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The room was quiet and dark, the only thing that could be heard was the soft sounds breathing. It was cold and had an eerie feeling to it as the chains rattled against the wall. The people in the room, one boy and one girl, were chained upon the wall. They had no idea where they were and who took them. The only door in the room creaked open as a tall and well built man walked in. The girl began to whimper as the boy tugged at the cold chains.

"P-please don't hurt me!" the girl cried.

"Let us go you bastard!" the boy yelled.

The man walked by them as if they weren't there, ignoring their voices. He walked over to a cabinet that was on the other side over the room. As he opened it, the girl screamed in horror. The man chuckled to himself as he pulled out an object of some sort. He traced his hand along the side of the steel hatchet, his eyes glistening with excitement.

"I-I have a daughter! Please let m-me go!" the girl screeched as the man with hatchet came towards her.

"Shh, there's no need to fret, my dear. You're just the beginning, so be happy your first. You're my new playmate." The man soothed.

"B-beginning?" the boy stuttered.

The man nodded, thinking to himself. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a picture. The picture itself was old and torn, but the faces on it were what the man really cared for. Those seven faces, smiling and laughing, all together. He tightened his grip on the picture, emotions rising in him. Without warning, he swung the hatchet, grinning as they screamed.


Dr. Spencer Reid walked into the bullpen, coffee in his hand as he waved at JJ who was walking towards SSA Aaron Hotchner's office. The blonde agent gave a small wave back, but she didn't look to happy. The young agent put his messenger bag on his desk, sighing at the pile of paper work. He glared at SSA Derek Morgan and Emily Prentiss, noticing that they didn't have any. Just as he was about to sit down, Hotch and JJ came out of the office.

"We have a case, meeting room, now." Hotch demanded, looking angrier than usual.

Reid sluggishly walked towards the room, almost running into Morgan. The older agent gave Reid a worried glance, but continued on ward. The team sat down around the table as JJ pulled out files for everyone. SSA Dave Rossi was the last to come in the room, right after Penelope Garcia.

"There's been a few murders over the last week in Daytona Beach, Florida." JJ stated, focusing on the screen as she flipped through pictures.

"How many are dead?" Rossi asked.

"So far, the local police have ten bodies."

"Ten? Are you serious?" Prentiss coughed, choking on her coffee.

"Yes, and they've all been killed the same way. Garcia, don't look." JJ mumbled, flipping to the pictures.

The pictures on the screen were gruesome and bloody. The bodies didn't even look human.

"What happened?" Reid questioned.

"Basically, the bodies have been cut up by a sharp tool, axe or hatchet. But, before that, forensics show signs of brutal rape. There are even burn marks and bruising all over the body." The liaison stated, looking away from the pictures.

"This looks like a form of torture before the Unsub actually kills." Hotch mumbled.

"Do any of the victims have anything in common?" Rossi asked, tapping his fingers on the table.

"None of the victims knew each other. It's like they were chosen randomly." Jennifer sighed.

"Wheels up in 20 minutes and everyone is going." Hotch remarked, leaving the room.


The ride on the jet was more nerve racking than learning about the murders. Everyone, including Garcia, was going over the case file. Spencer was sitting beside Derek, while the girls were all together. Hotch and Rossi were talking about the case privately.

Reid read the case within seconds and was just glancing over the pictures again. He winced as he saw one of the victims arm covered in needle marks. Morgan saw the worried look on his friend's face.

"What's wrong, Pretty Boy?"

"Nothing, just…these ways that he tortures them is very inhumane." He retorted.

"He's a killer. He probably gets a kick out of the torture he inflicts on these people."

"It's wrong."

"Reid, what's eating you? You've seen cases like this before."

The young genius bit his lip and looked out the window. He didn't want to talk about the pictures or his past. It wasn't one he was willing to share. Just as Morgan was about to ask again, Prentiss walked over and sat across from the boys.

"This is going to be tough case. Garcia already feels sick looking at the pictures and Hotch has been on his toes this whole time." She sighed, leaning against the jet's window pane.

"We'll catch him. Don't worry, Prentiss." Morgan smiled, trying to cheer his colleague up.

"We're landing in 10." Hotch said.


"Reid, Morgan, go check out where the latest bodies were found. Rossi and I will go to the station and help Garcia set up. Prentiss and JJ, I want you to go talk to the victims' families." Agent Hotchner stated, getting in the black SUV. Agents Rossi and Garcia followed their chief without argument. The other girls nodded and walked off. Spencer and Derek got in a different SUV, heading towards the crime scene.

Morgan drove while Reid mumbled to himself. The genius was thinking of ways the Unsub caught the victims without being noticed by anyone.

"Reid, what do you think about this?" Morgan asked, breaking the silence.

"About what?"

"The case. How does one person manage to get all these people?"

"He could lure them. Actually, statistics show that 53 percent of people are taken by people they know, 27 percent by people they've seen once or twice, and 30 percent by complete strangers." Reid said.

"Yeah, yeah, you and you're statistics." Morgan chuckled.

The SUV came to a slow stop as the agents pulled into the latest crime scene. There was still caution tape around the area and one or two cops. Morgan and Reid got out of the car, walking over to one of the cops.

"And who are you?" the cop questioned.

"FBI, SSA Derek Morgan and this is SSA Dr. Spencer Reid. We're here to see the crime scene." Morgan answered, pulling out his credentials.

"Huh, well, the bodies were found over in that patch of grass." The cop said, giving Reid a questioning look.

"Thanks." Reid half-smiled.

"Aren't you a little young to be in the FBI?" The cop couldn't help but ask.

"Um, I'm actually twenty seven, and I get that a lot. I-"

"Reid. C'mon." Morgan sighed, cutting him off.

The young agent felt embarrassed, but followed his friend to the crime scene. The area was covered in blood, making the grass red.

"Why dump the bodies here? You can see it from the road." The older agent questioned.

"Maybe he wanted them to be seen?" Reid suggested.

"If I'm the Unsub, I would have to place the bodies when it's dark. Otherwise, passing cars will see me. So, how do I get the bodies here, but leave no trace behind?"

"He could have carried them, placed them in a trash bag and dumped them here."

"One man carrying all that weight? Isn't it a little much for one person?" Morgan cocked his head to the side.

"Not if he's a body builder. He could have the strength to carry the bodies. That could also explain how he caught the victims without much of a struggle." Reid stated, observing the bloody grass.

"Or he has an accomplice."

"I don't think so. This type of Unsub takes time and care into his tortures. Having someone there to help you would be too much of a hassle. Plus, I think he has a temper issue."


Agents Emily Prentiss and Jennifer Jareau walked to the doorstep of the latest victim found, Ella LaVez. Emily knocked on the door, waiting for a response. The door opened slightly and a pale, older woman looked out.

"Who are you and what do you want?" she croaked.

"Ma'am, we're the FBI. I'm SSA Jennifer Jareau and this is SSA Emily Prentiss. We're here about the murder of Ella LaVez. Are you Tanya LaVez, her mother?" JJ asked sympathetically.

"You! I-It's your fault my daughters dead! Get out!" Tanya screeched, fear in her eyes.

"Ma'am, this is not our fault. We're trying to find out who killed your daughter." Emily said.

"H-he said it was your fault! All of you! You and Spencer, Derek, Penelope, Aaron, and…and…." The woman broke down crying before she could finish.

"How do you know us? Who is 'he'?" JJ pulled out her phone as Emily calmed the woman down.

"He called me…he said….Ella was dead because of you…he….he said you would all pay dearly…" the woman sobbed.

Prentiss looked at her blonde friend with concern.

"Hotch, it's JJ. The Unsub knows us."

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