Callie Briggs pulled up to her duplex with a bag of grocerries in the passenger seat, it wasn't because she had run out of food she had enough for herself. Her little sister Cassandra was coming to visit her for a month, her sister had shown from a young age that she had powers like their ancestor Queen Callista had and their parents had done all the wrong things to make her normal. From letting doctors run all sorts of tests on her to scientist doing experiments. When Cassandra was sixteen Callie had finally said enough and given her sister money to escape and had even dropped her off at a bus station. And over the years Callie and Cassandra made it a habit of seeing eachother when ever they could and Callie would send Cassandra money when ever she was staying at a hotel or motel or even an inn.

And now Cassandra wanted to come visit her before she went off to the next town or city to keep the scientists that were still looking for her from finding her. She turned her car off making a mental note to go to her friends Jake and Chances' garage to have them look at a her car that was making a strange noise. She grabbed the bag and got out of her car making sure she had her keys in her pocket and that all the doors were locked before she walked up the steps and opened the door. She was glad that she had picked the first floor so that she didn't have to huff and puff up the steps that seemed to never end, she put her bag down and quickly found the key to her house and unlocked the door. She opened the door enough so that a slight bump would open it up and grabbed the bag pushing the door the rest of the way open with her hip. "I knew you hated your door being unlocked so when I let myself in I locked it again." came a voice from the dark.

Callie jumped and flipped on a light to see a black she-kat with white around her mouth and on her paws "Cassandra!" she yelled putting the bag down and running over to her giving her a huge hug.

"Forgot you gave me a key when I asked if I could visit you for a month huh sis?" Cassandra asked laughing about how high Callie had jumped, Callie put a hand on her hip and tried to give her a grumpy look.

"So what if I did? You're almost pure black it's hard to see you." Callie said shoving her sister a bit. Cassandra grinned and picked up the bag putting it on the counter and pulling the different food items out. "I hope you're hungry Cassie because I'm making Tuna noodle casserole." Callie said putting the food in her fridge.

"I'm starving. It's not every day I get to have a nice meal too don't forget Callie." she said pulling the last item out of the bag, "But if you don't mind I'll make the food. You work hard enough just keeping this city going."

"Cassie I told you I'm not the Mayor I'm the Deputy Mayor." Callie said pulling out what they would need for dinner.

"Well you should be Mayor he can't so much as lift a finger to do anything in this city. Everyone knows that Mayor Manx is so incompetent that it's not funny. He makes a two year old look like a genius!" Cassandra said giggling a bit.

"Yeah well that's what he has me for." Callie said with a sad sigh, not that she was trying to steal his job away from him but she felt that she should would be a better pick as Mayor. Then she could actually get stuff done that the city needed to be done.

"Now no more talking I have to get cooking." Cassandra said setting to work on dinner. After dinner Cassandra and Callie watched some movies on Callies' flat screen.

"I wish I had time to show you around the city tomorrow but I have to take my car to the garage and then I have to get to work. Maybe my friends Jake Clawson and Chance Furlong will be willing to show you around." Callie said.

"I'd like that." Cassandra said with a smile before she got up off the floor. "I'd better be turning in then. I know you, you like to get up early which means I have to go to bed early." Cassandra said.

"Okay Cassie I'll wake you up when breakfast is ready." Callie said getting up as well and turning the t.v. off and giving her sister one last hug before they went to their seperate rooms.