So this is gonna be a ones hot. It's extremely dark and disturbing and the characters are all out of whack. You have been warned!


Seven, the number that used to be lucky. The number gamblers across the world hope to see in quantities of three when they play the slots. Seven isn't a lucky number for me though. In fact it's a number that taughts me and asks me why I'm still living this pathetic life of mine. The number seven is a number that will forever haunt my mind.

Alli and I walked into the party. The music was blasting and the strobe lights were making the people rave out. Alli went to find Drew and I wandered aimlessly around the Eli's house. This was a nice place…without the bubble machine that is. I can see why people think he's cool… I guess he seems okay but I've never really talked to him…

I ended up by the punchbowl. I'm not much of a partier; I'm more of a wall flower so I just guarded the snacks. I noticed suddenly that Johnny DiMarco was standing across the room. He was looking at me. He probably wants to ask me where Alli is. It would serve him right to see her in the arms of another guy after the way he treated her. That stupid grease ball!

Johnny's eerie gazing creeped me out and the punch took a toll on my bladder so I had to pee. I escaped to the bathroom. That's funny; you can barely hear the music from this hallway. No couples were smooching in the hallway and no guys were smoking weed in it which is unusual during house parties. This hallway was completely vacant…

I peed and I washed my hands. When I opened the bathroom door Johnny was standing there. He looked me over menacingly. I didn't know what he wanted but I was going to find out.

"What do you want? I'll never tell you about Alli."

"Who said anything about Alli? It's you I want a piece of."

"What? Ew… don't hold your breath!"

"Oh but I'm already exhaling."

He pulled me into one of the hall's rooms. I fought against him, kicking and clawing at him but nothing helped me. He pushed me into the room. It was dark and I couldn't see anything. I felt him tearing at my clothes. The dress I was wearing was ripped off and so were my panties. I threw punches but they only landed in air. Suddenly the lights came on and I was sitting in the floor exposed. I got up and I attempted to attack Johnny again but he was too strong. He dragged me over to the bed. I struggled against him still so he hit me in the stomach to slow me down. It knocked all the wind out of me. He cuffed me to the bed. My arms and legs were gapped open. I screamed… I screamed as hard as I could but that didn't work because nobody was there. Eventually he put duct tape over my mouth and my screams were muted. I tried to free myself but it was useless.

I watched in horror as six guys came into the room. I didn't know them but I could tell that they were from Lakehurst. They all handed Johnny twenty bucks as they looked at me with thirsty eyes. I squirmed more, still trying to free myself as Johnny walked over to me, his erect penis in his hand. This isn't happening to me!

He pushed into me hard. I let out a shriek that was muted by the tape over my mouth. Tears fell down my cheeks as he thrusted himself into me with everything he had. It felt like my body was being ripped in two...torn apart. He came inside me, there was no condom…

One by one the guys all lined up. They laughed when they saw me trying to get away because my attempts were futile. I think my fear turned them on more. I yanked at the cuffs so hard that my wrists started to bleed. Blood ran down my arms as the second guy got on me and pushed inside of me. No condom with him either… I cried harder than I've ever cried as this stranger violated my body, causing me unimaginable pain as he hit the wall of my cervix repeatedly. When he was done with me he shot the sperm onto my breasts….

By the fifth guy I'd stopped screaming because I knew nobody was ever going to come rescue me from this. Instead I just cried as raped me. He stuck two fingers into my anus, violating me even more and he roughly moved in and out of me. He smelled like paint remover and body odor. I wanted to scream out like I'd done before; hoping that maybe this time somebody would hear me but I knew it was pointless. He came…no condom.

The last guy, the seventh raped me even more savagely than the others… even though the pain was unreal, more unreal than the previous six I'd stopped shedding my tears. They were useless just like screaming and hoping to be saved from this nightmare. When he was done with me he came inside me like the others. The guys left the room. Johnny was only there now.

"I bet you want to know why Clare? Don't you? If it hadn't been for you always judging and downing me Alli and I would still be together and she wouldn't be with that jerk. She wouldn't have aborted our child! You hear that Clare, you are a killer! This is your fault so now I'm showing you the whore you really are. I bet you don't feel so holy with the cum of six men oozing out of you! I bet you don't think of yourself as such a saint with that jizz on your titties…because you aren't holy or a saint…you are just a whore Clare! A soiled, dirty whore!"

Johnny punched me and I went unconscious. When I woke up I wasn't cuffed anymore. I was still naked though. My body hurt. I tried to walk but I barley could. I knew I had to break away though. I quickly limped out of the room like a wild, wounded animal. I ran downstairs just to run into Elijah Goldsworthy….

"Oh my god! What's…are you okay?"

I dropped to my knees before yelling out and going hysterical.

"Ahhhhhhh! Whhyyyyyyyyyyy! It was seven! It was seven! Ahhhhh!"

I blacked out after that moment. I woke up in the hospital. The doctor was about to put me to sleep so that they could do surgery to repair my vaginal tearing. I gave the police Johnny's name but since I didn't know the other guys I couldn't identify them. I wanted to die. I felt like a whore. I started to think maybe I was a whore who deserved it. Maybe Johnny was right…

I had to live with the memory of that night. I'd vomit whenever I'd think about it. For months I waited, scared and worried that one of these rapists had further ended my life by giving me an STD. HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and others came to mind as I thought about my attackers' lack of regard for me. I guess rapists aren't big on being considerate. When I found out I was clean I could only breathe a small sigh of relief. Every night I woke to night terrors if I even went to sleep at all. All I can think about is those seven men violating my body…Six strangers and someone I used to know.

