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Chapter 19: Life Goes On

Nami...loved me? W-What? Was this a dream? No, it didn't feel like it. Nami...loved me. But...why? I don't understand anything. This was so confusing. Nami pulled away from my lips and then looked at me with half lidded eyes. I wanted to say something, but for some reason I couldn't find my voice. She then started kissing my neck. My eyes widened. I felt her lips against my neck. They felt warm as she sucked on my skin. Why was she doing this? Is it because she loved me? This was all too confusing.

"Luffy..." I heard her whisper my name and I moaned. Why did I just moan? What is this feeling? It feels mysterious...but...it also feels good.

"Nami...why..." I tried asking, but it was so hard. She lifted her head and kissed me on the lips again.

"Luffy...I love you..." She told me again against my lips. "I...love you..." She said again and closed the gap between my lips. I didn't know what to do. What was I supposed to do? This is so confusing!

She pulled away and I felt her hands roam against my chest. She frowned. Why was she frowning? Was something wrong? "W-What's wrong, Nami?" I asked.

She placed her hand in the same spot that that bastard punched his lava hand through and I understood. "I'm sorry, Luffy..." I frowned.

"It wasn't your fault, Nami." I told her, placing my hand over hers. I gently squeezed her hand. "Don't feel sorry. It was my choice."

"Yeah...but...I..." I saw that she still had doubt. I didn't want to see her like this. So, I kissed her. I heard her make a noise in surprise that I kissed her, instead of her, but she closed her eyes and I felt her kiss back. Too be honest, I didn't know what I was doing. So, I let my body do what it wanted. I placed my hand on her shoulders and brought her down with me onto the bed.

She moaned as she laid on top of me and sat on my waist. What we were doing was making me feel good. It was still confusing for me, but I liked it. Maybe not as much as meat, but close enough. My body moved on its own and roamed down her back. I heard her moan and the next thing I felt was her tongue trying to open my mouth. I didn't know what she was doing, but I opened my mouth for her. When her tongue entered my mouth and made contact with my own tongue, I felt a jolt of this mysterious feeling throughout my body. I liked this feeling.

Nami lifted her head and looked down at me with half lidded eyes. She then laid her head on my chest. "Nami?"

"It's nice..." She said and I looked at her confused. "The sound of your heart...it's nice..." I chuckled a bit. I smiled and sat up. I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her.

"I'm glad you like it, because it's not going to stop making that sound for a while." I told her, grinning. Nami laughed. She lifted her head off my shoulder and then kissed me again. She started removing my opened up shirt and I didn't know why exactly she did so, but I helped her remove it. I lowered her down to the bed and continued kissing her. I pulled back and looked down at my navigator. It was the first time I ever saw her like this and it was breathtaking. I kissed her again and felt my chest make contact with her breasts.

"Luffy..." She moaned my name against my lips. I started doing what she did before and kissed her neck. "Ahhh..." I loved the sound of her voice as I did this. It was totally different than what she usually sounded. Mostly it was anger, especially toward me, but I still liked it. I wanted to hear her voice again and I kissed her neck again and I was awarded with another moan. I really liked it.

I let my body continue to do what it wanted and started trailing my kisses down her neck and to her chest. I rose up to stare at her and her face was red again. "Nami...are you okay? Your face is red again..." Nami smiled at me and giggled. She placed hand behind my head and pulled me down into another kiss. I didn't know what she was doing next, but whatever she did, it made the green bikini she had on fall down to the side of the bed. I raised myself up and looked at her chest and my eyes widened. "Nami...why did you take off your bikini?" I asked confused.

Nami smiled at me. She didn't answer me and raised her head to kiss me. Why did she take off her bikini? What are we even doing? I thought we were just kissing. She pulled away and grabbed my hand. I looked at her and she pulled my hand to grab her breast. My eyes widened. "Nami...? W-What...?" I was confused as why she made me do this. The feeling of my hand against her breast felt kind of...good. My hand squeezed her mound and the same moan that I loved to hear from her mouth appeared again. I looked at her and then back down to my hand and gave her breast another squeeze.

