Sometimes, Ryan Bailey Howard just can't explain it. Please notice that everything above the page break is the present and everything below it is Ryan reflecting on a memory. He is replaying the memory in his mind. No copyright intended; I do not own the Office or any characters.

"I don't know… Can't explain it."

What a stupid choice of words. I can still remember the day…

"Kelly…" I was still half asleep and a little hung over. The night before had been astounding. Well, at that moment I couldn't remember exactly what had happened, but I knew it had resulted in sex. And a night that ended with sex with Kelly must have been a good one. "Kelly," I had had to repeat it, she was (and still is) such a heavy sleeper. "Wake up… we have to go to work…" I was contemplating on which would be a better, safer idea; leaving her or attempting to wake her up. The second choice sounded better at the time because, even early on in the relationship, I knew that if I left her alone in my apartment, she would "pink-a-fy" my bachelor pad that I had worked so hard to obtain. And that was definitely not what I had needed at the time. So I had pressed my lips firmly against hers and woke her up properly with a deep, good mornings kiss. The abruptness of it awoke her from her deep slumber and she squealed. I remember how good the vibrations felt rumbling down my throat and echoing in the depths of my beer filled stomach. The echoes brought a sense of warmth to my heart. I knew that that day would be a good day. Better than the good days I have had, or thought I would have had, in the past. Something had felt different. I don't know, can't explain it.

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