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A Darker Return of the Green Ranger

Chapter One: Happy Late Anniversary

Kimberly Anne Hart smiled to herself as she felt a strong arm wrap around her stomach and pull her close to the strapping young man behind her. He leaned in gently and kissed the lobe of her ear before gently whispering to her. "Morning," was all he said. She didn't respond verbally but the attractive brunette did snuggle up a little closer to her boyfriend. "How'd you sleep?" he asked her in the same gentle tone.

"Good," she replied as she opened her chocolate brown eyes and rolled over to look at him. "How about you?"

Tommy Oliver simply leaned down and planted a soft kiss on her lips and then another on her forehead. "I slept well," he replied as his hand snaked around her body and to the small of her back. "I usually do after a monster attack." The short statement caused both of them to smirk and Kimberly rolled her eyes. The two of them had had a romantic one year anniversary dinner planned for the previous night but Lord Zedd had gone out of his way to ruin the evening. They had gotten to their dinner reservation too late to be seated. Every other restaurant they had tried had been completely full. The concert that Tommy had booked tickets for months previously had shut down because of the monster attack. By the time they finally got back to Tommy's studio apartment, it was very late and they were both tired from the monster attack. The two had simply changed into their night clothes and gone to bed.

"I am sorry about last night," the Pink Power Ranger told him as she reached up and pressed a finger playfully against his lips.

"Don't be," he responded before kissing the tip of her finger. "At least you got to spend the night here."

"But I do that all the time," she said with a shrug. "That was nothing special."

Tommy shrugged his own shrug in response. "I think it is," he told her. "Every night with you is special."

Kim sighed and shook her head at him. "My boyfriend, ever the romantic," she said with mock exasperation.

Tommy laughed and rolled over so that he was directly on top of her. The dog tags that he traditionally wore in memory of his father hung down from his neck and dangled in Kimberly's face. "You could break up with me," he suggested playfully.

Kim curled her mouth into a contemplating scowl and pretended to consider the option for a moment. "No thank you," she answered before grabbing his tags and using them to pull him into a deep kiss. The two laid there with locked lips for a moment before Tommy broke it off and began to softly nuzzle her neck. Kim wrapped her arms around her boyfriend and ran her hands up his bare back.

"Before we make up for last night," she said as he began to plant sweet kisses along her neck. "I want to brush my teeth." Tommy didn't stop kissing her and the Pink Ranger sighed with affectionate annoyance. "I will tickle you," she threatened.

Tommy stopped.

Reluctantly, the White Ranger rolled over, onto his back, allowing his girlfriend to get up. Kimberly kissed him on the cheek and threw the covers off before swinging her legs over the side of the bed. She cast a loving look back down at Tommy, who sent the same gaze back at her.

"I'll be back in a sec," she told him as she stood up.

The Pink Ranger walked over to the counter where her purse sat idly. She opened the small black handbag and began to rummage around. Inside, she could see her wrist communicator, her power morpher, deodorant, a few random items that she had accumulated, and a toothbrush. She grabbed the toothbrush and started towards the bathroom. The door closed behind her, leaving Tommy alone in the apartment room.

With a weary groan, Tommy rolled out of bed and allowed himself to fall onto the ground. He caught himself with the palms of his hands and immediately began to do his morning push-ups, which he counted aloud. Once he reached twenty, he collapsed, rolled onto his back, and followed them up with sit-ups. Before he could finish his sit-ups, the bathroom door reopened and Kimberly re-emerged.

"Aren't you the hard worker," she teased as she walked back to the bed.

Tommy pulled himself onto the bed and sat at the edge facing her. "What can I say?" he asked humbly. "Can't go soft."

Kim walked over and placed one knee on the bed beside his leg. Tommy grabbed her bottom to support her and she pushed up and put the other knee beside his other leg, straddling him. "Wanna work out together?" she asked before kissing him. Tommy's only response was to deepen the kiss and make it more passionate. While one hand remained on her bottom, the other one slid under the dark green sweatshirt that she had borrowed from him to sleep in and up her back.

As Kim prepared to begin lifting the sweatshirt off, a familiar six notes beeped from their communicators simultaneously. They both stopped and sighed in genuine exasperation. "Damn," the Pink Ranger said as she got off of the edge of the bed, allowing him to stand as well.

The White Ranger walked over to his dresser and answered the call. "Go ahead, Alpha," he said as he opened his dresser and pulled out a pair of blue jeans.

"Tommy, Goldar is attacking Angel Grove General Hospital. You and the other Rangers need to get there as soon as possible!"

"Kimberly and I are on our way, Alpha," the leader of the Power Rangers stated, all traces of his sexual frustration gone at the news of Goldar's target.

