Thank you, oh you who read this

Kurt stumbled onto the indoor ice rink, Dave right beside him

"I thought you'd be better at this," Dave thought aloud amused as the small boy flailed all over trying to find some sense of balance ankles flopping

"You're foolish for thinking that—" Kurt readily got out

"You seem like you'd be so graceful out on the ice…"

Kurt's ankles falter dramatically now Dave grabs him securely through gloved hands by the elbow and hip

Sighing Kurt steadies himself once more

"Thank you for coming with me to this indoor rink. Whenever I picture New York, I always imagine ice skating, Gaga knows exactly why…there's something inexplicably lovely about ice skating, though…" blue eyes smiled holding out his arms

"Anyway, the truth is," he admitted taking in a breath "I'm really quite clumsy. I try to hide it, but even the years of dance classes can't shake off this…awkwardness."

"I think you're adorable." Quickly to cover up "I can help you practice back in Lima. Ice skating is really easy after just a few tries. And it's a heck of a lot of fun" Dave can't remember his first time skating it had merely always been in his life

"I'd like that," Kurt smiled small

"Soon, we'll be speed-skating against each other…I'd always win, of course…"

"Ack! Gaga! Help!" Speedily Dave grabbed Kurt again throwing his arms around the boy's chest keeping him up both breathless

In one swift motion their eyes meet break

"Thanks," Kurt stands up with a delicately gloved hand he swipes his hair though today it isn't moussed he cleared his throat and resumed moderately dignified airs "I'd love to take you up on your offer, actually. I've always wanted to master the art of ice skating."

Dave scrunched his mouth into a tiny frown to see Kurt's ankles still tremble so

"I'm just going to hold your hand, for support. Is that okay?"

"Of course! I need it!"

With assuredness his gloved large hand steadies Kurt's own the two find their own balance for some time

Dave hangs behind the Glee group stuck in some little store along with Tina they're in a remote corner Tina's looking at manga books hungrily and

He is staring at beautiful fragile squares of paper; they are tragically perfect for Kurt's careful folds and cranes

Grinning Dave decides to buy a small pack of the thin designed sheets

The group eats an expensive lunch outside, the day beautiful sunny

Kurt's cellphone goes off just as the boy bites off a rather large piece of sandwich

Clearing his throat first in a tiny high voice Kurt answers

"Hello? Oh, Hello, Dad!"

Dave watches blue eyes light up as he describes New York the feeling

After some minutes of conversation

"You want to talk to Finn? Hold on a moment," something dark flashes across Kurt's face however quick as the boy shuffles over to Hudson hands over the cell

"You know he doesn't love Finn over you…right?" Dave muttered as Kurt came back reassuring maybe

Kurt smiled faltered for a moment then sighs

"I know, I know. Sometimes I can't help but feel…somehow jealous." Lowering his voice "Finn, of course, is the son that I could never be for him."

Dave looks at him strangely

"He's your Dad, Kurt. He loves you for you." He can tell even just by the stories Kurt tells the man is insanely proud of his son.

"You think so?" Kurt smiles, knowing "I simply have these moments of silly insecurity."

Dave gave him a quick sideways hug hand darting away again

"You shouldn't, dollface," he drawled playfully as he took a satisfying bite of burger and they shared a pause a deep glance then grin

As everyone stands up having finished lunch Dave's cell goes off that little ring

Hastily he answers it to hear a crackly voice he'd forgotten

"Hey," Mitch said over static "how's New York?"

"Better than sliced bread," Dave said quickly odd "why'd you call, dude?"

He heard Mitch hesitate before "Jackie broke up with me."

He could only say back (relatively unsurprised though) "I'm sorry."

"Yeah. It's been fucking hell getting over it. The problem is…she wants to be friends."


"I—I just can't be friends, you know? I don't want to just be her friend. I can't sit around and pretend that it's okay when all I wanna do is…I don't know…hold her, maybe…I just wanna be her guy." He heard a sigh "You get me, right?"