"Ahhh..." There it was again. I didn't know what I was doing, but if it made Nami moan, then I guess it was okay. So I squeezed her breast and starting moving my hand. "Ahhh...Luffy..." I smiled at her and from the expression she had on her face looked like she was enjoying what I was doing. I looked at her other breast and placed my other hand on it. I smiled when I heard her moan even louder than before. I really loved the way she moaned. I gave both of her breasts a squeeze. "Ahhh...Luffy..." She moaned louder and to me it sounded like music. I started moving her breasts in small circles and squeezed her breasts a few times to let her moan over and over again. I looked down at her breasts and saw the pink nipple in the center of both of them. I licked my lips and placed my mouth over her breast.

"Ahhhhh!" She moaned a lot louder and I just loved her voice. I started sucking her breast while moving her other breast in circles. "Luffy...keep doing that..." I heard her moan. I did so and used my tongue to flick against the pink nipple and I felt her legs begin to move under me. She must really enjoy what I was doing to her. I switched breasts and did the same movements I did with the previous one. It was weird to me. Each one of her breasts tasted differently. I don't know if they are supposed to, but I didn't mind it. Both of her breasts were soft, kind of like meat. I chuckled a bit. I lifted myself up and grinned at her. Nami looked at me with confused eyes and I chuckled.

"I like these...they kind of feel like meat..." I told her. I don't know if I said something wrong or not, but her face got really red at my words. "Nami...your red again..." I frowned.

"You rubber idiot..." She muttered and kissed me. I was shocked at the sudden kiss. I wanted to taste her breasts more, but kissing her was just as nice. Nami broke the kiss, she lifted herself up with her elbows and I followed her movements. She looked at me with that same red face again and then looked down. I followed her and saw that she was looking at my pants.

"What's wrong, Nami? Is there something on my pants?" I asked. She giggled.

"No..." She whispered to me and moved her hands toward them. I wondered what she was trying to do. She then started to lower them. Why was she doing this? Why aren't I stopping her? My body, it won't move. Why?

She continued to lower them and I helped her remove them off of me. I didn't know why I did. My body just moved on it's own. Why? I was left with only my boxers. It was then that I noticed my thing sticking out. This was the first time I ever saw it like this and it confused me. I looked at Nami and saw that she was red again and staring at my thing. Why was she staring at it? I saw her gulp and start to remove my boxers. I felt my face get hot as my thing was revealed to her. Why was my face hot? It just didn't make sense to me.

She tossed my boxers away and wrapped her arms around my neck. I looked at her and then she kissed me again. She lowered me down with her and pressed my chest against hers. I felt her jump slightly and opened my eyes to see what was wrong. It was then that I felt my thing rubbing against her jeans. She broke the kiss and looked at me. "Nami...?" She removed her hands from behind my neck and I watched as she moved her hands down to her jeans. I watched begin to remove her pants, squirming a bit under me, until she was able to remove them and she was now only in her panties. I looked down at them and noticed they were wet in the middle.

I became curious and moved my finger down to the wet spot and touched it. "Ahhh!" I heard that lovely moan again. I looked at her and saw one of her fingers in mouth as she bit down on it. I looked back down to her underwear and touched the wet spot again. She muffled her moan thanks to her finger and I felt kind of upset that she did. I started rubbing the spot and she started squirming under me. "Ahhhh...Luffy..." I grinned at her reaction and continued rubbing my fingers against her panties. I then felt her hand on my wrist and looked at her. "Luffy...please..." She pleaded. What did she want me to do? If I knew what it was, then I would do it. I would do anything to make her happy. After all, I promised that pin wheel guy I would. But, what was it that she wanted me to do?

She removed her hand of my wrist and down to her panties. I watched as she started to remove them and my eyes widened at what I saw. It was definitely not what I had between my legs. In fact, I didn't even know what it was. "Nami? What is that?" I asked her. She gave me a surprised look. I raised my eyebrow at this.

"Luffy...do you even know what you've been doing this whole time?" She asked me.

"Not really, but it feels kind of good, but I really love it when you moan." I grinned at her and she surprised me with a kiss.

"I love you...Luffy...I love you so much you rubber idiot." My eyes widened as I saw some tears fall down her eyes. W-Why was she crying? Did I do something wrong!

"Nami...what's wrong...why are you crying?" I panicked a bit and she smiled at me before kissing me again. I just didn't get it. She was crying so why was she kissing me? Didn't I do or say something wrong? Gah! This was so confusing. Nami then pulled away. "I'm crying because I'm happy..." She was happy? Then those were tears of joy. I was glad that they weren't tears because I did something wrong. I would never want to hurt her in anyway. The same goes for the others. "Luffy...do you know...w-what to do next?" She asked me.