He quickly changed out of his night short and into his jeans while Kimberly pulled on a pair of black pants and traded the green sweatshirt for a pink tank and black jacket. Tommy pulled a white tank on and stuffed his morpher into his back pocket.

"You ready?" he asked her.

"Absolutely," she responded as she pulled her morpher and communicator from her purse.

"It's morphing time!" he called out heroically.

Over at the Angel Grove General Hospital, Goldar paced through the lobby impatiently. The golden armored warrior gripped his sword tightly in hand as he kept a close eye on the hostages. Seven or eight staff members were lined across the wall, each with their ankles and wrists bound with thin strips of coil. Several Z-Putty patrollers stood over them, mumbling in their indecipherable dialect to one another. The entire lobby had been ripped apart. Goldar had smashed the computers and torn through the file cabinets in an attempt to locate his objective. Now, while he waited, his henchmen were scouring the building looking for the item that Lord Zedd had ordered him to procure.

"What is taking so long?" he asked himself aloud in his gravely voice. He turned to a nearby putty and growled angrily. "If your friends are wasting my time, I'll use their clay to sharpen my sword!" he threatened.

The putties in the room may not have been capable of responding in English but they understood the threat well enough and hoped against hope that their brethren upstairs would hurry up the search.

Before Goldar could wait too much longer, two jets of swirling energy descended into the room. The first was a magnificent hot pink color while the other glimmered of holy white. The two energy swirls landed and dissipated, revealing the Pink and White Power Rangers.

"Back off, Goldar!" Tommy said threateningly to the golden ape.

"Finally! I was getting bored!" the monster cried out as he held up his sword. "Where are the rest of your friends, traitor?"

"They'll be here," Kim assured him. "But we can handle you on our own, Monkey-brains!"

"I assure you that you're wrong, Pink Ranger!" he shouted as he ran towards the two Rangers.

Tommy and Kim quickly dove in opposite direction and performed summersaults to avoid the monster. Goldar's sword strike came down on the reception desk, cutting the giant gash in the wood. He pulled his sword free and turned to Tommy. The monster extended his off-hand towards the White Ranger and fired several bolts of energy at him. Tommy, with a motion that could barely be seen, drew his shortsword, Saba, and deflected the blasts so that they struck the walls harmlessly. Sparks showered down on the room but none of the hostages were harmed by Goldar's attack.

Kim quickly drew her blade-blaster and converted it to blade mode. She leapt into the air and came down at Goldar, poised to strike his shoulder. Lord Zedd's general knocked the attack away harmlessly with his sword and kneed the young woman in the stomach. Once she was doubled over, he elbowed her in the back and she went crashing to the floor.

Before Goldar could press his advantage, Tommy intervened and swung Saba violently at Goldar. The attack clipped the monster's shoulder and sparks burst from him. Tommy kicked his opponent in the head, which sent him sprawling back. He turned back to his girlfriend with a concerned, albeit hidden, look.

"You alright?" he asked her.

She quickly got to her feet and grabbed her blade-blaster from the ground. "Fine," she confirmed.

"Putties, finish them!" Goldar shouted at his men.

"I'll handle this! Save the hostages!" Tommy ordered.

The putties and Goldar all rushed the two Rangers. Tommy, fortunately, had an advantage. He had worked with Goldar and the putties before when he had been the Green Ranger. He knew their tactics and he knew how to anticipate their attacks. This allowed him to effectively dodge or deflect most of their attacks while dealing out a fair amount of damage on his own. Within a minute, the putties were defeated, leaving only Goldar and Tommy to fight whilst the hostages that Kimberly had just freed fled for dear life.

"Tommy!" the Pink Ranger called out now that there was no one to hear his identity. "I'm going to handle things upstairs!"

He didn't respond but she knew better than to distract him from his fight. The Pink Ranger left the White Ranger to do battle.

"Just you and me, Tommy," the golden armored warrior said with relish. "I had always hoped it would be me to take you down, traitor!"

"Give up, Goldar," he responded. "I've beaten you before. I'll do it again."

With that, Tommy and Goldar charged each other and the sword fight began. Their blades moved with such speed that it would be difficult for anyone outside of the battle to keep up. The two were both master swordsmen and neither was stupid enough to underestimate the other's abilities. They parried and dodged each other with grace but neither could gain a true advantage over the other. The thick armor-like hide that protected Goldar limited his mobility, making it difficult for him to keep up with the much more flexible and agile Power Ranger. On the other hand, Saba was a short sword and Goldar's blade was far longer. He had reach, allowing him to keep his foe at a distance.

