Hi all! Here's my new story! I know I've used the "warrior of heaven" thing before, but, frankly, I think that fits Sam better than the whole devil's #$%^ does. What can I say? I'm a Sam girl! (I'm a Dean girl too, but I'm mostly a Sam girl.) :)

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11 year old Sam Winchester knelt beside his bed, once he was sure that his big brother and his father were asleep. He didn't speak out loud, afraid he would wake them up, so he simply mouthed the words to the questions he just had to know the answer to.

"Dear God. Why? Why do I...Why am I different? I'm scared. I can't tell dad and Dean about this. I can't. Please tell me. Why?"

Sam paused, wiping a few errant tears out of his eyes.

"Thank you for Dean being my big brother and thank you for dad letting me go to Jake's house today. Please keep Dean and daddy safe while they hunt and please help them not to find out. Amen."

Sam climbed into bed, exhaustion overcoming him almost immediately and he slid into a deep sleep.


Somehow, Sam knew almost immediately that he was dreaming.

He walked through the trees that towered over his head, admiring the quiet peace of nature around him. It wasn't often that he got to go into the woods if it wasn't attached to a hunt: to terror and fear and dark memories of blood and screams that would haunt him in his nightmares and waking moments alike.


Sam twisted around in surprise at the call of his name.

He didn't recognize the man standing before him. He was tall and lean, wearing a tan trench coat, and a serious expression on his face.

"Who are you?" Sam asked. He had an odd feeling about this guy.

"I am an angel of the Lord. I have come to answer your prayer, Samuel."

Sam's eyes widened. "Really?"

The angel seemed amused, if confused. "Really."

Sam hesitated. "Is this real or am I dreaming?"

The angel frowned, as if he didn't understand. "Dreaming does not make what you see here untrue. It simply means I choose to visit while you are asleep."

Sam considered that, then nodded. "Okay."

The angel considered Sam for a moment, then continued softly. "Samuel, your gifts are of heaven. God has given them to you as a weapon to be used in defense of your family and to destroy the evil you will face in your life. You are a warrior of heaven, Samuel, sent to earth to fight for humanity's sake. That is why you are different. It is the will of God. It is your destiny. It will not be easy. At times, it may seem torturous and more than you can endure, but remember that you will always have the strength to complete your task, to continue on. Fear not, for you are never alone."

Sam fought the tears that threatened to overwhelm him and nodded. "Thank you."

The angel smiled. "Don't thank me. I am simply the messenger."

As the angel turned to leave, Sam called out on an impulse. "What's your name?"

He turned back to face the youngest Winchester, seeming surprised by the question. "I am known as Castiel."

"Thank you, Castiel." Sam repeated.

Castiel paused, then inclined his head and turned, disappearing into the white mist around them.

And Sam woke.