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I graded the last paper and I put the mark in the computer. Darcy and Alli rushed into the bedroom to drag me out I'm assuming. I just didn't want my students to have to wait for their grades any longer. That's right, I'm Instructor Edwards… Well, after today I will be instructor Goldsworthy. I turned off the laptop and I done a final look in the mirror. The dress is so…white. Eli promised to kill me is I got anything other than pure white. I like this dress though. My mother came into the room, tears of joy were streaming down her face and she blotted, trying not to ruin her makeup. She placed my grandmother's pearl and diamond combs in my hair. It fit the dress perfectly.

My father knocked on the door to tell us the music was starting. I said goodbye to my single self one more time. Not that I'd really miss her. Alli, Darcy and my mother walked ahead of me, each looking beautiful in their bridesmaid's dresses as they practically floated down the aisle to the sound of Cannon D. Eli's cousin Lula was the flower girl. She was adorable. After her it was my turn.

The music started and my dad and I started to walk down the aisle. I was nervous because everyone was looking at me. I focused on Eli and I felt better. When I finally made it to the alter I felt like I was going to collapse. My father gave me away and kissed me on the cheek. He tried not to let me see the tiny tears falling from his cheeks but I did.

The minister started to do the ceremony. It was hard to pay attention. Eli was just giving me chills.


Clare looked beautiful. I told myself I wouldn't cry but I couldn't help myself. I started thinking about that day on the rooftop. Even though that seems like centuries ago, it was the new beginning for us. She was wearing her charm bracelet. I told her she could take it off for the ceremony but she insisted on wearing. It's loaded down with charms, some from celebrations, and some from vacations with plenty of them just because.

The minister started to give the ceremony and though it was hard I made myself focus. Each word made me more anxious for the big and final "I do" to arrive. I slipped the ring on Clare's finer and she accepted. She got me a ring too, though I tried to talk her out of it and I of course accepted. After that came my favorite part.

"You may now kiss the bride."

"Well finally."

I pulled her close and dipped her back. Our lips met and the people went wild. I picked her up and carried her into the house. She giggled while I attempted to run up the stairs, getting winded halfway.

"I can walk you know?"

"I know… I just wanted to carry you."

"Why are we in the house?"

"To change."

"Oh yeah… I forgot. Detachable dress."

"Oh well to change and consummate the marriage."

"Oh Eli! Can't you wait until tonight? We'll catch a plane, go to Hawaii and spend our honeymoon by the beach with fruity drinks and grass skirts."

"Well since I get to see you in a grass skirt I guess I can wait."


Eli and I went to the room where our after ceremony things were. I took the train off of my dress so that only the skirt was left. Not much of a change, I know. Eli changed shirts since the one he was wearing was covered with sweat. He knew that'd happen.

Once we were done changing we joined the party. People congratulated us. Eli's parents' friends handed us money in fancy envelopes while Dr. Hunter and… Dr. Hunter wished us luck. Before I knew it, the music had come on and it was time for Eli and me to have our first dance.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him. We swayed to the music. Though I was in heels it felt like I was floating. I held onto him and he held onto me. Every so often he would kiss the back of my neck tenderly.

I barely noticed when the song ended. I heard people clapping and I opened my eyes. Eli and I smiled at each other. After the dance we got a little break to eat, which was a good thing because my tummy was rumbling. The food was delicious. Everybody ate and commenced in the merriment. If there's one thing that will bring people together at a wedding, its food.

After that it was time for the cake! We cut a piece and Eli and I struggled to get it in each other's mouths. The champagne was even more difficult. After that was done everyone got their slice and the towered wedding cake, aside from the top layer, disappeared before our eyes.

The single ladies gathered in the backyard. They were huddled together, some anxiously jumped and some giggled. My sister Darcy on the other hand, who wanted to be a so called "chronic bachelorette", stood to the side unenthused about the aspect of catching the bouquet. I turned my back to the ladies and I tossed the bouquet of white roses behind me. I turned around to see who the lucky gal was who caught it. I was surprised to see that Darcy had caught it. She quickly threw it to the ground, claiming that it hadn't been a fair toss. She finally accepted the bunch of flowers when I refused to re-throw it. The bouquet knows who it wants I guess.

