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Chicken Soup for Ryoma's Soul

Chapter 5: All's Well That Ends Well

"That's twice now that you've called him by his first name." Yukimura looked up at the vice captain with a frown.

"Is it?"

"How long Yukimura?"

"What do you mean Sanada? How long what?"

"How long have you been in love with him?" Sanada motioned to the sleeping Ryoma who was completely oblivious to the conversation. Yukimura pursed his lips as he attempted to come up with an answer to Sanada's question.

"How long you ask. I'd say since I first played him in Nationals when we were in middle school, at that time when I saw that determined look in his beautiful golden eyes."

Ryoma groaned and opened his eyes (This seems to be happening a lot doesn't it). What happened? He couldn't remember anything past going to bed the night, Ryoma glanced over at the clock, yeah, night before. He had a vague memory of Yukimura talking about him and 'beautiful golden eyes' but it was so foggy and vague that he was positive that it had just been a dream. Yeah, just part of his feverish dreams. Speaking of his fever it seemed to have gone down quite a bit, he felt like his body was almost its normal temperature again.

Now that he was finally fully coherent since he had arrived at Yukimura's house he realized…he was fucking bored out of his mind. The cat eyed boy swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood. He needed to do something, anything, he just couldn't stand sitting around any longer than he had to. So walking over to the door he opened it and nearly walked into a young girl with dark blue hair in two pigtails. She looked to be about seven years of age and wore a bright pink shirt and yellow overalls.

"Eh, are you lost onii-san?" She asked looking up at him with bright blue eyes that reminded of him of Sei – er – Yukimura. Could this be his little sister? Before Ryoma could reply to the question she had just asked him she seized his hands and looked up at him her face aglow with happiness. "Does onii-san want to play princess with me."

"Er, um, sure." Ryoma wasn't a kid person and he definitely wasn't the type of guy to 'play princess' but how could anyone say no to something so cute and besides it would help him pass the time.

"Great, we're both princesses and we're going to be going to the ball, but you have to tell me your name first so that Mr. Bear can announce you when we get there."

"My name's Ryoma."

"Okay Ryo-nii," the girl said tugging him along to what Ryoma assumed was her bedroom. "Let's go get you ready, you can't attend the ball looking like that!"

Ryoma's fever had broken some time early that morning. Yukimura was so relieved for a while he had actually been afraid the boy was going to die. He just looked so small and vulnerable; the blunette shuddered at the memory. Speaking of said boy Yukimura had heard some movement upstairs and was guessing that the boy was up and moving. The Rikkaidai captain sighed and stood up from the couch, Ryoma was probably feeling better but he wasn't quite well yet, he still needed rest.

So the heading up the stairs the blunette was ready to force the boy back into bed with force if he had to. Not that he would ever hurt his Ryo-chan. Yukimura stopped momentarily and chided himself, Ryoma was not his…not yet anyways. Stopping at Ryoma's room Yukimura wasn't surprised to see that the boy wasn't in there but he was puzzled as to where the cat-eyed boy could have gone…then he heard voices coming from his sister's room one was his little sister and the other was…Ryoma?

Yukimura opened the door and…

"Ha…ha…haha…hahaahahahaheehaaha." He just couldn't stop laughing. Sitting before him the tennis prodigy in all his glory…

Ryoma tensed and felt all the heat in his body rush to his face. Crap…oh crap…Seiichi had just saw him covered in pink sparkles with badly smeared make up with streamers and other various 'pretty' items in his hair and now the blunette was laughing at him. It almost made Ryoma want to cry out of shear embarrassment but, he was Echizen Ryoma and Echizen Ryoma did NOT cry…then again he didn't wear make up or pink glitter either.

"Seiichi onii-san?" The young girl asked staring at her brother in confusion. Then she pointed an accusing finger at Ryoma. "Ryo-nii you broke Seiichi onii-san!"

"No, no, it's alright Aoi-chan…" Yukimura dissolved into a laughter fit again. "S-sorry this is a patient of Dad's Aoi-chan and a friend of mine he's sick right now so..heehee…and need's rest so if I could just steal him from you."

"Eh? Okay Seiichi onii-san but you have to promise to play princess with me later."

"Okay, okay I promise." And with that the blunette seized the younger boy's hand and brought him back to the guest bedroom before he completely dissolved in laughter again.

"It's not that funny." Ryoma said a pout er, scowl (he threatened me with his tennis and said he would murder me with it if I didn't change it T.T) plastered on his face.

"Yeah you're right." He reached over and began pulling various objects out of Ryoma's hair. "Here let's get you cleaned up by the way if you were really that bored you could have called me and I would have gotten something for you to do."

"Yeah…sorry." Yukimura frowned. Did he just apologize, that was very uncharacteristic of him. "Er um Seiichi," Ryoma stumbled the words tumbling out of his mouth before he could stop them. "Do you, do you love me?"

And the world stopped completely frozen in that second of time.

"What did you just say?" Yukimura asked his mind a hazy mess.

"I asked," Ryoma looked away blushing heavily. "If…you love me?"

The blunette stumbled to the bed, he needed to sit down. How did Ryoma know? How had he found out? Instead of just pointlessly wondering about these things Yukimura decided to voice his thoughts.

"How did you-?"

"Your mom said that you had a crush on me before." Ah, Yukimura stared down at the ground black dots swimming before his eyes, his mom. Damn her.

"Do you hate me? Do you think…I'm disgusting?" Yukimura closed his eyes tight and waited for whatever harsh words Ryoma would throw at him, maybe the boy would just beat him senseless…he deserved it after all…but…nothing happened. Slowly Yukimura opened his eyes and looked up at the boy who was smirking down at him, 'Oh God what is he going to do?'

"Mada mada dane." The next thing Yukimura knew Ryoma's soft lips that he had so often fantasized about were on his own. It took a while to realize what was happening but when Ryoma tried to push Yukimura down on the bed Yukimura suddenly realized what was happening. 'Oh no you don't.' He thought quickly moving to reverse their positions. 'I'm the seme here.' Yukimura kissed Ryoma and reached a hand down towards Ryoma's pants and…(I'm going to stop there since this fic is only rated T, sorry XD Yah I know I'm evil ^.^)

"If I get sick because of you -" Yukimura started as he gently stroked the cat-eyed boy's hair. He was cut off as Ryoma scoffed.

"As if, idiots don't get sick after all." Yukimura chuckled and nuzzled Ryoma's neck.

"So mean Ryo-chan." Ryoma scowled and tried to pull the blankets up farther unable to suppress the small shiver that racked his frame. Yukimura wrapped his arms around the boy pulling him close and giving him the warmth he seeked. "Go to sleep now Ryo-chan." The boy quickly obeyed.

Ryoma looked around, of course, the same dream. Surrounding him were flames and he felt unbearably hot. And he knew what would happen next, the voice would call him and the door would appear.

"Ryoma!" The cat eyed boy smirked as he finally realized who the voice belonged to. "Ryoma!" The flames parted and Ryoma began his trek forward slowly he opened the door. He saw the bright, white, and the hand reached out pulling him into a warm loving embrace. Looking up he already knew who it was that he would see. Beautiful blue locks, deep cerulean eyes, it could only be his Sei. Ryoma relaxed pressing his face against the warm chest.

"I love you Ryo-chan."

"I love you too, Sei."

Yukimura never did catch Ryoma's flu.

"I told you idiots don't get sick."

"So mean Ryo-chan, maybe I should punish you."

"Wha-? Hey! What the hell are you doing pervert!"