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Theodosia and the Cult of Cleopatra

Okay, great. Another cult that involves Ancient Egypt has sprung up. Let's see, that's The Brotherhood of the Chosen Keepers, The Black Sun, the Serpents of Chaos, and now we have the Cult of Cleopatra. Are they all just after my blood or something?

Lord Wigmere says they're harmless, but then again, he said that about the Black Sun too, but they broke into the museum, and Trawley was pretty insane, so…

I was going down to the catacombs to take care of a curse when I heard some voices that sounded like they belonged to schoolgirls. I knew that Father was going to make me hang along on their tour, because they "were my age".

Sure enough, Father called, "Theodosia, come up here please. There's a group that I would like you to go on the tour with. They're from the Cleopatra Institute of Learning for Young Exceptional Women. Or CILYEW."

CILYEW? Who calls a school CILYEW? That just seems crazy. But I did as Father asked and walked up the stairs to where the "Exceptional Young Women" were standing. What a bunch of rot. They looked like anyone's normal school girls to me, not that I have a lot of experience with schoolgirls.

Father said that since we were from a school with Cleopatra in its name, we would visit the new exhibit on her first. The girls all seemed to be smirking about that, which worried me a bit. Then I realized that I hadn't had much time to remove any curses in the exhibit, so one or more of the girls might become cursed, which definitely wouldn't be good for our museum.

In the exhibit I had to quietly stop girls from grabbing things by talking to them. Honestly, they were like a bunch of two-year-olds. Then, when I saw one slip something into her pocket, I knew there was something weird going on.

I walked over to her calmly and held out my hand, making the girls and father look at me strangely. "Give it back," I commanded, looking her straight in the eye.

"Theodosia," Father started, but just then the girl dropped a small statue of an asp into my palm. She glared at me, and I smirked.

Father looked absolutely shocked when the asp dropped into my palm. "What is the meaning of this?" he asked the girl, managing to keep his anger in check, but barely. "I'm afraid that you're tour will be ending early, because I'm afraid that I just can't trust you not to take anything else." With that, he ushered the girls out of the exhibit and into the entry hall.

'Thank you Theodosia," Father said as he returned to the exhibit after throwing the girls out. "What are you doing?" he asked when he saw me taking inventory.

"Making sure they didn't take anything else," I said, still focused on my work.

I know it's short, but I'm not sure if anyone but me reads Theodosia, and if someone tells me they do, I'll keep uploading. I'm also working on another Theodosia fic, but I'm not sure if I'll post it. It's a TheoxWill. ;-)