James stared longingly at Lily from across the room. Her red, silky hair spilled down her back, and at that moment he longed to run his fingers through it. He wanted to trace the lines of her creamy white face, dashed ever so slightly with freckles. He watched as she wrote notes frantically, noticing that she chewed on her lip, as she sometimes did when she thought no one was looking.

James knew, without a doubt, that he loved Lily Evans. She was the only girl that could cause such a reaction from him. She, however, was unconvinced of this. After all, everyone in Hogwarts knew that James had an affinity for the ladies. This was something that Lily knew, and consequently something she did not forget. In an effort to get to Lily, James had put many of her friends under his charming love spell, and she hated him wretchedly for it.

She could feel his eyes on her now, and she peered up at him to let him know this. He locked eyes with her, and made no effort to look away, clearly unembarrassed by his own gawking. She expected him to look away immediately, and now she could feel her insides getting warm and tingly. The warmth worked its way up to her face in a deep red blush, noticeable from outer space.

She looked down at once. "Damn it," she muttered, breaking the electric contact between them. Lily was not stupid, her perfect scores in school could attest to that. As smart as she was, she preferred to live in denial when it came to James. She knew that a part of her was attracted to him, and it was something she had never experienced before. It pained her to admit this, but it pained her much more to let him see it. More than anything, Lily could not stand the idea of being one of the many girls James Potter had seduced and left out to dry. She swore she would never be added to his list of conquests.

The blush did not go unnoticed by James, who still sat in a daze. He could not believe how Lily made him feel with just a small look. For the rest of Potions, he felt almost lightheaded and giddy inside, not to mention slightly successful.

In the back of the classroom Severus Snape sneered internally at James; jealousy tore profoundly at his very depths, yet his face remained blank. The fact that Lily even acknowledged James' existence threw him into a rage. However, both James and Lily appeared oblivious to the vehement feelings pouring from behind them; both too consumed with brooding thoughts of each other. Severus' dark penetrating eyes came to rest on the back of James' brown hair in a cold glare.

As Potions dragged on, Lily thought about what it would be like to be with James, while James wondered what he could do to get Lily to think what she was already thinking about him. Lily, lost in erotic and tumultuous thoughts, unknowingly began breathing heavily. Thankfully no one but James and Severus seemed to notice. Her thoughts ran away with her, and James liked it ever so much. He watched her a while and began to feel undone. Anymore of this, he thought, and I'll have to excuse myself from the room. He didn't know what Lily was thinking about, but he wanted to find out. Finally, he decided to leave the room and take a stroll down the hall for a moment so he could collect his thoughts, maybe even plan some sort of chivalrous move to win Lily over. He laughed at the likelihood of ever pulling that off.

His abrupt exit brought Lily back from her heavy day dream. She didn't know why but she loathed the feeling just then when he departed, and at the same time she hated him beyond belief. She hated him for making her feel this way, because she knew she could never be with a rake like him. She resolved to never let him know her conflicting feelings; an inch of weakness could spell the end for her. And besides, from what she had observed over the years, she knew that James was a cocky, rude prat! His only weakness was...well, it was her. She had become aware of this over the past year and a half, and she would use it for her advantage when necessary. James like to cut up and play pranks constantly, while Lily was serious about her academics, with little time to play. She was the only person that could get James to behave at times, for some reason he only listened to her. She wanted to make him behave without involving herself in the process and she endeavored to make that happen.

However, there was a hitch in Lily's plans; that is, James being a spot of weakness for her as she was for him. She wrote him off as a guilty pleasure to indulge in, and not somebody she could give herself to, someone without any substance. Lily told herself that anything she may have felt for him was merely sexual attraction, pure and simple but nothing more than that. Underneath her confident thoughts, Lily felt unsure, but that's what scared her most of all. In her mind, she could not totally eliminate this possibility of possessing feelings for him. More than anything love scared Lily; she witnessed too many divorces, and too many of her friends hearts had been dismembered before her very eyes, and all she could do was help them salvage what was left. She had seen the wreckage love could leave behind, the way it dismantled the strongest of people. Damn her if she would open herself up to someone like that, especially to an infamous heartbreaker like James Potter. She abhorred most of his friends, and his little Maurader group. They were just as cocky as him! Well maybe not Peter, but definitely Sirius. Lupin wasn't so bad; she could honestly say she liked Lupin.

Her thoughts were dispelled when James popped back into the room, and plopped down onto his seat. He looked forward at the board, not so much as even peeping at her. Lily watched him and caught her breath when she spotted a strong arm through his robe. His hair fell over his glasses as he bent his head forward deep in thought. Suddenly he looked up at her; Lily snapped her head back around and lost her balance in the process. She flew backwards, spilling onto the floor. The entire class laughed while Lily picked herself up. She brushed herself off rather gracefully, James noticed. She could have died from the embarrassment she felt just then, but decided that was not appropriate, although tempting. Lily lifted her chin high, smoothed out her disheveled robes, and sat back down.

"Miss Evans are you all right there?" the professor asked out of courtesy. All she could do was nod.

Seeing that she was not injured James smiled from ear to ear. He was beyond pleased at eliciting such a reaction from her. He did feel bad that she had fallen out of her chair; it was very unlike Lily Evans to lose herself, he'd noticed over the years. At the end of class she stood hurriedly, attempting to whip right past him, but he reached out a long hard arm and blocked her. "Look Lily...I'm sorry I made you fall out of your chair..." She could tell by the look on his face right now, that he was not sorry. In fact, he looked pretty damned happy about it. Well damn him to bloody hell, she thought.

Without so much as a blink, Lily grinned and said, "Don't be silly. You didn't make me fall out of my chair. I just lost my balance for a moment." James didn't know if he should challenge this or not; he knew she would inevitably win. He looked down at her, and they both seemed to notice how close they were to each other at the same time. Suddenly James lost himself in those deep green eyes, and without a thought he bent down and kissed Lily Evans. He kissed her with everything he had. At that moment every feeling he possessed for her surfaced, and he lost his senses. Lily tried to pull away from him, resisting his kiss and touch. Her whole body trembled and throbbed, pleasure shooting through her core. She could no longer move. James tasted so good, and he worked wonders with his tongue. His body pressed close to hers; his hand was at the nape of her neck, running through her hair feverishly.

Lily came to her senses quickly though. Remembering where she was, she felt embarrassed. Then she broke away from his lips and found herself pinned between James and a large desk. "Get off of me Potter!" she barked. James just stared at her in a daze, breathing heavily. He made no motion to move, and she slapped him across the face. Not enough to really hurt but enough to shock him, the same way he had shocked her with this little stunt. He still wouldn't move though, and Lily wiggled out from between him and the desk. She grabbed her things and quickly scanned the room to make sure no one had witnessed what had happened; then she bolted out of the room. James stared after her a moment, confusion furrowing his brow.

He felt compelled to follow her immediately. Lily Evan's may not have been aware of her feelings for him, but James saw something flicker in her emerald eyes every time he caught her looking at him unaware. He decided it was time to make Lily acknowledge this, which seemed feasible if he could just get her guard down. James knew that would be a huge feat with Lily Evans, the strongest willed person he had ever met. But they were both in their last year of school after all, what did he have to lose?

"It's now or never."