"Definitely," Dave said slowly.

"I can't help it. I can't stop thinking about…that bitch…I'm not even fucking angry, though, I just need her so badly…I just needed to call you because you're probably the one guy who wouldn't get on my case for being so hung up over this shit."

He is walking towards Kurt when he looks at Tina she looks up he smiles she smiles

"You know…" he started, wandering towards her "I'm here because of you."

For the first time he sees her eyes well up, if slightly

They both smile laughing lightly

"Well…you know," she mimicked his tone giggly "we should have gone with that awesome original idea of ours…" she began slyly "Pokémon theme."

Dave threw back his head an cackled she took his arm both chuckling and leaned against it (nice, warm)

They walk over to Kurt to talk of silly things

"The practice room is freed up…would you help me with my solo, some more?"

They reached the hotel Dave is tired peaceful


"So, just get ready or washed up and in about forty minutes we'll meet down there," Kurt said wearily

"Sounds peachy," Dave said and they parted ways lumbering towards their respective hotel rooms

Hot water pounds down on him in the immaculate tiled shower

Dave stands there nervousness fluttering in his stomach

(They perform tonight)

He has a few lines of solo in "For Good" as everyone else does

Schue had asked him if he wanted a larger singing part he said Dave was the best male vocalist they had he told him not to mention anything but

Water runs down to his ankles pooling at his feet

With a clarity Dave realizes why he turned it down

He didn't want to be a solo singer he just wanted to be a part of something great he wanted to truly belong

Football he was running he was in the moment but things were

Different once he hit that locker room he had to be more less than just himself he could be himself here (here)

He wanted to admire support Kurt Tina they could have the spotlight

He didn't deserve it and that's what he thought all along but now he was just realizing he didn't want it and never did

Here he could be the guy he had been scared to be, and that's all he cared about

(Together) the Glee Club was a powerful force

He turned off the water clean and centered

Maybe he was unsure if he was jealous or regretful

Now (now) he knew

He smiled and Kurt's light voice flooded his brain he is calm

Wet and new Dave digs through his suitcase jacket looking for his cellphone

Nothing (where would he have put it) he checks his clothes again

Checks under the bed checks the bathroom grabs his backpack he took on the plane empties it roughly contents spilling out digs at the bottom and his hands brush

He feels familiar ceramic folds his



Everything turns to stone or lava as he pulls out that little wedding topper it had been forever since he'd last looked at it thought of it

Why, why the hell did this have to be there here now…

He sits, motionless, trained practiced trying to let the zany craziness fear anger within him subside slow but it just grew worse like frenzied static like a crashing wave

He thinks of (everything, fucking everything)

His feelings flood him his throat his chest he pulled a trigger now he's melting

A little jingle goes off he left his cell in one of the hotel drawers

He hears it against empty wood empty wood

It takes everything in him not to answer not to hear those voices he figures it's his parents he can't quite formulate coherent thoughts

He can't hear it though he can't hear anything especially not them not now

(Doesn't deserve) has he even fucking changed?

The room is silent again more so than before he grabs the phone roughly from the drawer directing surging anger towards something someone

Three rings Carol's voice crackles on


He is quiet forming his words he is maybe raging but he is somehow more alert than he's ever felt before


"Carol, I don't want to take those pills anymore. I'm not depressed, okay? I feel completely fucking normal and I don't want to take those pills everyday like I'm the guy I was before. I hate it. I hate still being tied to the fucking sadness I used to feel I just…" he broke a little bit voice higher "I can't. I just can't take them."

"David, did you take them this morning?"


"When did you stop taking them?"


There seemed to be a slight sigh of relief odd "David, you need to take your pills. I've told you already, we've given you a much lower potency and slowly we are weaning you off of them. I know that you've come a long way, but you must understand you can never quite solve or end something cold turkey. Breathe, David. Breathe."





