Luv webbess

Setting: Dr. Crack is in the hospital with his family and the doctor came in to tell everyone IF he would make it… or not…

" I just learned that Albert Whack will…make it… How unfortunate." The doctor Dr. Huffensnuff muttered.

I jumped up in joy and jumped out the window. Don't worry it was only level two. I only broke my beak. Man is the job pricey. I miss MY office with the certificate of #1 drug dealer and drug buyer on my wall. Dog Beard the Pug signed it. What a loser.

At home I cracked open a beer bottle a drunk it down to the lemon. Peggy put it in. Ms. Birdy's first name is Peggy. Peggy ALSO wants be to switch to de-calf. DOUBLE loser. Anyway… LOL Nick Groff screams like a girl in the Linda Vista episode of Ghost Adventures! HA HA HA! Some people have no experience with live people. How inconsiderate of some ghosts…

"Albert? I want to sing you a song!" Caroline Cowoline said.

"He gives me drugs. He gives me steroids. He gives us random drugs he found on the floor of his grandpa's house. Then he mixes them together in a little container and sells it to us for 25 kinzcash. That's why we call him Dr. Crack Whack. Ms. Birdy's Dr. Crack Whacks wife (uh-huh) and she gives us 10 kinzcash for 100. "I didn't give you the wrong pet" is what she says. But she's lying. Miss Cowaline is also Dr. Crack Whack's wife (uh-huh) and she purposely gives us Fs at the Kinzville Academy because she hates us. Tabby Von Meow is Dr. Crack Whack's ex-wife and she gives tricky jobs 'cause she has a bad life! (Uh-huh) Arte's a stuffed shirt, he's just too plain. And when we come back, he is always the same. (Uh-huh) Goober's too scientific for my own good. He won't get a date, and that is understood. Watch out Webkinz he is on the loose. We let him give a steroids and truth. Our friend Kennedy should always stay aware, when she's on Webkinz Dr. Crack will give her a scare. All of you watch out for Dr. Crack 'cause we all know he is a whack!

Dr. Crack Whack"

"You know about that? Shut up and go away Caroline. You too Peggy."

"You KNOW it's awkward though when we ALL sleep in the same bed. So you shut up CRACKIE." They stormed off! Finally now I can relax while watching Ghost Adventures! AWWWWW!

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