Summary: Ryoma falls ill with a really bad case of the flu, but with his parents and cousin in America visiting relatives who is left to take care of him? Why, Yukimura of course ! Will love blossom? I think I'll set it in high school so Ryoma's a freshman at Seishun Gakuen high school since it just makes more sense this way.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Prince of Tennis; if I did this pairing would be canon simple as that.

Chicken Soup for Ryoma's Soul

Chapter 1: "I'm not sick!"

The moment Ryoma opened his eyes he knew something was wrong. His throat felt raw, like he had swallowed a bag of needles, his head was pounding and his eyes felt like they had had sand thrown in them and then the sand had been lit on fire. Simply put he felt like hell and staying home probably would have been a good idea however…

"Tennis," Ryoma mumbled aloud, this was followed by a short coughing fit. Ahh yes, our favorite little cat-eyed boy couldn't skip tennis practice. For one Tezuka-buchou would ring his pretty little neck and for another it was, well, tennis – what more can be said? So, Ryoma forced himself to get up and get dressed, on his way downstairs he fully expected – and half hoped – that his mother would appear and chase him back upstairs; however, as his fevered mind caught up with his body Ryoma remembered that his parents and Nanako were in America visiting relatives. Oh darn, Ryoma let out a sigh, with no one to chase him back to bed he would just have to go to school and more importantly tennis practice.

Ryoma poured himself a bowl of cereal; he didn't know how to make anything else so it would have to do. He took a bite, gagged on it and forced it down deciding that he wasn't particularly hungry after all. He set the cereal on the floor for Karupin to eat later, grabbed his things and headed off for school.

YukiRyo Linebreak of Awesomeness!

Tezuka was NOT a happy camper when Ryoma showed up for morning practice twenty minutes late. Actually Ryoma should be quite thankful that Fuji-sempai was there, if he hadn't been then Tezuka would have been a lot less, er, "preoccupied" and would have given Ryoma twice as many laps. As it was Ryoma got let off easy only having to do 50 laps, still to him it felt like torture. The only reason he was late was because he had had to stop and rest a couple of times on his way to school as he was afraid he would pass out if he didn't. As he finished his laps Ryoma burst into a coughing fit that left him gasping for air.

"Ochibi!" The little air that he had managed to suck in was immediately knocked out as his red haired sempai wrapped him in what could only be called a hug of death.

"Eiji! You're hurting him!" Never had Ryoma been so grateful to Oishi-sempai, this was quickly wiped out as Oishi took one look at the freshman and began fretting. "Echizen, are you okay? You don't look well. Are you sick?" Ryoma swatted at his sempai's hand as Oishi tried to see if Ryoma had a fever.

"I'm fine sempai!" he said with a scowl pulling his Fila cap down to somewhat hide his flushed face. Oishi-sempai did not look convinced at all. "Really I'm fine."

"Okay, well at least promise me you'll go to the nurse's office later." Ryoma sighed, his sempai worried way too much.

"Che, mada mada dane."


"Okay Oishi-sempai I promise." Ryoma said with a sigh, and the still worried Oishi gave a nod of approval.

YukiRyo Linebreak of Awesomeness!

Ryoma suffered through his morning classes, okay so it wasn't that bad as he got to sleep during his English and Math classes but during P.E. and Geography he felt like he was dying. Ryoma decided to skip lunch and went to nap on the roof and managed to sleep right through his afternoon classes as well. But in the end Ryoma was quite happy that he had forced himself to go to school, it all paid off when he found out that they were having practice matches with Rikkaidai Fuzoku for tennis practice. He hoped that he would be given the chance to have a rematch with Kirihara or Sanada or, better yet, Yukimura.

"Tezuka, it's good to see you again." Yukimura said shaking Seigaku's buchou's hand. "It's good to see you again too Echizen-san." Giving Ryoma a kind smile while noting that the boy's face was flushed and his eyes were bloodshot with dark purple crescents underneath. Said boy scowled and pulled his cap down over his eyes.

"Mada mada dane." He muttered and then tried to muffle the cough that followed. Then he set off to find something to drink, hopefully Ponta. Yukimura frowned as he watched the boy walk away, was it just him or did the younger seem a little unsteady on his feet. The blunette shook his head; he'd have to ask Tezuka about it later.

YukiRyo Linebreak of Awesomeness!

Ryoma sipped at the cold water that came from the faucet, it wasn't half as good as Ponta but it was still amazing and it took all of Ryoma's self restraint not to gulp it down and worsen the stomach ache he already had. However he did splash some on his face in an attempt to cool himself down, he felt like he was burning alive and he was tempted to take off his jacket but he didn't want his sempai to worry again especially since it was actually quite cool out. Speaking of worrying his sempai he probably needed to get back to practice.

Ryoma turned the faucet off and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. He turned to leave and started walking away but promptly walked into a hard wall of flesh. He looked up and was surprised to see the Rikkaidai captain looking down at him. Ryoma glared up at him but he just smiled.

"Hello there Echizen-kun~" The blunette cooed.

"What do you want?" The captain frowned at Ryoma's bluntness. His frowned deepened and his eyebrows knitted together when he realized that the boy seemed a lot worse than before. His breathing was labored and his eyes were glazed from fever.

"You don't look well at all." Ryoma scowled, this was NOT an answer to his question. "Are you alright Echizen-san?" Ryoma opened his mouth to say that he was fine but as he did so the world began to spin and the next thing he knew the ground was rushing up to meet him. "Echizen-san? Echizen-san!" Yukimura's voice was distant and sounded as though it was underwater. Ryoma wasn't sure what happened after that all he knew was that his body never actually hit the ground but was instead enveloped in something soft and warm.