Upstairs, Kimberly had just tossed the eleventh putty patroller that she had encountered out of an old lady's room. The Pink Ranger followed the putty that she had just thrown and planted her foot squarely on the large "Z" emblem on its chest, causing it to disintegrate.

"What are they looking for?" she asked herself aloud as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"What were we looking for," a demonic voice corrected as a figure dressed entirely in black robes emerged from the room next to the one she had come from. "We found it." The figure looked up, revealing a face obscured by a golden mask. Despite the mask, however, the eye and mouth holes allowed Kim to see a creature with a horribly mutilated face. Scars and old injuries were completely visible. The very sight made her cringe.

"Who are you?" she demanded as she pulled her blade-blaster again.

"All in good time, Pink Ranger. All in good time. For now, you simply need to know that you Power Rangers lost today. We have what we needed and that has sealed your fate!"

"I don't think so!" she retorted as she threw her weapon at him. Before the blade struck the dark figure, he vanished in a haze of black and purple mist. The blade imbedded itself in the wall at the opposite end of the room. Kimberly tensed in frustration that she had left him get away. "Better help, Tommy she muttered."

By the time that she got downstairs, the Pink Ranger realized that that had been utterly unnecessary. The other four Power Rangers had arrived and now Rocky and Billy were fending off the golden ape with their Power Sword and Power Lance respectively. All five of the other Rangers noticed their final comrade enter the room.

"Let's put them together, guys!" Rocky called out.

"Don't bother!" Goldar said with a bit of pride in his voice. "Lord Zedd tells me that we already have what we need. I'll be leaving now."

With that, their enemy vanished in a flash of bright flames. The six Power Rangers gathered together. "Kim, are you alright?" Aisha asked.

"I'm fine," the Pink Ranger answered. "There wasn't much of a fight upstairs."

"We should get back to the Command Center," Tommy stated. "The police can handle it from here."

Up on the moon, in the dark fortress commonly referred to as the Moon Palace by Zordon and the Power Ranger, Lord Zedd and Empress Rita sat together on the large throne that stood in the very center of the lookout. The two evil lovers sat with a hint of mirth about them and Rita's human features radiated with pleasure. The dark figure that Kimberly had met in the hospital stood before them with crossed arms over his chest. If he felt any emotion whatsoever, he hid it well. He simply kept his scarred eyes on his two masters and waited patiently for them to address him. Goldar stood to the right of his two newly married leaders. He kept silent but unlike the dark figure before them, he did not do it well. A low growl rumbled in his throat and he shifted uncomfortably due to his impatience. After what felt like an eternity to the golden monkey, Rita stood up and walked over to the robed man.

"Did you get it?" she asked.

He simply nodded his head once. With that, he reached into the folds of his dark robes and pulled out a small vial of blood. The Empress of Evil took the vial and shrieked with laughter. "He did it, Zeddie!" she cried out as she raced back over to her husband.

"Are you sure that's his?" Zedd demanded as he stood up.

"Yes, Lord Zedd," the dark figure assured him. "That is the White Ranger's blood sample, just as you asked."

"Excellent!" the Dark Lord stated as he took the vial from his wife. "Shall I, my dear?" he asked her affectionately.

"Do it!" she replied vigorously.

"Wizard, are you ready?" Zedd asked.

"Yes milord," he answered.

If Zedd had proper facial features, he would have smiled. The Lord of Evil threw the vial down onto the floor and allowed it to shatter, causing the small amount of blood to flow across the floor. Zedd grabbed his staff from its post beside his throne and pointed it at the blood. At the same time, the wizard pointed his finger at the small pool. Jets of electricity shot from the tip of the staff and finger, striking the blood simultaneously. The charged blood lifted into the air and became engulfed in a blinding white light. Goldar and Rita shielded their eyes but Zedd watched as the light began to take shape.

"Tommy! Come forth!" Zedd cried out before he began laughing manically.

The light subsided a moment later. The blood on the floor was gone. It left no stain. Instead, a nude human male stood in its place. The naked man looked identical to the White Ranger. Every muscle was the same. The color of his hair and eyes matched perfectly. They could have been identical twins. The perfection of the clone made Lord Zedd chuckled to himself.

"Excellent," he repeated. "Simply excellent."

"How can I serve, my lord?" the clone of Tommy asked.

"Tommy," Rita said to him as she admired his physique. "You will be our Green Ranger and destroy Zordon's team of Rangers."

"Yes, Empress," the clone said with a nod. "I will go now."

"No!" Zedd, the Wizard, and Rita all shouted together.

"Patience, boy," the wizard urged as he walked up behind him and placed his black cloak over him for decency's sake. "Within the next few days, I will fashion a Power Coin for you. Once it has been completed, you will be the Green Ranger. Then you can kill the other six Rangers as soon as you want."

