"Well, if they are like me they must be awesome."

That's when it clicked Sarah, "Dean Winchester, that's who you remind me of. That boy could get into so much trouble with his hands tied behind his back."

Kaci arched an eyebrow when she looked at Stephanie who just shrugged.

"So you girls have nowhere to go?" she asked turning the bend.

"No," said Stephanie quietly, "Just far away from home that's all."

Sarah hadn't heard the youngest talk yet and when she did it nearly broke her heart. Stephanie had a quiet voice almost sad like.

"How old are you girls?"

"I'm 26 and Stephanie here is 23."

Sarah nodded, "What if I tell you girls I have a place for you two to stay?"

The sisters glanced at each other again then looked at Sarah, "We're not looking for charity."

"It's not charity you will be working for the place you will be living at."

"Working?" asked Stephanie sitting up straighter and getting a better look at Sarah.

"It's a bar that the Winchester brothers own. It's a place where…people go for a rest stop," the girls nodded, "We're looking for a couple more waitress's and bar tenders."

"I can make a mad whiskey on the rocks," said Kaci with a smile.

Sarah laughed, "You two will be perfect there. And there's a place on top that all of us live…well, me and my husband, Warren and the Winchester brothers. There's an extra bedroom with a queen mattress, you two can share. What do you say?"

Kaci looked at Stephanie whose eyes were wide with curiosity and she nodded shortly. Kaci smiled at her sister than looked at Sarah, "When should we start?"

"As soon as we get there."

A Couple Weeks Later

"Whoa, whoa, whoa coming through!" yelled Kaci holding a tray over people's heads and walking over to the bar. She placed it on the bar and sighed loudly, "Sarah, where did all these people come from?"

"It's a rush weekend I guess," said Sarah placing drinks on her tray, "They all must be getting done a hunt."

Kaci sighed angrily, "Well if one more slaps my ass I am going to be putting these drinks somewhere where the sun don't shine."

Sarah laughed and Stephanie standing by pouring a drink laughed, "Would you like to trade places?"

"No, no way my sister is going out there dressed in short shorts in this crowd tonight."

"I have sleeves on my arms."

"I don't think arms are what these men are looking at." Kaci rolled her eyes and Stephanie laughed putting the Tequila back on the shelf.

Ever since the two had started living and working at the roadhouse Stephanie has actually smiled and laughed. Something she hasn't seen from her sister in a very, very long time. Kaci and Stephanie caught each other's gaze and smiled at each other right before Kaci got up and handed the customers their drinks.

Kaci walked by two of the other waitress's who were talking and laughing as they pulled her in. Kaci glared at them as they laughed, "So the Winchester's are coming back tonight," said the one named Amanda.

"Ok?" said Kaci not understanding the big hoopla about the Winchesters.

"Well," said Stacy, "They own this place they are going to be wondering why there are two new girls here without being consulted first."

"So what should I do an interview then?" asked Kaci as she put the tray under her arm and placed her other hand on her hip.

"Dean, the oldest, he does the interviews," said Amanda and bit her bottom lip, "he really gets into detail with interviews and very personal."

Kaci squinted her eyes at the two as she looked between them, "You slept with him to get a job?"

"Well no we had the job but if we wanted some…extra time during the interview to get in real good we-"

"Had sex with the owner. Classy, don't expect me and my sister to do any of that."

Stacy and Amanda shrugged as Kaci walked away shaking her head, "Whore's…that's what I work with whores." She sighed heavily as she walked up to the couches and took out her notepad and pencil, "What would you guys like?"

The one arched his eyebrow and licked his lips, "How about your number?"

Kaci looked up from the notepad and at the one that said it, "Buddy…I'm having a really bad night here. Just tell me what you want."

"Well, maybe I can help ease that night tension. How about you get off early, come back to my place, listen to some Zeppelin, drink a six pack, order some pizza and I can give you a body massage?" He winked at her and he watched her grit her teeth but put on a small smile.

"I'll be back with two drifters for you and your friend."

"Sure thing sweetheart." He watched her ass after she turned around and began to walk away. He smiled to himself as she went up to the bar. Didn't take long for her to come back with their drinks.

"So I've never seen you around here before," said the guy as she put their drinks on the table in front of them.

"Yeah I'm new, my sister and I." She wiped a piece of hair out of her face.


She looked at him and nodded, "Yeah the blond at the bar and if I see you anywhere near her I'll kick your ass, hear me?"

The guy leaned back on the couch and smirked, "I like a girl with spunk," he bit his bottom lip looking her up and down as he leaned up and placed his elbows on his knees. He licked his lips, "How about me and you go in the back and I can give you a tip properly? Has your boss given you a background check because I would sure love to give you one?" He looked around at her ass.

Kaci threw her pen and notepad on the table and grabbed his drink throwing it in his face. He spit it out and wiped his face, "Son of a bitch!" He stood trying to clean himself as she walked away.


Kaci stomped all the way to the bar and threw her tray on it, "I'm done!"

"You can say that again," said Stacy looking at her shocked.

"What are you talking about?" Kaci was too annoyed and angry about that guy to play little waitress games with Stacy.

"What I mean is you may be out of a job?"

"What?" asked Stephanie with her eyes widened as she looked between her sister and Stacy.

"Why? Because I threw a drink on some jack ass?" asked Kaci.

"No but that jack ass is Dean Winchester."

Kaci quickly turned her head to look over at the two men, the one, Dean Winchester had just ran his hand through his hair and looked up at hair angrily.

"Oh shit," she said feeling her heart beat against her chest, "I am so fired."

"Well…maybe, maybe it was some sort of test," said Stephanie playing with the sleeves of her shirt.