Next I sat in a chair and Eli smiled at me deviously before sticking his head under my dress. I felt his teeth nip my skin as he pulled my garter belt down. The guys in the crowd "Oohhed" and "awed". When he'd gotten it completely off of my leg he whipped it towards the fellas. It landed in Adam's hands. He accepted the results from the game of fate. He and Darcy danced. Now that I see them together they are kind of cute.

Eli and I danced with our family and friends. We celebrated this day and we even ate a second time. After a few hours though, Darcy told us the time. We went upstairs to change again. I put on a flowy white sundress with white sandals. I had a jean jacket in case the plane got chilly. Eli changed into jeans and a white tee shirt.

We went back downstairs where everyone was gathered around the staircase waiting to see us off. I kissed my parents goodbye and I also kissed Eli's parents goodbye. We went out to Morty who was covered in white condoms, balloons, tissue and streamers. I heard Eli mutter "Dammit Adam" under his breath before we got into the car. We took off while our loved ones slowly disappeared from our rearview mirror while sending us off in the more splendid way ever.

I laid my head on Eli's arm while he drove. In these six years he's never complained about it. It's sort of become our thing I guess. We got to the airport and he parked. I chuckled to myself when I saw how ridiculous the condom covered car looked in the parking lot of the airport. We got our luggage and I grabbed my overnight bag.

Surprisingly the crowd at the airport wasn't too bad. The checkpoints were ridiculous but I guess I'd rather be safe than sorry. After we were cleared it was on to Hawaii! We got on the plane and cuddled up under the blanket I bought on board. I was right; the plane's freezing!

"So we did it… You're a Goldsworthy now."

"Yeah yeah yeah… you're an Edwards now."

"You bet I am. Clare I love you."

"I know… I love you too."

"I just wanted to tell you that since I haven't said it today."

"You haven't huh?"

"No… Did you get everything?"

"Like what?"

"For our big night Clare! We'll need protection an…"

"No, no condoms. Let's just leave things to chance."

"Are you really ready for the pitter patter of little feet though?"

"Yes. I am. Plus you know Adam's been dying to become an uncle."

"Yeah, tell me about it."

We kissed and went to sleep for half of the flight. I guess it's a good thing because we missed all of that pain with our ears popping and crap, at least the first half of it. The second half of the flight we worked crossword puzzles together, talked and we chewed gum to get rid of the pain in our ears. I was relieved when we landed.

When we stepped through the gate at the airport we got leid… There was a guy waiting with "Goldsworthy" on a piece of paper. We went with him. He led us to the car and he helped us load our luggage in. This was really…nice.

We took off and the view of the city was beautiful! We rode for about thirty minutes and then we went up this long driveway to this beautiful villa. When then car stopped I ran to the house, pulling Eli with me. I forgot about the luggage completely but luckily the driver didn't. Eli pulled out his keys and unlocked the door. I looked at him with a raised brow.

"What? My grandfather left this to me when he passed away."

"You've owned a villa in Maui all this time?"

"I was waiting to tell you at the right moment."

"Oh Eli... It's beautiful."

"Would you be mad if I said I didn't really go to Vegas with the boys two months ago?"

"That depends where you were."

"I was here decorating it with what I thought your tastes were."

"You expect me to believe that you were decorating?"

"Okay… I hired decorators but I overseen it. Are you ready to go in?"


Eli opened the door I thought I was going to pass out! The living room was a vision in white and brown. The kitchen had all stainless steel appliances and at the end of the hall I could see an opening to either a garden or a greenhouse. I walked around the house exploring it. Each room was beautiful but the bedroom was the most captivating of all.

I didn't even notice that the driver had bought the luggage into the house until Eli toted them into the bedroom, stumbling and winded. The bedroom was beautiful. The sheets and comforter was white. The bed post and pedestal were bamboo as well as the ceiling fan, nightstand, floors and dresser. I fell back on the bed and it was like a cloud. Eli landed on the bed beside me. I rolled over to face him.

"Eli I love it."