"I agree that you are not nearly as depressed as you once were. But please, take your pills, David. Think of your parents. A month or so and you'll be off of them for good."

His throat tightens and he's looking at the topper again

He wants to say something but he can't he doesn't he creases cringes



"Yeah, I'll take them," he said roughly evenly

(He will cry oh fuck)

"I have to go,"

"David—promise me you will calm down and take the pills."

"Yeah," his voice rough but maybe she can tell he means it

He can't think of that right now he doesn't want to talk to her anymore

With a flip his phone conversation ends

Finds the little pill bottle takes a fucking pill dry swallows and

He grabs the wedding topper in hand feeling the folds as he did had done months months ago almost a year ago

With a heaviness he leaves the room he knows what he must do now

He walks up to Kurt's hotel room door he hears steady humming low singing

Kurt's softly singing some Beatles song

Hey Jude, don't be afraid,

You were made to go out and get her…

The minute you let her under your skin

Then you begin to make it better…

And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain,

Don't carry the world upon your shoulders…

Though he had paused listening reality came back when Kurt dropped something the soft murmur of a voice abruptly stopping with the thud

He grips the topper a little more tightly and knocks on the hollow hotel door

(Blue) Kurt opens the door surprised to see him he doesn't falter and

Silently he holds up the topper thrusting it into Kurt's face

(His legs are Jell-O) "This is yours," he gruffly mutters "you don't have to pretend now like you've completely forgiven me." Hecan'tlookathimhecan'tlookathim "I can't get over it, Kurt. I'm so incredibly sorry…" okay he looks up into those eyes "I can't get over it…more than anything, because…because I like you, okay? And not just like friends…I Like You."

Kurt blue lashes widen mouth parts he is somber but shocked which

Drives anger pulses beat Dave is for some reason furious why is he throwing this away

"Don't look so surprised. You had to have known. I mean, come on, I…I freaking kissed you. Why have we not talked about that? Why did you—what did it—I don't even know if I want to know…"

Dave looks down shaking his head a warm tear dripping down can't help it

The boy's eyes are glassy as his pale hands trembling take the topper from Dave

Small, slight inhale exhale

They still stand one in the room one outside paralyzed

"Oh…Dave…" shakily Kurt whispers and sighs sniffing

He just stands there sniffing too he needs an answer finally why

He is not stone but he is not moving

"I was scared," Kurt began (stay motionless Dave don't break don't) "I was, without a doubt, shocked. Of course, I was angry you stole my first kiss with a boy…after all, I'd always envisioned it slightly differently…" Kurt grinned sadly Dave felt more tears drip down his nose "Dave, to be honest, though your abruptness did scare me, there was something even scarier inside of me that almost naturally…responded. Back then, I hated it and ignored it, fearful. But what I hated more was that, as I pushed the thought away you kept right on with bullying me, even more so than usual. Dave." He looked at him "I thought I loathed you, in a fashion…but I didn't know you. And now…you've revolved, Dave, and I've seen all these different sides of you that I couldn't see before."

Both stood there, weeping weak

"Oh…" Kurt sighed out sniffling looking into him "I forgave you so long ago. You need to believe me when I say it's in the past…at least, for me…here…"

Kurt softly touched his wrist beckoning him inside he sat down on the soft bed

"You need to forgive yourself," Kurt softly breathed as he shut the hotel door "can I…sing you a song, Dave? Forgive me if the request sounds strange…"

Dave nodded immediately curious absorbing

Kurt voice naked began to sing with a raw strong energy

Looking straight at him kindheartedly, truthfully

You've been on my mind

I grow fonder every day

Lose myself in time

Just thinking of your face

God only knows

Why it's taken me so long

To let my doubts go

You're the only one that I want

I don't know why I'm scared

I've been here before

Every feeling, every word

I've imagined it all

You'll never know if you never try

To forgive your past and simply be mine

I dare you to let me be

(Face red voice fierce Dave is staring staring lovely

Kurt is strong neck straining body still and solid)

Your one and only

Promise I'm worthy

To hold in your arms

So come on, and give me a chance

To prove I am the one who can

Walk that mile

Until the end starts…

Have I been on your mind?