"You guys don't know Dean Winchester too well," said Stacy, "You get him pissed off, and you're on his shit list forever." Kaci looked at Stephanie biting her bottom lip. Stacy patted her shoulder, "It was nice knowing ya."

"Don't worry sweetie," said Sarah coming up, "I'll talk to him. Why don't you…call it a night, both of you," she looked at Stephanie and the sister's nodded taking off their aprons and placing them under the bar before heading into the back door and up the stairs.

"I guess we should start packing," said Stephanie.

"I'm really sorry Stephy," said Kaci.

"It's alright big sis. We couldn't stay here forever even if we liked it."

Sarah and Warren walked up to both Sam and Dean. Warren placed his hand on Sarah's shoulder to make sure she didn't say anything she was going to regret.

"Well I see you hired some help behind our back," said Dean still trying to dry himself from the beer, "They're fired."

"You can't do that," said Sarah.

"Oh no! The one threw beer at me! In my face! I don't want these kind of girls in my roadhouse!"

Sarah placed her hands on her hips and glared at him, "Oh the kind of girls that can stand up for themselves?"

"Dean," said Sam, "look it was just a misunderstanding. I'm pretty sure if she knew it was you she wouldn't have thrown the beer in your face."

"Oh no I'm pretty sure she would have," said Warren, "These girls aren't like Stacy and Amanda. They're different; they've been here for two weeks and have done so much. The crowds are getting bigger and bigger because of their service."

"Just give them a chance," said Sarah, "It's none of our business but I have a feeling these girls have been through a lot. I found them on the side of the road in the middle of the night. Kaci, the oldest, the one that threw the drink in your face she's very protective of her sister."

"She did threaten Dean not to go near her," said Sam with a small laugh and Dean glared at his little brother then looked back at Sarah and Warren.

"She knows the dress code right?" he asked, "All girls musts where shorts and t-shirts."

Sarah looked between the men, "Don't do that to Stephanie. Since I picked her up she wears long sleeves. She wears a lot of layers."


"I never asked. It's none of my business, it's theirs. Now look…these are good girls who needed a fresh start. You two of all people should know that."

Dean sighed and looked at Sam who was giving him those puppy dog eyes then back at Warren and Sarah. He threw his hands up, "Fine, fine, but if that Kaci girl throws another drink in my face she's going to learn not to mess with me."

"I don't think threatening her is going to work," said Sarah, "That's one tough girl upstairs."

"Wait, upstairs?" asked Sam.

"Yeah, they sort of live with us now."

Dean rolled his eyes and looked at Sam, "We are living with girls now. I swear if I see one feminine product in my bathroom-" Dean couldn't even finish the sentence as he shook, "nasty."

"Go easy on them Dean," said Sarah with a look.

Dean nodded as he and Sam walked by them and towards the back to get up to their place.


Kaci and Stephanie had quickly changed out of their bar outfits. Stephanie was wearing a pair of gray sweatpants and her black hood with a white t-shirt underneath while Kaci had on a pair of low rise jeans and a black t-shirt that read 'Got Milk?'

The girls were packing knowing that they had lost their job over what Kaci had done. "I'm really sorry."

"For the thousandth time Kay Kay, no big deal. We'll hot wire another car and hit the road."

"Hot wire another car?" asked Sam as he opened the door more.

"You two are just a couple of roadside bandits aren't ya?" asked Dean walking in behind Sam. He looked right at Kaci and read her shirt, "Biting my tongue, biting my tongue."

"You guys didn't have to pack," said Sam walking further into the room.

Stephanie backed up a little holding tightly onto a shirt. She was not use to men being this close to her in a bedroom without something horrible happening.

Kaci watched the two as they stopped at the foot of the girl's bed. "Look, I was an asshole ok?" asked Dean looking at Kaci.

"Let's start over," said Sam placing his hands in his pockets, "From what we hear you two are pretty good in the bar."

"And we know you can hold your own," said Dean smirking at Kaci.

"I'm Sam," said Sam taking his hand out of his pocket and reaching out for Stephanie. She looked at Kaci before dropping the shirt in her hand on the bed and stepped forward taking it in hers, "I'm Stephanie."

"Dean," said Dean shaking Stephanie's hand after Sam then looking at Kaci with that smirk still on his face, "I believe we've already met."

"Yes you're the asshole that didn't know how to keep his mouth shut?"

"And you're the bitch that threw the drink on me."

Kaci smirked, "Pleasure to meet you asshole." She put her hand out and Dean took it.

"You too bitch."

Sam shook his head, "I will just be calling you Kaci," said Sam shaking her hand.

"So that makes you the sweet Sam that the girls talk about."

"Wait, the girls talk about him?" asked Dean with a confused face.

"Yes, they say he's the cute sweet one." Sam blushed and looked at Stephanie who gave a small smile at them as she sat down on the bed carefully crossing her legs.

"And what have they said about me?"

Kaci smirked crossing her arms across her chest, "I don't think you want to know."

"I think I do."

Kaci glanced at Stephanie then back at Dean shaking her head, "Nah."

"You know I'm your boss I could get it out of you."

"Oh yeah? How?"

"Well my offer still stands from earlier?"

"Oh the whole taking me in the back and doing a background check?"

"No, no, no…my room a little Zeppelin a six pack-" He stopped when Sam placed his hand on his brother's shoulder, "You may want to stop before she finds something to throw at you again. Let's go."

"Whatever." They walked out and before Sam closed the door Kaci yelled out, "Make sure to thank your brother for saving your ass!"

Dean turned around but Sam stopped him as he closed the door. Kaci looked at Stephanie who let out a small chuckle as Kaci grinned at her.

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