Enjoy, darlings!

I should have been happy, thrilled perhaps. But the look on her face and the tone of her voice made my stone-cold mind-set melt into goop. I was nothing but mere silly putty in her small, fragile hands, she was in control of my heart. Tears had welled up in my azure eyes when she had agreed that a break up was the only option. I had to fight to keep them back; after all, I was the one who suggested it. When the camera crew asked me how I felt about the break up I wanted to spill my guts, to tell them that she was (is) my everything. However, I had never been that kind of guy. A guy that talks about his problems. Someone like Kelly. So I had sucked it up and said some shit about the irony of business cards coming in the mail the day the branch closes. While sitting at my desk, in the midst of all the crying and farewells, I realized that that is not how I wanted things to end. We had never appeared to have the perfect relationship on the outside, but internally we were a perfect fit. On my way to the annex to plead for her to return into my life, it happened. A moment that swept me off my feet, a moment that knocked the oxygen right out of my lungs, a moment that made me realize the unimaginable. I was in love.

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