"She may be here," yelled Louis. There was no luck. He had been searching for 3 years. Everyone had given up on him. There was no hope, but he didn't want to stop. He knew she was out there, he just had to look.

Maria woke up, bored now after 3 years. Her 16th birthday was in 2 days. She stretched, gave lightning some food, and began her chores. She then decided she had enough.

It was 3 years to be exact
that I gave up and that's a fact
I have to do all these stupid chores
and trust me, they are a bore

Cleaning, mopping, and dusting off the stairs
I'm alone, does anybody care
could I just relax all the time
or sing songs that really rhyme

Be free, be loved
I know where I'm going
Finding some new adventures
Finding gold and diamonds
and some furs

I just want to be me.

She looked out her window later that night, finding a figure lurking in the bushes. She carefully walked out of her home, her rabbit slowly behind. "Come out, you stranger. Master, Is it you?" there was no answer. It quickly started running out of the bushes, but not necessarily towards her.

"We're going to find you, you greedy little prince!" So that's who it was. The people who just said that didn't sound very nice. Being the kind girl she was, she grabbed the boy, making him go "Oof," and pulled him into the house.

"Shush, my name's Maria. I know you're a prince, someone's trying to kill you, and that you're going to go hide." He quickly did so, but not before Maria got a good look of him. He was blonde, had green eyes, and was very masculine. He looked about 17. He was dressed in peasant attire. Must have been a disguise.

"Open up!" said the voices, banging on the doors. To avoid suspicion, she opened the door slowly.
"You're not the prince…" Maria pretended like she never knew what he was talking about.
"I'm sorry, there's no prince here," She replied softly. If only she knew that was true.

After the men left, she clapped so the boy would come out. He did so. "Let's get to know each other." She put Lightning in his cage. "I'm Maria, and you are..."
"Tyler is my name. Nice to meet you." They shaked hands."
"I want to get home, and I know you want something too, so I'll help you if you help me." He nodded to Maria's statement.
"I want those guys to stop trying to get me so I can get home."
"Alright, we'll leave when morning comes. Oh no, we have to be gone by noon tomorrow."
"Why?" Tyler asked confused.
"It's the reason why I'm leaving. But I'm no telling you the story yet."

She stared out at the last moonlight she would see before leaving, and went off to bed.