"No...am I supposed to do something?" I asked her and she smiled at me. She leaned into my ear.

"Your thing...put it inside me..." I heard her whisper. Inside her? How? She leaned back and moved her hand toward my thing and gave it a squeeze. I groaned at her touch. It felt good. My body felt this huge jolt of the mysterious feeling and it felt incredible. She laid back down on the bed and pulled me closer to her and felt her move my thing in between her legs. I saw her flinch slightly as the tip of my thing touched the wetness of her own thing. She then pushed it inside her thing and the feeling I felt was nothing I ever felt before. It was just incredible. Was this what she meant by entering her? If she did, it felt so good. She pushed my thing in further until I felt something in the way.

I looked at her and saw her face red again and her expression was that of pain. My eyes widened. Did I hurt her? Oh no! Please tell me she's okay. I mean it feels good for me so shouldn't it feel good for her too? "Nami...what's wrong? Does it hurt? I'm gonna pull it out..."

"No!" She screamed and I looked at her in shock.

"Nami..." I said, worried about her. "But aren't you in pain."

Nami smiled at me. "It's okay...Luffy...for a girl...it hurts the first time..." My eyes widened at that. Why did it hurt? Shouldn't she be feeling good like I was. Why was I hurting her? No, I couldn't do this.

"But Nami...your hurting and...I don't want to do anything that hurts you. I'm sorry, Nami." She silenced me with another kiss.

"Baka...you're too sweet and innocent for your own good." She told me and I frowned at her. "It's okay, Luffy. I want this." My eyes widened at her. I looked into her eyes and I saw how happy she was now. It made me happy as well. But I still didn't want to hurt her. Before I could try and pull out, she pushed me forward and the wall that blocked me broke. My eyes widened and I looked down at her. She was crying again. No, I didn't want to hurt her. It did feel good being inside her, but I could tell it wasn't good for her. She bit her bottom lip to try and suppress the scream she wanted to let out. I didn't want this. I didn't know what I was doing and because of it I hurt her. I didn't want this!

"Nami! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Nami!" I cried to her but she shut me up with another kiss. Why wasn't she letting me pull out of her? She was in pain, right, so why didn't she. I made a promise to that pinwheel guy that I wouldn't do anything to make her cry. But I did! I broke that promise! He was going to kill me! I pulled away and looked at Nami. "Nami...I'm really sorry..." She placed a hand to my cheek and looked at me with a smile I never seen her give before.

"Luffy...I love you...the pain...it's gone now...you can move." She told me. The pain was gone. I let out a sigh of relief. She was no longer in pain. But wait...move? What did she mean by that?

"Move?" I asked.

"In and out...please..." She explained it to me with pleading eyes and I nodded. So, I started moving back and then forward. "Ahhh!" Nami moaned even louder than before and I was happy to hear the moan again. I did it again and I got another moan in response. I continued doing it. I didn't know if Nami was feeling the same feeling I was, but I hoped she did. It was amazing. I never felt anything like this before. Whatever this was, it was amazing. I was surprised why I never knew about something so good like this before.

"Nami..." I groaned as I pounded into her.

"Luffy..." She moaned my name and I grinned, loving her voice. "Faster..." I looked at her confused, but I did what she asked and moved faster. The feeling became better as I moved faster. I looked down at her breasts and saw them move up and down. I lowered myself down to her chest and took one of her breasts in my mouth and sucked on it. "Ahhh! Luffy...that feels so good!" She moaned and it made me happy that she was feeling just as good as I was. I was glad she wasn't feeling pain. I felt her wrap her legs around my waist and it pulled my farther into her.

Whatever this was, I was loving it. The feeling of my body rubbing against hers was incredible. Being inside her was incredible. Let's face it, everything felt incredible. Suddenly, I felt something strange building up in my stomach. What was this? It felt like I was ready to explode. "Nami..." I groaned as I continued thrusting. "I'm feeling weird..." Nami looked at me and wrapped her arms around my body. She kissed me.

"Me too...Luffy..." She felt the same thing too. What was it? "It means we're both about to cum..." She told me and I raised an eyebrow at the word.

"W-What is that...?" I asked.

