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Previously:"Dean!" John shouted, hurrying up the ladder and leaving the hole in a matter of seconds. The father barely had any time to react before the shape-shifter had a handful of Dean's short hair and was beating his head into the ground.


John felt like he'd been hit by a truck. His sides hurt and he had a headache the size of Texas. There was a quiet hum in the background that John couldn't place, which prompted him to open his eyes.

He was in a motel room, though it wasn't the one he and Dean had been in before. The wall paper had little cowboys in a pattern and the carpet was relatively clean. Confused, John tilted his head to the side to find Dean carefully stitching his forehead, using the bathroom mirror to see. A few curses later and Dean threw the needle down and returned to the bedroom. When his eyes found John's he seemed a little relieved.

"I was just about to wake you up, Dad. Two hour concussion check." Dean said, moving to his father's side. "How you feeling?"

Avoided the question, "How long've I been out?"

Dean shrugged and glanced at his watch, "It's four in the morning so a while." He had stayed up to wake his father every couple of hours in case John had a concussion.

John rolled his shoulders a bit but winced as pain shot through his side, "What the hell happened?"

Dean hesitated before saying, "I don't remember much except for getting my head banged into the ground and then...this big dog practically ripped the thing's head off."

It took a few moments for the words to register in John's mind. A big dog? That didn't make any sense-or did it? "You don't mean...?"

The middle Winchester nodded slowly, "You changed, Dad."

Damn it, John thought to himself, closing his eyes. How was he supposed to ignore this curse when it over took him like that? He still didn't remember much about the hunt, but there were flashes here and there that came back to him. One particular memory involved a slightly painful feeling that felt like he was being crushed and then leaping through the air, though every sense was a bit heightened.

What the hell was he supposed to do now? Apparently John had spoken out loud because Dean said, "I think we should get back to Sam, Bobby, and Katie. Katie can help us use this Dad, it's an advantage we would have for once."

John ran a hand over his face and sighed heavily, "I'm gonna go grab a shower." He left the bed and picked up his duffel bag, leaving Dean in the main room staring after him.

Dean resisted the urge to call his dad back into the room and pulled his cell phone out, a flicker of worry fluttering through him when his phone tells him he has a new message. He puts the phone up to his ear and listens to the voicemail, shocked. Dean dialed his brother's number swiftly, putting the phone to his ear.


Sam and Katie were just sitting down to eat some breakfast when Sam's phone rang. He jumped up from the table and pulled it out of his pocket, flipping it open and putting it to his ear. "Hello?"

"Sam, what the hell are you talking about?" Dean's impatient voice carried through from the other end of the line.

Deciding not to mention the 'demonic presence' in his head, Sam jumped straight to the point. His dad and brother would probably grill him later and drag every detail from him but at least he could put it off until then. "Katie and I have a theory about what killed Mom. I need you to ask Dad if there were any cow mutilations, electrical storms, or dying grass back in Lawrence when she died."

"Don't forge the ants." Katie added around a mouthful of cereal.

"And if the ants were acting odd."

There was a small silence from Dean's end of the phone, "...Sammy, I highly doubt Dad's gonna remember any of those things."

"Well where is he? Why don't you just ask him?"

"He's in the shower and I don't think right now is the time to throw this on him. Look, I'll ask him okay? We'll be heading that way as soon as he gets out of the shower."

He sighed quietly before replying, "I'm going into town today to the library, I'll see what the news reports have to say." Sam was half-tempted to meet up with his family in Lawrence so they would have more local news resources.

"Dad and I can be there soon-"

"You guys in between hunts?" Not that Sam thought John and Dean wouldn't drop everything if Sam really did have a lead on the murderer of Mary Winchester.

"Just finished up last night."

Sam nodded, "All right, I'll see you guys later then."

The two brothers said a quick goodbye before Sam hung up his phone. He shoved it into his pocket and sat back down at the breakfast table. Last night had been spent pouring through some of Katie's other books in case there were any other mentions of the yellow-eyed-demon. They only stopped when Sam fell asleep and almost fell out of his chair.

What if they really had found a lead on what killed his and Dean's mother? What if the Winchesters could finally end this mad crusade John had started so many years ago?

There's always another hunt, Sam thought absently. Hunting had been a part of the Winchester life for eighteen years. He and Dean didn't really know much else. Of course, Sam could probably still go to college and Dean could get a job in a car repair shop. Hell, John could even find work at a car shop too. But old habits die hard. Sam wasn't sure Dean and John would just stop hunting... He, on the other hand, was completely prepared to give up the life when he first decided to go to college.

He snorted, Yeah because that plan worked out so well. Ignoring the look Katie gave him, Sam finished his cereal in silence. He had been so close to leaving the hunting life and then John had given him the ultimatum. Dean hadn't stepped up to defend him, just like always when it came to an argument between Sam and their father. Give Sam a school bully or some monster and Dean wouldn't hesitate to attack but against John Winchester...that was another story.

A small part of him childishly hoped that Dean and John would settle down if they did manage to kill this thing. Then he could go to college like he wanted, get a normal job and a normal life with friends he never had to worry about leaving.

Maybe he could try to revisit the college idea, even if his family keeps hunting. Not that anything would be qualified as normal again-his family could turn into wolves for crying out loud.

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