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Dr. Sweets checked his watch again as he stood in the adjacent room to where Booth was interrogating their latest suspect in a case. He had 15 more minutes until he would be late for his appointment with Matthew Williams, or was it the nation of Canada. He was still rather confused about this whole case but he knew they needed him and he would do what he could. Brennan seemed to notice his agitation and constant checking of the time.

"Is there an appointment you have this afternoon Dr. Sweets?"

"Ah, oh yes. I'm taking on a new patient today and his appointment is in fifteen minutes."

Brennan nods and leaves it at that. Thankfully the interrogation ends at about that point, allowing Sweets to give his quick opinion on the guilt of the suspect before running off to his office.

He arrives just as a blonde and albino do. It doesn't take him long to realize the blonde must be his patient. The similarities between him and his brother were uncanny. Knowing who the blonde was it didn't take much to realize that the albino must be the one that was helping Alfred with taking care of his brother.

"You must be Matthew. I'm Dr. Sweets." He holds his hand out to the blonde who just looks at it for a moment before taking it and stiffly shaking it. Concerned for the blonde he still turns to greet the albino.

"Gilbert Beilschmidt. Don't know if Alfred told you my name or not. He had a meeting this afternoon so I was asked to bring Mattie."

"Oh, that's perfectly alright. If you want to make yourself comfortable out here." He motions to the small waiting/lounge area outside his office proper. "I'll take Matthew in with me and we can get started."

"Ja, that sounds good."

Gilbert settles himself on a couch and pulls out set of headphones and handheld gaming device while making himself comfortable.

Sweets leads Matthew into his office and closes the door.

"Please take a seat."

The blonde takes a seat and looks around.

"You don't need to be doing this. There isn't a point. I'm not like you, none of us are. I don't understand why they keep pretending they care."

Normally when someone said something like that there was a bite to it or at least some level of sadness, but the way Matthew said it was so hollow, robotic even. It was like he really wasn't human. But Alfred had assured him that despite not being human, the nations all were still human were it really counted. They felt all the same emotions. It was Sweets job to make Matthew see that, to begin helping him to realize that he was more than just an indicator of the health of his nation. Sweets suddenly had a realization of how difficult this would be. When Alfred had been describing what was wrong it hadn't seemed so, well so impossible. But having Matthew sitting across from him he was able to understand why his family needed someone that was a professional dealing with this. It wouldn't be easy but Sweets was sure it could be done.

"Well, Matthew... You don't mind if I call you Matthew do you?"

The question seemed to cause the young man to look thoughtful for a moment. "No. I don't mind. You're human and its usually the name I use to cause less confusion."

Sweets made a note of that. It seemed he used the 'human' name to help other's feel he fit in more.

"Alright then. Well your brother tells me you hurt yourself. Could you tell me more about that?"

Matthew seems to roll his eyes. "He's not really my brother. Not like we have parents or anything to give us a blood relation. We just look so alike and share a border so everyone just says we're related." He seems to harden his eyes as he speaks, though his gaze remains on his knees. "If I were a human I'm sure the fact I cut myself to feel I'm real would be concerning but I'm not. When you've lived as long as I have you realize that the only thing you really feel is pain. It helps me to stay in touch. Though I suppose it could be bad if it started effecting my nation, but it never has."

Sweets made note of what was said and how it was said. He said it so nonchalantly. He had always thought that Brennan would be the only person he would ever meet that was able to sound so clinical. Sure she felt upset and had passion for solving her cases but she was always able to detach herself and look at the cases analytically when it was called for. Matthew however was on a whole other level and to be honest it rather scared the young psychologist. Which led to his next question.

"Have you ever considered hurting others?"

"Yes." He answered so quickly and surely that Sweets didn't doubt it. "In 1812 America sent troops to invade me. They made it to York and burned it to the ground. Within two years I was setting a torch to the White House. I thought that I would feel good about it, joy, some form of accomplishment. But I didn't feel anything. So yes, I've thought about hurting others but it wouldn't gain me anything. So why bother? I always feel it when I hurt myself though. That's enough for me."

Sweets gulps when he hears about the war of 1812 from Matthew. He hadn't thought about that sort of thing when he took this case. Now however he couldn't help but think about it. Matthew had fought in war, as a nation it only made sense that he would fight with his people. But he treated it no differently than a paper pushing drone treated their job. It was strictly business. Somewhere that should have been a comfort, but being able to kill without remorse was nearly as bad as killing and feeling joy or satisfaction.

"Is that when you started to hurt yourself?"

Matthew puts a finger to the side of his mouth as though thinking. "I think so. It was so long ago though, but I really do think it was some time after that that I started."

"Sweets made note of the answer before continuing. "Why do you think America sent soldiers to attack you?"

"I think he wanted to control me, just like the rest of the nations in Europe. I would have been one more prize to hold over and gloat about to England. He may have convinced himself he was trying to 'liberate' me from England but he just wanted to get in on the empire train as everyone else at the time was trying. I had land and resources he wanted. On top of that I think his boss was afraid that England would use me as a staging point for launching an attack on the US as they weren't very strong or organized at the time and if England had really tried he could have easily forced America to return to his empire. He didn't though, to upset mourning over the lost opportunities to even remember I was there. Except to heap on more taxes. Taxes I couldn't afford. The people were barely able to feed themselves. Then America had to come and attack, trampling our crops and forcing farmers to take up arms to defend their lands from soldiers."

Sweets watched as the Canadian began to get angry at the memories of those years. Anger was good though, so far the blonde had been an emotionless shell that seemed content to just recite facts. That he could get angry was a good sign. Now he just needed to uncover the rest of his emotions so he could get to the root of this problem.


By the time his hour with the psychologist was over and done with Canada wasn't sure if he was relieved or wanted to stay longer. Sure he felt this whole thing was pointless. It wasn't like there was anything really wrong with him. It was everyone else that had managed to convince themselves they were still human that had the problem. It wasn't like he had a choice in the matter though. If he didn't come to these things America had threatened to tell his boss what was going on and he really didn't need Harper meddling in his personal affairs.

Exiting the office Canada walked over to Prussia and waited for him to get up from the couch he had sprawled out onto.

"Matthew, I'll see you again next week, same time?"


Prussia sat up then and sent a weak smile at Dr. Sweets.

"Yo, thanks Doc for the help. Did it go well?"

"Its only the first appointment, its hard to say."

"Oh, well ok then, see you next week right?"

"Let's just go Gilbert. Kumagiro is probably getting hungry and I don't want Alfred feeding him hamburgers."

"Alright, alright, lets get back to burger boy's place so you can feed your damn bear."

With that the two left.


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