"You'll see..." I didn't understand. What was she talking about? The strange feeling was only increasing the longer I did this. It was then that I felt it get too strong. It felt like it wanted to explode, but I didn't know what to do. "AHHH...I'M CUMMING..." Nami screamed. I felt her hands digging into my skin and then felt the walls around my thing start to close against it. I didn't know what was happening, but whatever it was, it caused the feeling inside me to erupt.

"AHHHH! NAMI!" I screamed and felt my thing twitch and something started shooting out of me and into her. My body jerk back and forth as I released inside of her. Nami screamed along with me. This feeling was just...it was...I couldn't find the right words for it. I dropped down to her and panted for air. I heard Nami do the same and the movement of her chest told me that too.

After a while I raised myself up and felt my thing getting out of her as I did. I supported myself with my hands and looked at her. "Luffy..." She said my name and I couldn't help but to kiss her. After I pulled away from the kiss, I rolled over to side and laid down on the bed next to her. I looked up at the ceiling as my breathing started to calm down. I turned my head to look at her.

"Nami...what did we...just do?" I asked. She rolled her head to me and smiled.

"You don't know what we did? You never heard of people doing something like this?" I shook my head. I really didn't. "It was sex...Luffy..." Sex? So, this thing we did was sex?

"Sex?" Nami nodded her head. I looked up at the ceiling and grinned. "I like it."

I heard Nami giggle. "Me too..." She said. "It was my first time doing it..." I looked at her.

"Really?" I asked and she nodded.

"Yep! That's why it hurt." She explained.

"Huh? Why?" I asked confused.

"It's complicated." She answered. I pouted.

"Then I don't want to hear it. My head would hurt." Nami giggled. She then wrapped her arms around mine and moved closer to me. I looked at her face and she smile. She looked really happy. I was glad. "It was mine too." Nami looked at me. "Doing this..." Nami gave me a warmer smile.

"I know...and it makes me happy to be your first." Nami told me.

"Mm. I'm happy it was with you too." Nami's face got red again and she leaned forward and kissed me. She pulled away and got closer to me.

"I'm glad. If you didn't then it would have cost you 200 Billion Beris." I laughed.

"Shishishi!" That was Nami for ya.

"Don't ever die." I made a noise in surprise and looked at her. She tightened her hold against my arm. I smiled and pulled her into a hug.

"Don't worry...I won't." I grinned and we kissed again.

"Oh and one more thing..." I looked at her curiously. "I love you."

There were those three words again. She loved me. It made me wonder. Why did she? "Why?"

Nami blinked at me in surprise that I asked that question. "Why..." She looked away and looked like she was thinking. She then smiled. "It's because it's you, Luffy. You saved me from Arlong even though I didn't ask you to. You did so much for me that it felt like I could never repay you. I guess it's because your different from everyone else. Your an idiot, but lovable. Even though you sometimes annoy me with your stupid antics, but you were only having fun. You don't have a care in the world and enjoy your life to the fullest. I'm not sure when I fell in love with you, but I realized it when you died. When you did, my body felt like it was nothing but a shell. It was like you dying created a huge hole in me that could never be filled."

"Nami..." I looked at her in awe.

"But...I'm glad I fell in love with someone like you. I'm really glad I did...King of the Pirates." She grinned and I couldn't help but grin back. Nami loved me because of who I was. I was glad. But she was wrong about one thing. She did help me. She helped me a whole lot. I knew if I told her, she would deny it, but she really did. Heck, I would have been dead a long time ago if it wasn't for her.


"Hmm?" She hummed.

"I love you too!" Her eyes widened as far as she could as she started crying again. However, I knew that these were tears of joy. She kissed me and I could literally feel all the love and emotion she had for me in the kiss. I kissed her back, maybe not with as much love like she did, but enough to show her that I loved her back.

"I really do love you, you rubber idiot..."

"Shishishi! I know." I laughed and grinned at her. After everything I was through, I was glad to be alive again. I knew I was no longer going to see Ace again, even if I die again. But I wasn't planning on dying for a long time. I was so glad to be with Nami and the others again. We knew we had to put all this, about me dying, behind us and move forward. After all, life goes on.

The End

Author Notes: I am really glad at how much everyone liked this story and it saddens me to end it. However, it has to. I might come up with a sequel, but I don't know yet. That is why I made this chapter really long compared to the others. Okay...let's face it, compared to the others, this is a huge ass chapter. I hope you all enjoyed it! Later!