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Canada has always been left behind and forgotten. The first time it happened was shortly after he came into being. Back then he was called Vinland. The nordics had made their way to his shores and settled there. That had been the moment he had first opened his eyes to the world. They had found him, the nordics. Norway had been the one to actually bring him to their settlement and out of the wild. He was happy and between Norway and Finland, Denmark and Sweden he couldn't ask for more as family. He quickly became one of them. Despite this however his native people were not so accepting of the strangers. He tried to explain to them that these strange people were not a threat but friends. They didn't listen and instead made life for the settlers very difficult. Eventually the Nordics were forced to leave. Their people there needed supplies that could only come from them returning home. They had promised to return and left him in the care of their people that they left behind.

"We will return for you Vinland. Just wait for us here."

They never came back. Their people eventually either left or died. He stayed. He waited. Eventually he had to leave that shore for survival but he kept coming back, hoping he would see those tall red and white sails that marked their return.

Years passed and he met France. He had been waiting on the shore from which the nordics had left when he saw a tall white sail. Could it be, were they returning? He rushed down to the beach just as a small sail-less vessel made landfall. The first man to disembark was not one of the nordics, but the small nation felt the familiarity with the man. It was another like himself. Maybe they hadn't been able to return and sent this man in their place. It wasn't so, but the man, known as France, took him up in his arms none the less and promised to never leave him to be abandoned on his shores again.

It was different than with the nordics. France would leave often and return, always bringing more people with him. He gave Canada the name he would use for the rest of his life and helped him to grow. When Canada was just coming to fully trust that the man would keep his promise, the British came, led by a man that Canada had been told about by France. It was England and he was attacking. Canada cried out for France to help him, especially as they attempted to take Quebec. France's soldiers held them at bay but as supplies dwindled they eventually had to give in to the siege. Not long after that Canada learned that France had given him to England. What trust he had gained for the French nation was quickly shattered as he was put under the rule of the mighty British Empire. He began to grew bitter as he realized that England had many colonies like himself to look after. He was easily pushed aside in the Brit's mind in favor of his younger brother who he had only recently learned of. America. When England would come to see him he would always be ranting about how America was acting up and being an ungrateful whelp. At times he would begin to mistake Canada for his near look-a-like, but always managed to realize the difference in time. For this Canada was somewhat grateful to the powerful empire. He may have been left and forgotten numerous times but at least his current guardian never tried to get too close to him.

It still hurt. Then there was war. America was tired of England constantly treating him as a child and was declaring himself independent. England came to Canada, rifles and uniform in hand. The boy looked barely more than 12 but England insisted that he fight. It hurt. It hurt more than he could describe to have to fight his brother. He did not blame his brother for wanting his freedom. He too wanted to be free of being a pawn to stronger nations. However he knew he was not strong enough to fight them off, not like his brother. Then he realized, during a battle, that France was helping America. He was dumbfounded. France had promised to come back for him, to take him back from England. Some small part of him that had still been holding out hope for this died painfully that day. Even in his brother's quest to be free of the manipulative Europeans he was just letting himself be led from the grasp of one to another. France wasn't doing this for America, nor was he doing it for Canada. He was doing all this to avenge his own pride. Canada refused to fight after that. England still sent his people to fight but Canada himself stayed out of it.

America gained his independence when all was over and done with. Eventually his brother came to him. Arms outstretched in welcome and asking him to join him. Canada hesitated, then shook his head. He too wanted his freedom, England had begun imposing heavier burdens on him after America's successful war for independence, but he couldn't bring himself to trust his brother to help him. Too many times he had felt the sting of betrayal and he would harden his heart to even his brother to keep from feeling that pain again. It wasn't long after that that America decided to just take Canada for himself. America sent his soldiers to Canada, hellbent on bringing his brother to him. Burning York upon capturing it. What little kindness, hope or trust was left in the Canadian's heart before that moment was completely destroyed, burnt along with his capitol city.

Closing off his heart Canada fought with his soldiers. He wanted revenge, he wanted his brother to suffer some of the pain he had felt. So when his soldiers made it to Washington, Canada was standing there with a torch in hand and set the house his brother lived in afire. He thought he would feel some sense of accomplishment at gaining his revenge, but he just felt even more empty and hollow. He had won, had beaten his brother, who even England had lost to. He had shown he was more than he seemed despite appearing little more than 14. He should have felt something but he just couldn't.

From that moment forward Canada did all he could to avoid being noticed. He just wanted to disappear. As time went on he could sense the others forgetting his very existence. Eventually he gained his independence from England, but again he felt nothing for it. The once powerful nation had long since forgotten him and the document making him his own nation was little more than a formality between their governments. Canada had been free of England since he won in 1814.


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