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Immy was curled in my lap, like a kitten. I guess she and Pixie both liked snuggling, since the two of them seemed to always be competing for a spot on my lap.

At least, I hoped it was my lap they were competing over.

I was staying up, while Pixie was showering, and waiting for Izzy.

To come back from her date.

With her weasel.


She kicked me in the balls the last time I called him that...

Immy wanted to wait with me, but ended up falling asleep, after two hours of questions: What was my favorite color? Why did I have a rose tattoo? Was I going to marry Pixie? Did I want babies? Could she get a tattoo?

I kinda tuned out after she started asking about what my favorite bird was.

Which is a turkey. But then that might bring on favorite holdiays...Talking to ten-year-olds sucks ass, which my point was.

Pixie was refusing to come out of the bathroom, and it'd been 30 minutes. I frowned, and made to get up, before remembering the sleeping kid on my lap.

I sighed, rubbing at my face. I swear, if Izzy tries to sneak into that little rat's apartment, I was seriously gonna kick his scrawny little ass.

It'd been three freakin' years since I'd found Pixie-or she found me, as she likes to put it. Immy finally began to trust me, which, since the dudes in her family were real assholes, I'd say it was a big improvement.

Pixie calmed me whenever I wanted to snap a customer's neck, for either hitting on my girl, or trying to ignore the fact that I had a girl, already.

Magnus taught Immy how to match-or not match, in my opinion-glitter with any outfit. I think Alec's starting to get a little jealous...

And yes, Izzy and Simon are dating. I broke the bastard's nose when I found out, and Izzy broke my arm, claiming I "didn't respect her happiness". When Pixie found out, I was banned to the couch.

Blue balls sucked, especially when your girlfriend is pissed, let me tell you.

The door swung open, the little bell tinkling lightly. Izzy's cheeks were red from the winter air, her black eyes bright. I felt a tiny bit of respect for Simon. A tiny bit. It took a lot to make this bitch happy. And if he could...

I would still kick his testicles up his ass if he gets her knocked up, though.

She glanced at me and Immy, before frowning. "Where's Pix at?" She asked, curiously. "I was expecting her to be with you, you know," she shrugged. "You two can't seem to keep your hands off eachother."

I scowled at her. "She's taking a shower."

Izzy cocked an eyebrow. "If you say so..." She danced-fuckin' danced-to her little room that she shared with Immy, next to mine and Pixie's bedroom.

I sighed, scooping up Immy and followed her.



I tucked in Immy, as Izzy brushed back her hair and washed her makeup off her face. "Night," I muttered, glancing over my shoulder. Izzy's back was turned, as she'd started braiding her hair. When I was certain she wasn't looking, I bent down and quickly dropped a kiss on Immy's forehead.

"I saw that."


"Whatever." I began walking out of their bedroom, to go see what the hell was going on with Pixie, when Izzy grabbed my arm. "Wait."

I glanced down at her, and she quickly bounced up and kissed my cheek.

The hell?

"Thanks for letting me stay here," she said, glancing down at her feet as I blushed.

After three years she decides to thank me?

I shook my head. "Don't be getting mushy on me, you little shit."

"Wouldn't dream of it, limp dick."

Izzy pushed me out, and I made my way to the bathroom.

I tapped on the door, softly. "Pixie?"

There was no sound on the other end.

"Pixie? Babe, c'mon. Are you mad at me? Is it something I did?"

The door swung open, and Pixie stood there, her green eyes wide and scared.

I immediately pulled her in my arms. "Babe, what's wrong?" I whispered, dropping my head on her shoulder and laying open-mouthed kisses aling her throat, tugging at her earlobe with my teeth.

Pixie sighed, melting into my chest. "Do you-do you remember what we did, last night?" She asked in a quiet voice.

I grinned. Hell yes. "Fuck yeah, I remember," I groaned against her neck, pushing my hips into her. "You were amazing, babe," I murmured.

Pixie shook her head. "I was sick this morning..."

I pulled away from her, frowning. "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked. "I would've taken you to the doctor..." Then I squinted at her. "Hey...I thought you said swallowing wasn't all that bad-"

She slapped at my chest, lightly. "Perv," she giggled. "That wasn't what I'm talking about." She took a deep breath. "Jace, I took a test."

I blinked at her; We'd both decided she didn't have to go to school, she just took online classes. What the hell is she talking about...?

Noticing my "what the hell" look, Pixie hurried to explain. "A pregnancy test."


I sat down, heavily, on the bathroom floor.

Pixie knelt down in front of me. "Are you-Jace, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said it like that-"

"What were the results?"

She bit her lip, noticing the gruffness in my tone. Not knowing I was thinking of my own father. Oh, God. If she is pregnant, I might raise the kid to be a freakin' serial killer. Or Hannibal Lecter. Fuck...

"I don't know...I'm waiting right now." She nodded to the counter, where I saw a small, plastic tube. "It should be ready any second now..." She began chewing on her lower lip.

I nodded, and pulled her onto my lap in a silent message that everything was going to be fine.

"When will it be ready?" I asked, glancing up at the small tube, where it laid there, taunting me.

"Now." Pixie buried her face into my collarbone. "Jace, you read it...I'm scared." She shuddered. "What if I'm not pregnant? What if I am? What if-?"

I kissed her cheek. "Then you'll be the best damn mother the baby could ever have. If you aren't..." I shrugged, and winked at her. "There'll be plenty of other opportunities. Sex God, remember?" I waggled my eyebrows down at her, and she gave a small chuckle.

Reaching up, I grabbed the tube full of piss-I mean, why piss in a tube? Why not just have your stomach pop out, letting you know there's bread in the oven. Honestly...-and brought it down. Pixie sighed. "What does it say?"

I stared down at the tube, unblinking.



I lifted her chin, staring into her hopeful eyes.

She really wanted this baby.

I leaned forward, kissing her. I pulled away, only slightly, so that my lips were hovering over hers, inhaling her scent.

"Well?" She demanded, breathless.

My face broke out into a grin. "Looks like there's gonna be someone other than you who'll be calling me Daddy, babe," I said, winking at her.

Pixie blushed, but her green eyes lit up, and she squealed.

Next thing I knew, she'd tackled me to the bathroom floor, her lips attacking mine violently.

If I'd known she'd acted like this, I would've knocked her up sooner. I shook my head, flipping over so that she was under me, and slid my hand down onto her belly. The lust glazed over, and her eyes softened. "Jace..."

I smiled up at her, pressing a kiss on her bellybutton, before crawling up her body, and kissed her.

My Pixie.


Okay, obviously not the ending any of you were expecting...*shrugs*

Izzy killed Jonathon, right after murdering his father.

You can imagine what gender Jace and Clary's baby is.

You can kill me for not having a lemon in this chapter...;)

But in the meantime, I shall weep from the loss of this story. I was getting kinda attached to them, myself. :(