The clone took a moment to process this and nodded. "I wish to train," he stated.

"Goldar," Zedd said as he gestured for the golden ape to come forward.

"Yes master?" he asked as he kneeled before the two monarchs of evil.

"Take young Tom here to get some clothes. Once he is dressed, you may train with him. Try not to harm the new toy, though."

Goldar chuckled with his gravelly voice and stood up. "Come with me, whelp!" he ordered the clone. After receiving an approving nod from Zedd, the clone did as he was told and followed the general out of the room.

Once the two were gone, the Wizard turned back to his masters. "Empress Rita," he said urgently. "If I am to create a new Power Coin, I am going to need the Green Candle with which you stole the original Green Ranger's power."

"Of course, Wizard," she said with a nod. "Have Finster bring it to you."

"Thank you, Mistress."

Kimberly and Tommy walked back into his studio apartment together and tossed their things on the counter of his small kitchenette. The meeting at the command center had been a pretty standard debrief. Alpha and Zordon were looking into the attack to find out what Goldar had stolen. The Rangers agreed to stay diligent. It was nothing new.

The White Ranger walked over to his fridge and opened it, scanning the shelves for something to make the couple for a late breakfast. While he did that, Kimberly crossed over to the bed and collapsed onto it. "I would like one weekend that doesn't involve fighting monsters," she growled bitterly.

"If that's all we have to deal with this weekend, I'll be happy," Tommy informed her as he pulled a carton of eggs and refrigerated bacon from the bottom shelf before closing the door.

Kim sat up abruptly and shook her head. "Is one Friday night with my boyfriend so much to ask? Is a simple anniversary dinner so much?"

"I promise you that I'll make that up to you," he told her. "And how do you want your eggs?"

"Over easy. And you shouldn't have to make it up to me. There shouldn't be monsters attacking our city every ten seconds."

"If you don't want to be a Ranger anymore-,"

"I didn't say that!" she cut him off. "Of course I want to be a Ranger. I love the good we're doing for the world but I can't help but think that we haven't done any real good since we got our powers."

"How can you even say that?" he asked in a flabbergasted voice as he cracked an egg on the side of his counter and dropped the contents into a skillet. "Rita and Zedd would have conquered this planet two years ago if we hadn't been there."

"I know. I know. I'm just saying that it's not really enough. First Rita showed up. She sends a monster. We stopped it. She sends a monster. We stopped it. We never did anything to stop her from sending more monsters. And maybe we did save a lot of people from Goldar and King's Sphinx and whatnot but how many people are killed every time we have to call the zords in the city? How many people are killed every time we don't get there fast enough? Fact of the matter is, I think we should have gone after Rita from the beginning."

Tommy stopped to soak in everything that his girlfriend had just said. It was very out of character for Kim to express such deep thoughts about their lives as Power Rangers and it made him more than a little depressed that she felt that they hadn't helped any since getting their powers. On the other hand, she had a point. If Zordon had sent Jason, Zack, Trini, Billy, and Kim to fight Rita as soon as she had been freed from her imprisonment, she never would have recruited him as the Green Ranger and he never would have set the Dragonzord loose on Angel Grove. Approximately two hundred people had died that day. All of them would still be alive…He shook his head and tried to focus on breakfast. What was in the past was over. He needed to accept what he had done and he felt that making amends as the White Ranger was the best way to move on from his time as the Green Ranger.

"I'll talk to Zordon about it. Maybe we can take the zords and storm the Moon Palace."

"Jason tried once. Zordon wouldn't let us. He said he'd take our Power Coins if we tried."

Tommy frowned. That didn't make a whole lot of sense. He made a mental note to call Jason later and find out the details of that conversation. The White Ranger would need everything he could get to reason with his leader.

"Anyways," Kim cut in as she stood up. "I didn't get a chance to shower between monster attacks. I need one."

"Okay," her boyfriend said as he continued working on the food.

"You know…" Kim stopped. "Never mind," she amended.

"What?" he inquired as he turned to face her.

Kim walked over to him slowly as she shed her black jacket and tossed it onto the floor. "Well, I was thinking," she began as she wrapped her arms around him from behind and pulled him close. "You could wait to make us breakfast until later."

The White Ranger smirked. "And why would I do that?" he asked in a slow teasing voice.

"Well," she responded in a similar tone. "I'm going to go take my shower. I might need help getting to a few hard to reach spots." They locked eyes and the tension between them amplified a hundred times. "Could you help me with that?"

Tommy gulped. He quickly turned off the stove and dumped the contents of his skillet into the sink. "Let's go," he told her as he took her hand into his own. The two teenagers hurried into the bathroom and quickly slammed the door behind them.


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