This is the story of how The King and Queen came to be. Did you know that whenever a fiddle plays, someone falls in love? Maybe it's just for these 2 then.

"Maria," called Justin, her 21 year old brother, "Time for a song." Maria, at age 6, ran down the stairs. She sat on her brother's lap, waiting for her father to play the song. He came out with his fiddle and sat on the loveseat across from the dastardly duo.

"Ready, sweetie? Justin, you start." He started playing their song.

Times are tough

People say it's not enough

And we'll never amount to


Maria joined in with her powerful voice

The war's never ending

Not getting the messages we're sending

Too bad we can't go


We are one

With the birds and the trees

We are equal

You and me

We know that we can fight

If we believe

The song ended and Louise, her father, told her to go upstairs. She walked up, but listened to their conversation.

"When do you have to go back?" Her father was talking about the army. They wished Justin never signed up for it.

Justin sighed. "At the end of the week. Before you say anything, I save you and Maria doing what I do. I rather die than have you two die."

"I wasn't going to say anything, but you just got back last week! Won't they let you stay for an extra fortnight?" Justin shook his head no. Justin and Louis hugged.

Maria sat against the wall and cried. She had her life hard.

*6 years later*

Maria pulled her wavy, brunette hair into a ponytail. She put on her light blue dress with her white flats. Her father was going to perform once again, challenging others. He was the all-time champion for the past 5 years. He started playing after they got the letter on that cold, rainy April morning.

Maria answered the door, revealing a man with thinning red hair. He appeared to be in his 30's. He stood up straight and said in a booming voice, "Hello, young girl! May I speak with the man of the house?" Maria rubbed her 7 year old ears as she walked up the stairs to get her father. When he came down, the man gave him a note and left swiftly.

I'm sorry to inform you that your son, Justin Smith, at age 21, has passed away on March 17. We will keep him in our honor, as well as you and your family. You'll be sent tickets to the funeral. Good day and Good life.

The Army

"Maria, are you ready? Let's go!"Her father yelled. She hurried down the stairs, grabbed her flute, and walked out the door of the family she had left.