You hang on every word I say

Lose yourself in time

At the mention of my name

Will I ever know

How it feels to hold you close

And have you tell me

Whichever road I choose you'll go…

I dare you to let me be your

Your one and only…

I know it ain't easy

Giving up your heart…

Nobody's perfect…trust me, I've learned it…

Dave's heart fluttered with uncertainty Kurt finished the song with intensity eyes burning face lit

Dave stood up opened his mouth to speak before he can Kurt

Throws the wedding topper lightly onto the bed quickly roughly reaches up

Grabs Dave's face smooth pale hands on stubbly jaw pulls him down

Presses their lips together Dave's heart breaks the boy's lips push eagerly against his own and everything within him longs wants it but

(But!) Dave pulls away from Kurt's grip lightly pushing his chest apologetically

"Kurt," he wants to be clear "I want this. You. So badly…but…I don't want to hurt you, in any way." He doesn't want to do this good Lord his brow creases eyes shining "We would have your Dad. Everybody at McKinley. There would just be…a heck of a lot of people against us, who would question us, maybe hate us and…"

He looks at Kurt deeply mesmerized in sparkling waters

"I'd be…so willing to go through anything, for this to work. But it's not going to be easy. I'm a mess."

Kurt placed a soft hand on his cheek

"You don't think…" he started strongly "that I understand fully? You don't think that I have problems, too? I like you, Dave." Assuredly determinedly "Your feelings are entirely reciprocated. I'm so overwhelmingly happy when I'm around you,"

They both smile magic special something

"I think that…despite everything…we have good odds," Kurt grinned widely

Dave bent his neck down diving in kissing him softly carefully

Kurt madly pushes back and Dave wraps his arms around the small boy (electric) and smoothly lifts him twirling in a small silly circle

"I've always wanted to do that," he whispered out inches from Kurt's mouth smiling

Kurt laughed he could see his throat move with the raw giggle

"You're quite silly," Kurt said dreamily as Dave set him inches back down

Everything felt light and wonderful (incredulous)

Dave's warm large hand took Kurt's

Their fingers interwoven interlocked cemented

Later the two of them met in the lobby to walk around Central Park

Dave saw the dull glint of ceramic trapped in Kurt's small hand

With a casual gusto Kurt tossed the wedding topper in the hotel trash can

"It's just a little cake topper," Kurt mused lightly

With that the two pushed the revolving hotel doors the half circle it took

To get to the breezy open city, hand-in-hand

To lead a better life,

I need my love to be here.

Here making each day of the year,

Changing my life with a wave of her hand.

Nobody can deny that there's something there.

There, running my hands through her hair;

Both of us thinking how good it can be.

Someone is speaking but she doesn't know he's there.

I want her ev'rywhere, and if she's beside me

I know I need never care,

But to love her is to meet her ev'rywhere,

Knowing that love is to share,

Each one believing that love never dies,

Watching her eyes and hoping I'm always there.

I want her ev'rywhere, and if she's beside me

I know I need never care,

But to love her is to meet her ev'rywhere,

Knowing that love is to share,

Each one believing that love never dies,

Watching her eyes and hoping I'm always there.

To be there and ev'rywhere,

Here, there and ev'rywhere

An end, and a beginning. Thank you to those who have read this. What seems to be a rather mediocre story is, for me as its author, an overwhelming accomplishment, as Revolver is possibly the longest story I have ever actually finished. I was going to include an epilogue, but have decided that I will leave you as the reader up to how these crafted characters will end up eventually.

If there has been any weird 'plot holes' or anything odd/bad worth mentioning...well, by all means, please mention it! It only helps me (:

Thanks again. (: