This is the first of a series of drabbles (and double drabbles, and maybe triple drabbles!) that I'm writing based on The King's Speech. Disclaimer: Not my characters.

How to Handle a Woman

(The title is from a song in the musical Camelot. I thought it was fitting.)

Descending the stairs outside the Logue flat, Bertie winced as a woman's scolding voice reached him. He had not supposed that gentle-looking Mrs. Logue could attain such volume.

"P . . . poor old Logue," he said with sympathy. "I'm afraid he's for it."

"Serve him right," said Elizabeth primly, three steps below. "He shouldn't keep secrets from her."

"But we asked him to keep them!" Bertie pointed out.

"It doesn't matter who asked him," Elizabeth retorted. "Husbands shouldn't keep things from their wives."

She marched downstairs, while the king of England trailed after her, pondering the incomprehensibility of women.