Derek had just finished a case in Memphis and he was ready to return to his wife and son's awaiting arms. The case had been brutal. It was a domestic violence case that led to ritualistic child abuse. Forcing their children to commit incest and participate in satanic rituals, the seven minors they rescued were all damaged and underdeveloped. Derek couldn't be in the room as the team obtained evidence. It was too dark for him to wrap his mind around.

As he pulled up to his home, he smiled as he looked through the open window. Little Clark Morgan was going to drive his wife crazy. He was able to move around in his walker, however he was a speed demon just like his father. As soon as Penelope would be near their son, he'd race off away from her, laughing as he moved away. When he looked through the window, he watched his wife laugh and run her hand through her hair while their son clapped his hands in joy. He knew without looking that Clooney was waiting at the entry way watching their son with curiosity and purpose. Since Clark's birth, Clooney had mellowed out and kept a relatively close to the child at all times. It warmed both his and Penelope's hearts to know that their son was loved and protected at all times.

He could only smile as he locked his truck and made his way through the front door. The sound had Clark turn in his walker and he clapped with a drool filled smile. "There's my boy," Derek said with love and pride as he moved toward his son.

Clark David Morgan was the perfect combination of him and Penelope. His skin was a blend of theirs and it darkened with each passing day. He had his hair and smile, while he possessed Penelope's curious and loving eyes. He could see her joy in his movements and their common trait of mischief when he'd race from them. He was perfect and he was theirs. Derek could never be more blessed. Lifting his son from the walker, Derek brought his tummy to his lips and gave him silly kisses to make the small boy laugh and kick away. He held him close and reached a hand down to shake his loving dog's head.

"Welcome home, Handsome," he heard from the kitchen.

When he walked into the kitchen, the sight took his breath away. With his Goddess cooking he was able to watch her while she was distracted. Her hair was put up in a messy pony tail, small ringlets falling down the sides of her face. She was wearing a purple sundress covered with random white flowers. Around her waist was a Minnie Mouse apron that his mother had given her for christmas. Her hands were covered in oven mitts as she pulled out the pot roast. Upon the kitchen table was sliced pugilese bread and mashed potatoes. Fresh wild flowers were at the center of the table. In the blender were freshly pureed carrots for Clark. Penelope was going through a phase where everything Clark ate needed to be organic. He knew that would phase out as soon as he had his first taste of ice cream, but he'd humor her silliness for a while longer.

Derek smiled as he saw a bottle of Pinot Noir for his Goddess and a cold Corona waiting for him on the table. For as similar as they were, he knew they would never agree on the battle between wine and beer. Chuckling, he moved his focus back on his Goddess, who was decorating their center dish.

He absolutely loved when she would bite her lower lip when she was focused. Everything she did was filled with art and love. Something as simple as dinner was a full of details he never would have picked up on if she hadn't made it so wonderful. He looked down at their son who was touching his face, exploring the different textures. When Derek pressed a quick kiss upon his cheek, Clark giggled and gave him a wet sloppy kiss on his. Derek beamed with pride and moved to put their son in his high chair.

"Chocolate God of Mine, will you please feed your son while I make the gravy?" Penelope asked over her should.

Derek moved behind the counter and wrapped his arms around her. "No welcome home kiss from the best woman in the world?" he teased.

"Oh but of course," Penelope said, turning into him and pressing a longing filled kiss against his lips. The sight of her man home with her sent Penelope's blood through the roof, however when he played with their son, she fell in love with him all over again. She could feel his desire for her and she bit on his bottom lip playfully to halt his movements. "Derek, I need to cook."

"This is perfect," he said as he kissed his way down her jaw line and to her neck. "No gravy needed."

"You and I both know the roast will be dry without it," Penelope said allowing his assault to her neck.

"Nope," he chuckled with humor. "I just want to hold my beautiful talented wife in my arms. Is that so wrong?"

"No," she said moving a step back, but remained in his hold. She touched his tired face with loving hands and pressed a sweet kiss to his lips. "I am very glad you are home, my wonderful husband."

He nuzzled her nose against his and pressed another kiss to her lips. "Me too, Mama, me too."

"Feed your impatient son, Derek," Penelope ordered playfully while spanking him softly. "He is more like you every day!"

"Ah, a true Morgan man, who needs food!" Derek said with a wink.

"Oh you are a cave man," she huffed moving to the juices to begin the gravy making process.

"You know you love it," Derek said with a wink.

Rolling her eyes, she went back to cooking. "Don't open the refrigerator! Dessert is setting and it shouldn't be disturbed!"

"Oh but Baby Girl, you are all the sweet dessert I ever need," Derek said flashing a naughty smile as he served some of the pureed carrots into a bowl for Clark.

"Derek Morgan! Not in front of your child!" Penelope said mixing the gravy in continuous circles to avoid burning on the bottom of her pan.

Derek only laughed as he started making funny faces at their now cranky and hungry son.

As the couple ate, Penelope was relieved that she could keep Derek's mind off the case. it had been a rough case for everyone, but she knew her husband would be tense and angry. However, their laughter and love were able to keep him the nightmares of their job. And their miracle baby was keeping them younger than either imagined little Clark Morgan ever would.

While Derek was eating, he couldn't help but stare at his Goddess he was grateful to call his wife. Though many questioned their short engagement, being only a month, they both had made the point that they had been best friends for the better part of a decade and that life was too short to miss an opportunity for eternal happiness. He remembered Hotch walking her down the aisle and her wreath of purple flowers crowning her softly curled hair. Her dress hugged her breasts favorably but fell perfectly to accent little Clark's existence while keeping Penelope the focus of everyone's attention. He was so grateful to God for his Penelope and their love that day and each day since.

He then looked down the table and smiled as Clark flailed his arms about in excitement of having Clooney by his side. Penelope's laugh was soft and calming as they watched their son interact with his world.

It was in that moment that Derek realized Penelope left the kitchen radio on. She was able to listen to country radio when he was away because she knew he'd growl like mad when he'd be home and twang would blast through the man cave. However, when he was in Memphis, he had heard the song playing on the radio and couldn't help but relate it back to him and his Penelope.

He squeezed her hand softly as he stood from the table and she met him with questioning eyes. "Dance with me?" he asked.

"Derek, we're eating," she said looking down at her plate. "And I am a mess!"

"You're beautiful and I want to dance with my gorgeous wife. Please dance with me Baby Girl."

Penelope felt her heart warm in her chest as Derek led her to a more open space in their eating area and he pulled her tight to his arms. She recognized the Keith Urban song on the radio and she felt tears burn behind her eyes. She didn't believe that Derek knew the significance of the song he chose until he began to whisper the lyrics in her ears as the chorus proceeded.

The traveling, the singing,

It don't mean nothing without you,

The fast cars, the guitars,

They are all just second to

This life, this love

That you and I have been dreaming of

For so long

Would all be as good as gone

Without you

Without you

"I am in love with you, Penelope Morgan." Derek lifted her chin so their eyes would meet. "I am grateful for you, our family and our love every day of my life. You are my reason and nothing would matter to me if you weren't apart of my life. You are my solace, my soul mate, my best friend and my wife. I don't tell you I love you enough, but know that I mean it every day."

Penelope reached up and took his lips in a loving kiss, one that was full of gratitude and purpose. Her husband was not one for words when it came to romance, but when he spoke lovingly to her, she would be sent to the moon. "I love you too," she whispered against him.

They continued to dance slowly as the song came to a close. As Penelope lifted her head to give him another kiss, she heard Clark fussing in his high chair. Clooney began to whine when the baby began complaining and the couple chuckled at the ending of their romantic moment.

"Duty calls?" Penelope asked with a smile.

"I take Clooney, you take Clark?" Derek asked.

Nodding she pressed a kiss to his cheek and turned to power down the radio. "Once Clooney is done with his doggy duties, meet me and your son upstairs for the remainder of his bath or story time, whichever comes first."

"Yes, mam!" Derek said with a smile.

"Yeah, yeah, and don't look in the refrigerator!" She said moving toward their son.

"So many orders!" Derek said grabbing dog bones from the cabinet. "And what shall be my reward for fulfilling these deeds?" he asked.

"You'll have to wait and see," Penelope answered with a wink as she lifted her fussy son in her arms. When she reached the bottom stair, she turned and gave a tired smile toward her husband. "Derek?" she asked.

He turned toward her and nodded.

"I love you, Derek Morgan," she said softly.

"And I love you, Penelope Morgan."

As Derek moved the whining dog toward the back yard, Penelope pressed a soft kiss to her boy's head. As she made her way up the stairs, she realized that they would all be alright as they remembered their love for one another and the life that they built.