I left Degrassi after the incident. Though it hadn't gotten out I couldn't bear to show my ugly face there with my defaced body. I looked at the purity ring on my finger taunting me. It was merely a joke now. I placed it in a box with other memories. All of my virtue had been taken that night by seven men…

I stood at the top of the building thinking of that night two years ago. I'm tired of living and I'm tired of having to think about those sick motherfuckers. Johnny got ten years in jail but he can get parole after five years because he ratted out the other guys. Luckily the case wasn't televised. It's bad enough that I have to know and face humiliation every time I look into the mirror.

I prepared to free myself. I got to the ledge and I was about to take the first step, which they say is the biggest. Someone suddenly grabbed me and pulled me down from the ledge. I fought at them but it done no good. This person dragged me into the building and locked the door to the roof. I continued fighting against them though they tried to calm me. That's when I noticed this guy was Elijah Goldsworthy.

"Clare Edwards?"


"I'm Eli…"

"I know who you are, why'd you stop me?"

"I had to save you… I couldn't let you end your life."

"You should have."

"I haven't seen you since high school…you disappeared…"

"Wouldn't you become a ghost after being cuffed to a bed, raped and ejaculated in by seven guys?"

"I'm sorry that happened to you. I didn't know that was happening to you."

"I know. It was a big house and my mouth was taped."


Here she is again. The girl who inhabited a thought I'd tried repeatedly to push to the back of my mind. No matter how hard I tried though I could never forget her. How she was running naked, bruised with blood and sperm running down her legs with her wrists bloody. At first I didn't know what to think but when she'd collapsed I knew what happened. Those seven sick bastards. Those seven rapists. I just wish I'd known about it that night. I didn't hear a thing and I didn't know anything was happening but I still feel partially responsible because it was my house. It was my house that will always hold that memory for her.

I remember after that night the police taped off that wing of my house for a week so that they could gather evidence for the case. The bedspread was covered in blood. There were cracks in the wall from where she tried to fight. Those slime balls… those spiritual murderers. I was angry to hear they only got five years. They should have gotten life.

I looked Clare over. She didn't look like the same girl I knew. She was no longer wearing her signature cross necklace and her once bright blue eyes were cold and lifeless. Even her hair looked dead. It once sparkled and bounced now it was weighted down and dull-looking. Her skin was pale. She looked like she belonged in a coffin but I can't blame her after what happened.

"Look… I know you can't technically let me kill myself so you leave and I'll just jump like I planned… You are the only person from my old life who knows what happened that night. You should let me end my suffering."

"Clare I can't let you kill yourself. Look…I'm an intern for Hunter and Hunter psychological services. Mrs. Helen Hunter specializes in sexual abuse and rape. I'm an intern there it's on the third floor… I can get you in and you can talk to somebody…"

"I don't want to talk to anybody! It was bad enough having to tell what happened word for word in front of a jury, judges and attorneys! Now you expect me to tell some shrink. What is she going to do? Give me pills to help me take myself out?"

"No… She can help you. Clare I don't want you to die."

"Eli you don't know me and I doubt you've given any thought to me after I left Degrassi."

"Clare I have given lots of thought to you! I'm always thinking about how you ran into me that night. Most of the time I cry like a baby when I remember hearing what the police said happened to you!"

"Why do you cry?"

"Because Clare…it's sad and horrible. Those guys should have been murdered for what they done. Killing yourself will only give them power. Don't let them have your power. Don't let them have your life Clare! Dammit come with me!"

I stretched out my hand to her and she placed hers in mine. We got on the elevator to go down. To think… If I'd never escaped to the roof to have a cigarette Clare would have killed herself. It must have been fate that she chose this building to jump off of and that I came up there when I did.

Clare sat in the lobby. I asked the receptionist to make sure she didn't leave. I went into Mrs. Hunter's office. She was clicking on the computer, which usually means she's playing Wedding Dash or some game like that.


"I need a favor."

"Go on."

"A friend of mine… She needs your services."

"You know I don't do freebies."

"Please! I found her on the roof about to jump when I was taking my smoking break."

"Whoa…Well send her in but you owe me. It's going to take an hour. I better have a hot caramel macchiato with extra caramel and extra whipped cream waiting on me by the time this hour is up."

"Yes ma'am."

"Make it a Venti."


Clare was sitting in the chair looking around. She looked rather uncomfortable and somewhat out of it. She does have a lot going on. That's probably the lot of it. I closed the door and I went to the Starbucks around the corner and it was closed so I had to walk to the one a few blocks away and wait in line for an eternity. I managed to make it back in an hour exactly. Clare was walking out of Dr. Hunter's office wiping tears and trying to catch her breath. I placed my hand on her shoulder and Dr. Hunter's door flew open.

"Oh thanks for the coffee Eli. Clare… remember I will see you this time next week."

"Yes Dr. Hunter."

I walked her to the elevator. I wanted to know what happened in there but I knew she probably wouldn't tell me.

"I just told her what happened."

"How do you feel?"

"Still horrible but Dr. Hunter says that's a normal reaction and that I have to go through this stage and make a breakthrough to feel not so bad again."

"Clare, you are going to be okay."

"I hope so."

There she went. The girl whose eyes used to sparkle like diamonds. Horrible people tried to break her and they almost succeeded but I think she will overcome what happened and be okay in the end because I'm going to make sure she's alright and if I don't then I'll be damned.