"Good. I hoped you would."

I went into the kitchen and I looked in the fridge. It was fully stocked with anything you would ever want to eat. I managed to find pancake mix and a waffle maker in the huge kitchen. I cooked Eli and me up some waffles and sausage. He scarfed down the food like he'd never had waffles before.

After I was done eating I showered and washed the holding spray out of my hair. I looked through my luggage and I got the lingerie I'd picked out especially for this moment. I rang my hair with a towel until it was nearly dry. I put lotion on all over my body and I slipped on the sexy outfit. It was a pink lacy bra with matching boy shorts. I almost went for the black ones but they reminded me too must of my past. For a moment I thought about everything. I started to feel the negative emotions creep into my head but I stopped them. What Eli and I are going to do will be beautiful and he'd never hurt me. I know that, I feel that….

I slipped on one of the terry cloth robes that were in the bathroom and I went into the living room where Eli was watching television. I stood in front of him and I untied the robe slowly, letting it fall onto the floor. He looked up at me and smiled. He stood up and gathered me into his arms before taking me into the bedroom.

A huge wave of apprehension washed over me when I saw him undressing. I've asked people and they all say it's normal to be nervous. I want to do this I just… I guess I'm a little scared. Eli stood in front of me, completely naked and I suddenly became more nervous upon seeing his largeness.

He pulled me up and he unhooked my bra. He slowly pulled it off of me and threw it to the side. He kissed my lips softly and gently with a surprising amount of passion. I gasped from losing my breath. He chuckled and caressed my face. I smiled at him weakly and he pulled me closer to him. My bare breasts were against his chest and it felt different… It felt warm. As the kiss intensified his hands started to explore my body. His fingers glided across my nipples, tickling me and making me even more aroused than I was. He started to kiss lower, first as my neck, then my chest until he reached my breasts. He kissed them gently, giving each one equal attention. I moaned and ran my fingers through his hair. He started to kiss his way back up and when he pulled me close to him this time I felt his hardness pressing against my core and I knew it was time.

We fell back on the bed and he gently pulled my panties off, tossing them with the other clothes in a pile on the floor. He positioned himself and then I felt him start to enter me. It didn't hurt much; it was just a little tight. Once he was entirely inside me he kissed me and he started to move in and out in rhythm. I was grinding my hips, contributing to this passionate moment. Eli quickened the pace and I sped up the match him. Our moans and my whimpers filled the air of the villa as Eli and I drifted into ecstasy simultaneously. After we came Eli lay on top of me. I held him tight and kissed him. We were both out of breath and sweaty but at the same time we were both equally satisfied.

"That was…wow."

"I wasn't too rough or anything?"

"No Eli. You were great."

"Okay… I just didn't want to hurt you."

"I know. Its official now Eli. We are married. Our marriage is consummated!"

"Yes it is."

We rolled around, still wrapped in each other and we laughed and played between the sheets of the luxurious bed. That was awesome!


After Clare and I regained our energy we showered together and we took a stroll on the beach. It was funny to see her reaction when I chased her with a tiny little crab. I know it was mean but it was hilarious.

After playing on the beach we had another shower…together, where we had another round of awesome sex. Later on in the night we lay in the bed and watched a movie. Clare chose the 1939 version of The Women. To me it was boring but if she wants to see that she can. I kissed my beautiful wife's face and I held her tight. Man, I'm glad I pulled her off the roof that day.


The room was lit up by the glowing of the moon into the window. It gave Eli's skin a strange shimmer. It looked nice though. I got up from the bed and I wrapped the mangled bed sheet around my body. I sat on the patio and I looked at the waves crashing against the shore while the moon reflected against the water. I had my first time today. I got married yesterday. I've been in love for five and a half years.

Who would have known I could ever be happy after what happened to me? Who could have known I would ever get a chance at some normalcy and a good life? Who would have known that I would have been able to fall in love with one of the sweetest and most kind hearted people ever? I'm glad I didn't take that huge first step off the ledge that day. I'd like to think, in a strange way Eli has been like…my angel.

So that's the end of the story. Thanks for reading you guys. I mean that. What did you think?